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Where To Find The Best PC Games

Do you remember, back in the early 2000s, you could go to Kmart, Walmart, Fry’s, or any store with an electronics department and you would most likely find some discs of PC games on the shelf?

Yeah, that’s not as common anymore. We miss you Roller Coaster Tycoon, PF Magic’s Catz 4, Sid Meier’s Civilization 2, and Spore.

Even if some of these games have been remastered to run on modern computers, have been ported, and are stashed in historical game archives, times have changed.

Gone are the good old days of picking up a disc, and enjoying the quick and easy process of installing and playing right away. You didn’t need the internet. The discs weren’t just DLCs with the omission of the base game. Shoot, you didn’t need 10+ GB of free space like typical PC games need nowadays!

If you can’t look to brick-and-mortar shelves to find a wide selection of PC games… where should you look? If you’re feeling nostalgic for simpler times, don’t worry. There’s an easy answer: Amazon!

On Legacy Games’ Amazon storefront, you can get PC game discs delivered right to your mailbox with the simple click of a button.

25 New Game Packs on Disc!

We have over 50 of our bestselling game packs on our digital (for lack of a better term) shelves!

Recently, we brought a lot of new games to discs. Packs like Haunted Horrors Vol. 2, Underworld Wraiths, and Dangers from Dreamland have joined our many disc game packs—and anything that’s not yet offered with Prime shipping will be soon!

There are a ton more hidden object games that just came to discs, too. Check out all of our new offerings, and let us know if we missed your favorite in this refresh!

Wondering how our discs land on Amazon?

It starts with the games themselves! We test every game in each pack for quality assurance to make sure we’re only giving you the best of the best. Then, we see which packs our amazing audience of players love the most. Afterwards, we port the bestselling packs to disc so that they can reach you at home!

We hope you get a boost of serotonin each time a package arrives for you in the mail, and you open it up to have your favorite 5 pack of hidden object adventures games ready to install right away! Perhaps it’s our indie puzzle games packs instead? Or maybe it’s our relaxing match-3 packs?

Whatever you choose, we hope you find your new favorites.

We hope with this, when you open your game packs at home and hold the physical discs in your hand, your heart swells with the warm feeling of nostalgia and excitement for new games.

Happy gaming!

With love,
The Legacy Games Team


1 thought on “Where To Find The Best PC Games”

  1. Nostalgia is what brought me to Legacy Games in the first place, and i have only been here less than 4 weeks, and totally loving it. So many ways to purchase games, and a free game pack every month?, what more could you ask for>
    Keep up the great work Kelly and the team.

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