Legacy Games Launcher

Access your game library, play games, and browse the Legacy Games catalog on the new Legacy Games Launcher!

How to access your games:

*If you already have the Games Launcher installed, please proceed to step 4.

1. Download and install the Legacy Games Launcher
2. Open the Games Launcher app on your desktop
3. Sign in to your Legacy Games account
4. Click on “Game Library”
5. Click on “Install”
6. Choose the game you’d like to play
7. Download and play!

If you are using a 32-bit system, please click this link instead.

Latest Version: 1.10.0
If you are using an older version of the Legacy Games Launcher, please update now by clicking the button above.

Personal Game Library
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Personal Game Library
Access all of your purchases. Your Games Library automatically sorts the games you have installed on your PC from the ones you haven’t yet.
Download, Install & Play
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Download, Install & Play
Download, install, and play from one place!
Browse Games
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Browse Games
With advanced filtering and sorting features, it’s even easier to find the next game you want to play!
Easily Purchase Games
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Easily Purchase Games
The built-in cart makes it convenient to purchase games within the Games Launcher!
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Running out of space? Easily uninstall games right from your Game Library.


Keep track of which games you own, but haven’t downloaded yet.

The Legacy Games Launcher is completely FREE and secure!

Never lose one of your games, even if your computer breaks!

Purchase, download, install and play, all in one place!

Access your Personal Game Library, even offline!

Browse every game in the Legacy Games catalog.


How can I access my games in the Games Launcher?

All games associated with your account will be available in the Game Library tab. Games appear under “Games” when installed, or under “Install” when ready to download and install.

Remember, if you have more than one account, only those games associated with the account you used to log in will appear in the Game Library tab.​

I bought games before and they’re installed on my PC. Will they show up in the Games Launcher?

Previously installed games may not appear in the games launcher right away. Please uninstall any games downloaded from the Legacy Games website and reinstall them in the Legacy Games Launcher.

You will not lose your save data! This data is stored in a separate location from where games are installed.

For help connecting previous purchases to your Legacy Games account and Launcher, please contact us.

One of my games won’t install/uninstall/play!

If you are having any installation, launch, or uninstallation issues, please contact us about the particular game that is having issues.

If a game will not uninstall from the Launcher, they can also be uninstalled manually in your computer’s Systems Settings menu, under Apps & Features.

Please prevent your computer from going to sleep during the download & install process to avoid installation errors.

System Requirements

Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 | 1 GHZ or faster Processor | 256MB or more RAM | 200 MB or more (recommended) hard drive space

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