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Pearls of Atlantis: The Cove, a Unique Underwater Matching Adventure, Comes to Steam as a Free To Play Game

Color match in a whole new way! Drop, pop, swap and match magic pearls to collect the charms inside and rebuild the long-lost Cove of Memories on Atlantis. 

Face tricky underwater physics as you solve more than 1,000 addictive bubble popping puzzles. You’ll have to navigate bumpers, wheels, and moving platforms as you go, because it takes strategy, patience and precision to beat these puzzles!

Pearls of Atlantis has seen steady growth of dedicated players since its launch on mobile platforms, the App Store and Google Play, in October 2022. Currently, the game has an impressive day 1 retention just shy of 40% and average play time of 44 minutes.

Pearls of Atlantis recently had a successful HTML5 launch on MS Start. This online version of the game allows players to experience all 1,000+ puzzles in the game, right from their browser. The game is also coming soon to Switch and PlayStation.

Now, the Steam community can enjoy the game in full. With limited time events, score challenges racing against other players, enchanting decoration scenes, ten new levels every week, and of course—tons of unique physics puzzles—the Pearls of Atlantis experience is coming to a whole new cadre of players. 

Pearls of Atlantis is Legacy’s first free to play PC game on Steam.

​​About Legacy Games

Founded in 1998 in Hollywood, California, Legacy Games is responsible for creating many popular games such as hidden object, simulation, creativity and adventure games based on brands such as Doctor Who, Crayola, Paranormal State, Sherlock Holmes, Criminal MindsLaw & Order, ER, Murder She Wrote and Twilight Zone, to name a few. While other companies turned away from retail, Legacy doubled down and captured market share, becoming one of the leaders in casual game distribution through ecommerce, retail and its website at


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