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Match 3 Games

If you’ve ever dreamed of opening up your own cafe, bakery, or combination of both, this duo of simulation games will help you finally live the dream!

Create your own coffee shop and grow it to a franchise in Beans – The Coffee Shop Simulator! Will your brand sell overpriced fancy coffee in a luxurious shop or will you provide organic free-range donuts surrounded by comfy second-hand furniture? It’s all up to you! Customize and build your brand and take it all the way to the big leagues!

Hope’s Farm lets you grow crops, plant trees, raise adorable animals and customize a wonderful farm. Match your way through growth, sell your goods, complete quests, and earn rewards!

Garden for Glory Collector’s Edition is an all-new match 3 game! Join industrious gardener Gloria as she turns a stark plot into a lush garden and outshines her family’s expectations. Plus, unlock extra minigames, wallpapers, and more in the bonus content.

Then, Shopping Clutter 21: Coffeehouse takes you on yet another cafe adventure! The hard-working residents of Animalville need their coffee before work each morning, and the Walkers are just the family to provide it! Help set up a brand-new coffee shop, pick out equipment, shop for decor, and tidy up the store for the grand opening!

Then, Chef Solitaire: USA and Sweet Treat Solitaire let you try your cards at both cooking and baking! Open your very own diner and make it a scrumptious success, or explore a magic world of colorful jelly animals—all while completing challenges, matching puzzles, fun mini-games, and more!

All those games, and more! So get brewing and start baking—these yummy treats are just waiting to be gobbled up!
Jump in, the water’s warm!

This new variety pack collects games of four different genres, but all with one common theme: the magic of the ocean! Fans of all kinds of games can find something they’ll like here, be it Match 3, hidden object, time management, or puzzle games.

Color match in a whole new way! Start your seaworthy adventures with the premium version of Pearls of Atlantis: The Cove! Drop, pop, swap and match magic pearls to collect the charms inside. Face tricky underwater physics as you solve more than 1,000 addictive bubble popping puzzles, navigating bumpers, wheels, moving platforms, and more! Plus, restore the beauty of the forgotten Cove along the way!

Then, try your luck with ancient jewels! Delight in new swapping tricks, tools, power-ups, and more, as you set out alongside Rupert and Emma in Jewel Quest: Seven Seas CE to get to the bottom of a mysterious message from their old friend, Hani…

Next, an ocean siren in Rio? As it turns out Ribeira Lima is the only one who knows how to soothe the tumultuous ocean with her magical singing. Now, just as a tsunami threatens Rio and everything in its path, Ribeira is missing… Can you find her and save the city? Grab your gear, for Magic City Detective: Wrath of the Ocean CE!

Lastly, test your time management skills so Emily can try to take a relaxing vacation abroad in Delicious: Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise! Set sail on the open seas as the newlyweds, Emily and Patrick, try to find time to unwind amidst the rocky waters and hungry cruise ship guests. Throw some shrimp on the grill, get the fruit in a blender, and let’s get going!

Embark on all these nautical adventures and more in Oceanic Odysseys – 10 Pack!
Can you conquer these puzzles? Dive into 10 Match 3 games from developers like Green Sauce Games, Ironcode Gaming, IteraLabs, MDev Studio, and NextGame! Then, prove you’ve got what it takes to defeat them all!

Help Annabelle and Erik build and safeguard a new medieval village in Storm Tale. Then, join Griffri, the wizard, on a quest to not only rebuild his village, but to put an end to the treacherous reign of evil that threatens the realm in Storm Tale 2!

A terrible villain has escaped from prison and his evil is released upon the world once more. It’s up to you to stop him! Match your way through this incredible journey, meet great heroes and use their skills to help you save the day in Age of Heroes: The Beginning.

Then, traverse to the other side of the world to collect precious gems to rebuild a once thriving village and bring back the rhythms of the Serengeti in Treasures of the Serengeti!

But that’s just scratching the surface. Find out what other challenges this pack has for you to overcome, and prove once and for all—you’re the master of matches!
Dive into a magical world of witches and wizards! This pack brings together all 5 witchy match 3 games in the Secrets of Magic series from Green Sauce Games.

Start your journey in Secrets of Magic: The Book of Spells. An evil witch has kidnapped Victoria’s parents and now it’s up to her to go after them… but first, Victoria needs to learn the fine art of magic! Learn from the ancient Book of Spells and prove your skills!

After learning the fine art of magic and becoming a true witch, Victoria is ready to go after Agnes and set her parents free in Secrets of Magic 2: Witches and Wizards. Witches and wizards united in the fight against evil! You’ll have to activate a powerful amulet to break Agnes’ evil spell…

With evil and danger behind her, Victoria becomes a professor at Mystic Academy of Magic! Your creativity is needed to prepare the schoolhouse for Halloween… are you up for the spooky challenge?

Victoria’s brightest student, Beatrix, wants to become a Potion Master, just like Victoria. Embark on a quest through the Forbidden Forest to find the most extraordinary potion ingredients… but be warned, haunting creatures inhabit this magnificent forest. Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of witchcraft with Secrets of Magic 4: Potion Master.

Finally… Victoria and Beatrix are back at the School of Magic just in time to celebrate the best time of the year, Halloween! Find ingredients, master magic gameplay, and more, to prepare the School of Magic for Halloween in Secrets of Magic 5: Back to School!
With 4 hidden object games, 2 time management games, 2 Match 3 games, and 2 solitaire games, this variety pack is jam-packed with love, sweets, and romance!

A crew of beloved developers rounds out this pack as an excellent way to challenge your brain, sharpen your wits, or relax—whichever suits your fancy! From teams like Alawar, Microids, Domini, Boomzap, Game House, Revills Games, and more, this pack has a game every player will love.

Challenge fate written in the stars to unite star crossed lovers, estranged couples, and warring factions! Forbidden love won’t stay forbidden for long in great hidden object games like Forest Legends: The Call of Love CE, Red Riding Hood: Star Crossed Lovers, and Royal Romances: Endless Winter CE.

Then… embark on an adventure of true love and wondrous weddings with your favorite chef and restaurant entrepreneur, Emily! Play two games from the fast-paced, fun-filled Delicious series: Delicious: Emily’s True Love and Delicious: Emily’s Wonder Wedding. Help Emily through various trials and tribulations as her big day approaches! No time management games can win against the romance here.

Continue to treat your sweet tooth with Elly’s Cake Cafe and Sweet Treat Solitaire. Collect juicy fruits, candy, cookies and jam by matching up all the right ones… or play your candy cards just right as you’re greeted by the Jellie race!

But the sweets and romance don’t stop there. What will you fall for next?
Play all your favorite ClearIt games, all in one Power Pack!

Shoot balls from the game’s edges to hit the center, aiming to align similarly colored balls. Once these like-colored balls touch, they vanish, edging you closer to the ultimate goal: a clear field.

With options to shoot from the top, bottom, left, and right edges, every choice holds significance. Though you’re granted unlimited time, the game’s complexity elevates as you advance, pushing your strategic thinking and foresight.

Use bombs, lightning, and tons of other powerups to clear any obstacles you encounter! There are no time limits, so relax, strategize, and have fun.

After you’ve had your fill of board-filling fun, the games don’t end! Two more match 3 games from Green Sauce Games round out the pack.

Embark on an extraordinary adventure through time with Linda and Robert, solving puzzles and restoring a once-thriving village to its former splendor in Ancient Relics: Egypt.

Finally, Age of Heroes: The Beginning takes matching 3 to a whole new level! An evil sorcerer has escaped from prison. Can you defeat the evil villain to save the land from fear and darkness?

So let’s match colors, gems, relics, and more, in this exciting pack of 15 casual match 3 games!
Embark on your holiday journey!

With four hidden object games, two puzzle games, two match 3 games, one solitaire game, and one time management game, this holiday 10-pack will provide you with your new favorites to play with friends and family on a snowy Christmas morning.

In Christmas Adventure: Candy Storm, Lisa’s grandfather, Santa Claus, has asked her to help deliver Christmas presents to a remote town. But in the middle of an old forest, her car suddenly turns into candy! Investigate what happened… it’s surely full of magic and a sign of more to come!

Then, dive into Christmas Fables: Holiday Guardians CE! When the bah-humbugging elf, Ambrus, schemes to ruin Christmas, Santa calls on you for help! Get ready to adventure across the North Pole, defeat ice golems, ride the sleigh through a blizzard, and find lots of hidden objects to save Christmas!

Play two icy wonderland match 3 adventures with Dragon Scales 5: The Frozen Tomb and Jewel Quest 6: The Sapphire Dragon CE. Discover the secret behind the elusive Sapphire Dragon and release the power of the Frozen Tomb!

Cap off your wintery adventures with Puzzle Vacations: Christmas 2023! This captivating jigsaw puzzle game is designed to spread festive cheer, featuring 125 beautifully crafted images across five enchanting categories: Christmas Town, Nature, Animals, Decors, and Treats!

Ready to get in the holiday spirit? Get your game pack and play the best snowy games this season!
How many things lurk in this world in the next… just waiting to scare you? The number is uncountable! But we’ll get close with this variety pack of ten frightfully fun games!

Plunge into a realm of spine-tingling delights, where ghoulish games beckon! Embrace frightful fun in the Super Spooky Subgame Spectacular, where it’s non-stop puzzles of all kinds. Swapping, matching, find the difference, jigsaw, crossword, and more—put your skills to the test with these haunting challenges!

The vampire land of Nocturnarya has fallen under the control of a human army! This spells disaster for everyone who lives there… so it’s up to you to lead a small tribe of vampires to survival! Face slavers, bandits, soldiers, and more as you embark on an exciting match 3 adventure in Nocturnarya!

Put your solitaire and card skills to the test in Jewel Match Twilight Solitaire and Ember Knight Solitaire! Play your hand against a horde of vampires. Accept an epic quest to discover the Ember Knight’s treasure and rebuild derelict castles… if you dare to face the monsters that lie in wait!

Finally, embark on two classic hidden object game adventures in Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween! The city of Dern is ostracized from the Halloween community… everyone seems to know something, but nobody is telling you. But they won’t underestimate you for long when you take the investigation into your own hands!

And that’s not all! There’s much more to discover within when you play games from all your favorite genres this Halloween! This hand-selected variety pack is sure to bring you a delightfully spooky shiver!
From your favorite Match-3 game developers, Graphium Studio, IKI Games, and IteraLabs comes an all-new pack of match-making fun!

Embark on an exciting voyage around the world as you match your way through stunning landscapes and iconic landmarks in Let’s Travel: Welcome to Ukraine! Explore a new place and learn a new culture!

String together three or more gems of the same color in the first three StarL games! Think critically and strategize your moves to complete each level, and use power-ups to clear obstacles!

Follow the epic story of Axel the Dwarf and his mission to rebuild the destroyed village! Meet interesting characters as you earn gems and rebuild the town. There’s no time to waste!

Then, venture into Spooky Dweller’s CE! Take control of your grandma’s talisman and use its powerful light to cast out the ghosts haunting her house. Reveal their hiding spots by destroying pumpkins, clearing grass, opening doors, and more!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg—so many more exciting puzzles await. So dive in today!
Like a snowflake, this pack is completely unique! It’s our most varied bundle ever, featuring ten winter and Christmas-themed games from our favorite genres!

Solve picturesque puzzles that will help you relive holiday magic without having to brave the cold. Keep your eyes keen in jolly mahjong, or clear festive match 3 boards! Then, play your cards right to help Santa locate stolen presents in two full Christmas Solitaire stories.

If you’d prefer to stay warm by the fire, come on into Emily’s restaurant for a festive time-management game filled with family, fun, and delicious treats!

Finally, with three wintery hidden object games, you’ll embark on unique adventures! Get caught up in the wintery whirlwind of a mysterious hotel perched on a mountaintop; traverse icy lands brimming with magic; or come home to rescue the holidays of Mia Faircroft’s family!

Play games from all your favorite genres this winter! This hand-selected variety pack will bring you holiday cheer… that might just last all year long!
Have you ever wanted to follow the seasons across the globe, traveling to new countries and experiencing their cultures? That’s what our journalist protagonist decides to do!

Join her adventure from sushi making during the springtime of Japan to cooking authentic Italian pizza in the summer… to possibly finding love in France on the chilly autumn sidewalks! Don’t forget to visit the beautiful, romantic winter in the Big Apple: New York, too!

Play match 3 puzzles, hidden objects scenes, spot the differences, coloring levels, and more minigames as you travel the world. Set your own difficulty, relax with gorgeous backgrounds, and enjoy fun, recognizable staples of these places’ cultures. With this great collection from PixQuake, you can travel anywhere, any season!

Finally, tie the rope and go below in this spelunking match 3 game! Mysterious spirits have taken victims in the depths of the cave and it’s up to Isabella and Michael to find them! Grab your torch, swap some gems, and have fun!
Our fifth installment of the Magical Matches pack is finally here! Revisit your favorite match 3 games with great sequels from beloved series like Dig the Ground, Dragonscales, ClearIt and more! With new mechanics like gravity boards, moving targets, snowflakes freezing the board, a variety of power ups, and more, you’ll have a blast.

Then, try something new with the Adventure Match games and Quadrium 3 for more relaxing, matching fun. Magical explosions abound!

Will you clear every color on the board? Dig up never-before-seen gems, to bloom gorgeous flowers? Or tame the dragons that roam the skies?

Dive into any adventure your heart desires!
Face fearsome dragons or venture into enchanted forests… the choice is yours in this 10-pack of fantastic match 3 games! Guide a lost cat through dangerous, enchanted woods to face a mysterious witch; send marbles careening across complicated puzzle boards; or train to become the best dragon sorceress the world has ever seen! Which path will you choose?
10 full match-3 games with hundreds of brightly colored levels for hours of brain teasing entertainment. Dive into hundreds of levels with clever layouts and captivating artowrks, from digging up precious gems, flicking marbles across complicated boards, to serving up the cutest, tastiest cakes from your traveling cafe!
A premium pack of perplexing puzzles, enchanting tales, and thrilling characters! Discover ancient kingdoms, mystical lands, and marvelous characters as you match pearls, gems, marbles, and more. Join us for hours and hours of clever puzzles and enticing adventure!
Tackle even more perplexing puzzles in this the perfect pack of premium games! These ten match 3 games will keep you from ever being bored as you traverse the world, face winsome witches, and dig into caches of sparking jewels!
A colorful mix of 7 match-3 games and 3 hidden object games! This collection of ten amazing games from the Jewel Quest series is the best way to experience all the classic games in unmatched quality.

Join Rupert, Emma, and Professor Percy Pack on an epic adventures to find mystical treasures and jewels abound! Venture into African jungles, matching jewels in rows and columns and finding riches in the first three classic games. Find renowned treasures like the Golden Jewel Board and keep it safe… which may be harder than you think as the story continues in Jewel Quest Heritage!

These beautiful jewels are in danger as selfish jewel collectors, the government, and even pirates are on the hunt to steal them for their own means! Track down the jewel theft across two continents in The Sleepless Star CE! Then fend off a crew of ruthless pirates, playing as multiple characters with their own unique Match 3 abilities, in the snowy mountains of The Sapphire Dragon CE!

The fun continues as Rupert and Emma hop from Egypt to Shanghai to Greece, to match gorgeous jewels, but also be delighted by the addition of hidden object scenes to breakup the Match 3 gameplay in Curse of the Emerald Tear, Trail of the Midnight Heart, and The Seventh Gate CE!

Dive into exciting adventures by matching as many jewels as quickly as you can and captivating archaeological hidden object scenes, but stay sharp, because danger could lurk around any corner! Don’t miss out on hundreds of captivating levels and gem-matching fun!

Match tiles, gems, pearls and more. Watch them sparkle and explode as you rack up points, earn rewards, and progress to even more challenging levels! Match-three games are puzzle games where you match three or more things to make them disappear! These game boards will take you on adventures filled with jewels, dragons, magic, and more. Get started on your match 3 PC game journey today!

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