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Bestsellers of 2022

Here at Legacy Games, we hope everyone had a good 2022. And, we wish you an even better 2023, full of spectacular game playing fun! What was your favorite game

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2022 – A Year of Changes

by Ariella Lehrer, CEO of Legacy Games Despite the fact that Legacy Games will turn 25 years old in 2023, there have been so many changes this year that I

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The Perfect Stocking Stuffers

If you’re looking for something small that will fit into that real or metaphorical stocking over the fireplace, look no further. Our DVDs + digital code packs on Amazon and

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What’s New Under The Sea

Making good games requires a lot of things…money, creativity, expertise, luck…but most of all it requires patience.  Legacy and its uber talented development partner, Alder Games, have been at work

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Legacy’s Month of October Roadmap

by Kelly Lallemand Legacy’s Month of October Roadmap Are you prepared for the month of Halloween—er, October? We’re bringing big things to Legacy Games throughout the whole month, bigger than

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