These light strategy games will challenge your ability to manage resources and control cute characters in real time… all while having fun!

Time Management Games


Time to get your hands dirty… it’s up to the hero to save the day!

In these five time management games, you’ll conquer hundreds of challenging levels from the planes of Midgard to the streets of the Fairy Kingdom!

In Viking Sisters, guide druid and warrior sisters Helga and Brunhilda on their quest to save the village’s men from a wicked sorceress’ spells! But how about the boys? In Viking Brothers 6 CE, help Everand and Boromere save the Tree of Life from a sinister poison… and then join forces with all four amazing vikings to save Midgard from a flurry of devastating storms… all the champions are here in Viking Heroes CE!

Put on your detective hat and grab your magnifying glass… something’s rotten in Fairy Land! As princess and top sleuth of the kingdom, Rose Riddle, it’s up to you to tackle this case. Battle winged monkey gangsters, encounter suspects, and find the truth! Rose Riddle 2: Werewolf Shadow awaits!

Finally, step into a small, trouble town in the Wild West. A band of thieves stands in the way! Keep outlaws at bay, recruit help, and overcome challenges in Golden Rails: Small Town Story CE.

Play five challenging time management PC games, with three special Collector’s Edition games and bonus levels included.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to save the day!


Ever want to own your own wacky farm? This bundle of time management games takes farming to a whole new level! Alawar brings you the well-loved series of Farm Frenzy games. It’s up to you to use your strategic mind to create the best farms possible as you help Scarlett manage any number of zany places!Grow crops, feed animals, collect produce and manufacture goods—as fast as you can!

Start at the basics with Farm Frenzy 2 and 3. Buy chickens, pigs, cows and more! Save your animals from bears and other strong beasts that would like to cause havoc! Earn gold and silver trophies when you beat high scores! With hundreds of levels to master, your farm will be top-notch in no time!

Then, branch out to new farms around the world! Go to the arctic in Farm Frenzy: Ice Age to round up penguins, walruses, and other tundra animals! Afterwards, head somewhere warmer like Madagascar to manage your ostriches, elephants, peafowl, and more! Be sure to be on the lookout for pesky lions who want to destroy your hard work!

Finally, how about a fish farm? Collect all kinds of fishes in Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing! From salmon to sharks, your pond is going to be the most impressive underwater farm ever!

Water you waiting for? Hop in and play—This awesome 5 pack of farm time management games and all its animals are waiting for you!


Like a snowflake, this pack is completely unique! It’s our most varied bundle ever, featuring ten winter and Christmas-themed games from our favorite genres!

Solve picturesque puzzles that will help you relive holiday magic without having to brave the cold. Keep your eyes keen in jolly mahjong, or clear festive match 3 boards! Then, play your cards right to help Santa locate stolen presents in two full Christmas Solitaire stories.

If you’d prefer to stay warm by the fire, come on into Emily’s restaurant for a festive time-management game filled with family, fun, and delicious treats!

Finally, with three wintery hidden object games, you’ll embark on unique adventures! Get caught up in the wintery whirlwind of a mysterious hotel perched on a mountaintop; traverse icy lands brimming with magic; or come home to rescue the holidays of Mia Faircroft’s family!

Play games from all your favorite genres this winter! This hand-selected variety pack will bring you holiday cheer… that might just last all year long!


With a pack full of timeless characters, dashing stories of heroism and addictive gameplay, Time Champs is a can’t-miss! From beloved developers, Alawar and Jetdogs, this fun 5 pack of time management games bring loads of great adventures for hours on end.

Play as Robin Hood, saving the villages from the greedy Sheriff of Nottingham. Explore time and space with Alicia Quartermain on her quest to bring back Da Vinci’s lost loved one. Or, take to the sky to serve happy tavern patrons and then become the Grecian hero that defeats Chronos!

Whatever adventures you choose, you’ll use your brilliant mind to conquer tricky puzzles and challenges. Time is ticking; let’s play!


Have you ever dreamed of working as a waitress or owning your own restaurant? Now you can! In these five time management games, Emily is back with all-new challenges to juggle alongside her burgeoning business… Can you help Emily make it through the ups and downs of love?


Meet Emily – hard-working waitress, loving mom, and the centerpiece of an endearing family. Get to know the lovely bunch and fall in love with this heart-warming time management series. Find out what a big heart and endless devotion can bring you!


Who will win in a contest of strength and speed? Mighty Vikings or Herculean Heroes?! Put them both to the test in this time management ten pack!


Features 10 full time management games from two popular series: 12 Labors of Hercules and Alicia Quatermain! With these ten games, you will meet heroes both ancient and modern, and help each of them save the day with your powerful time management skills.
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