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Join the Hero Club!

Introducing: an all new way to be part of the Legacy Games Community!

Notice something new on our site? We just launched a brand new membership program so you can save on every purchase and access exclusive features on the website!

Why a membership program?

We wanted to find a way to reward both new and old players of Legacy Games—even more than our Rewards Club, which we introduced earlier this year!

With two low pricing options, the Hero and Superhero memberships not only gain points for their purchases, but earn better savings with every pack in our games catalog with up to 30% off! Yup, we applied the weekly deal discount to everything for you!

Plus, these tiers get exclusively benefits like our well-loved Make Your Own Pack deal! Choose from a vault of over 45 games to personalize your 5 game pack. Fifteen new game options are added every month—you won’t run out of customizability any time soon!

Then, if you subscribe to the Superhero tier, you get access to all these benefits, plus 1 free game pack every month—every month, visit the Rewards Club page for a coupon that will allow you to choose any pack from the site, completely free. That’s how much fun superheroes have!

What does the membership include?

If you’re wondering what it means to become a member, check out all of the tiers and their benefits in the chart below!

Still not convinced?

Pop the Hero or Superhero membership into your cart along with any game packs you want, and see how much you can save right away!

The Superhero tier will more than pay for itself after just two packs normally priced at $14.99. Not to mention, both tiers have a 7 day free trial, so you can try out being a Hero or Superhero for free, no strings attached.

I want in!

Awesome!  If you have a Legacy Games account, then congratulations! You’re already part of the Rewards Tier. You’re already earning points to redeem into coupons!

But if you want even more savings—up to 30% off each purchase!—the ability to Make Your Own Pack (with new game options added every month!), and a free pack every month, the Hero or Superhero tier might be for you!

Read more about at legacygames.com/memberships.

Any questions? Visit our Support & FAQ!

We highly value our loyal customer base. Thank you so much for supporting Legacy Games and to show our gratitude, we hope this new program will delight you as you sign up for the tier that fits you best—and the savings you appreciate!


8 thoughts on “Join the Hero Club!”

  1. Jeannie Anderson

    I joined the club. Love the discount on my multi packs. I do have a question though? Do we actually OWN these games? Like if you all were to decide to close up shop someday would I lose my games? This has already happened to us with one platform from a different company before. So would I have an option to just buy the physical docs instead or will these games be available directly on my hard drive WITHOUT having to use the app?

    1. Hi Jeannie, great questions!
      Yes, once you buy games from Legacy Games, whether on our website or on a disc, those games are yours forever! While you need the LG launcher to download the games, they’re then saved on your hard drive and yours forever. You can also download games you’ve purchased as many times as you like, and across different devices. Our discs are also a great way to make sure you never lose access to the games you love, and those discs are available on Amazon and Walmart.
      If you have any other questions or need any technical help with making sure your games are stored safely, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]!

      1. Great, thank you. Can I put my games on my IPad? Also I LOVE the Around the World in 80 Days from Crisp app. I enjoy the spot the differences and hidden objects in general.As sn older adult trying to keep my mind sharp I prefer the hidden object games and love that I don’t HAVE to play the mini games if I don’t want to.Will you be offering the traveling games in the giant multi packs too? I want to try them out but the gaint packs are a much better deal. Again thank you I’m LOVING the Crisp App games. Please more games like this. Would also be interested in games where you find hidden words NOT crossword puzzles. Think their called word find?

        1. Hi Jeannnie, unfortunately our games are only compatible with Windows PC, so they aren’t compatible with iPad. Regardless, I’m so glad you’re enjoying our hidden object games and Crisp App games in particular, and we do have plans for a giant multi pack of travel games coming up, so please stay tuned!

          As for word find games, we may have some word games that interest you in our Puzzle of the Year 10 Pack https://legacygames.com/product/puzzle-of-the-year-10-pack/ and in our free online games section! If you go to https://legacygames.com/online/ then click on “Word” in the second section, it’ll take you to all of our free online word puzzles. In particular, the games “Words” and “Word Search” might interest you! We also have games that are similar to Wordscape’s mechanics where you need to create words out of a set amount of letters. Those games are: Microsoft Wordament, OMG Word Professor, Words Detective Bank Heist, and Circus Words.

          Thank you, and I hope you enjoy playing even more games with Legacy!

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