Hero Club updates! New perks and more free games. Click here for more info.

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Hero Club Updates

We have some exciting changes coming to Hero Club for the new year!

A Free Game Every Month?!

Yup—you read that right! Starting in January, we’re excited to offer all Hero Club members one free game, every single month.

These games will be curated by the Legacy team, and available for Hero members to download from the Rewards Page at any time during the game’s month of availability. All you need is an active membership and the special code you’ll receive in your email inbox.

But don’t wait too long to claim your game… because once it switches over to something new in the next month, it’s gone for good!

We’re starting off 2024 right with our first free game, Detective Agency: Gray Tie.

If you have any questions, write a comment below or check out our FAQ for more details.

Not a Hero? Check out even more of our perks! As a reminder, Superhero members get a whole pack of games for free every month with their tier of perks! So if you want 3, 5, 10, or 15 games of your choosing for free every month, consider upgrading your membership to get an even better value!

An Even Better Way To Make Your Own Pack!

Starting in January, we’ll be bringing ten new games every month to our Make Your Own Pack selection, rather than fifteen. This will ensure that every month, we have quality games for you to choose from!

Even more exciting: Make Your Own Pack is now available for all Legacy customers! Now everyone can enjoy the luxury of complete customization for all their favorite hidden object games.

Plus, we’ve removed the Hero Club discount exception on Make You Own Pack! Now, use your Hero Club discount to enjoy the variability of custom packs with even bigger discounts than before: Hero Members get 25% off Make Your Own Pack, while Superheroes get 35% off!

Ready to make your new favorite pack? Browse all 120+ titles you can pick from under our Make Your Own Pack section.

We’re always thinking up ways to make Legacy Games a better and more fun place for everyone! We love feedback! What do you want to see next?


10 thoughts on “Hero Club Updates”

    1. Thanks for your interest in a yearly subscription! We don’t currently offer one, but we have plans in the works… so please keep an eye on our blog for updates about subscription options in the near future!

  1. ok i got my free 10 pack now do I also get {Detective Agency: Gray Tie.} or is that free if you do not get a free pack or do you get them both? I am a little confused on that?


    1. Hi there! The free game is a separate reward only for Hero members, while Superhero get the free pack. So if you get the free pack, you do not get the free game of the month, and vice versa. I hope this helps!

    1. Hi Ava, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble playing your game! We’ve received your customer service email, so please keep an eye out for a reply today. Thank you!

    1. Hi Brenda, thanks for letting us know. We have just replied to your email regarding this topic too. Our customer service will help walk through the Hero Club coupon process and if you decide it’s not for you, we’ll help cancel your membership too. Thanks!

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