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Fully Customizable! Make Your Own Hidden Object Game Pack


You asked and we listened! You can finally make your own pack at Legacy Games! 

Create a 5-game pack from a curated list of top hidden object games that change monthly, and play your way!

How to Make Your Own Pack

Visit the Make Your Own Pack page. Right now, you can also find the Make Your Own Pack page in the website header and on the Legacy Games homepage!

Then, select the games you want and check out. Afterwards, you can find your games in your Games Library and Games Launcher. It’s that easy!

We’re kicking off the selection with 15 of the best hidden object adventure games that we love here at Legacy Games.

Keep an eye out at the start of every month for new game offerings in the Make Your Own Pack selection!

More Flexibility To Play Your Favorites

Our players have long been looking for more flexibility in our game packs, which is why we’re introducing the option to fully customize what games you want to buy! 

What do you think? What games do you want to see in this section—any specific hidden object games you’ve been looking for? Do you want to mix and match between hidden object, time management, match 3, and more? Should we change this selection every month, add games every month, or something else?

Let us know your thoughts!


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