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What Games Do the Legacy Games Staff Play?

It should come as no surprise that all the members of Legacy Games staff have a passion for gaming. Have you ever wondered what games we boot up when we clock out? Let’s find out and discover what genres we each love!


I’ll go first! I’ve been obsessed with fantasy role playing games ever since I was a little girl! My dad introduced me to his games like King’s Field, Dungeon and Dragons Online, and World of Warcraft when I was in elementary school and I’ve been dungeon crawling ever since! Now, I’ve sunk over 100 hours in Baldur’s Gate 3 from Larian Studios.

This game is so captivating. With its expansive world, incredible cast of characters, thought-provoking strategic gameplay, and enthralling story, it’s no wonder it’s the Winner of the Game Awards’ Game of the Year 2023, as well as the winner of 5 other nominations from this prestigious award ceremony. It’s the best game I’ve played that year and its awards are well-earned in my opinion. You find your character stuck with a parasite in their mind and you’ll need the help of your companions to find the cure as you trek across the monster-ridden realm in an exciting RPG adventure!

If you have a gamer in your family, ask them about Baldur’s Gate 3 and I’m sure they would have at least heard of this new, amazing game. Maybe they’ll rave about it like me!

Despite having played so many hours in this game, I still feel like I’ve only seen half the content though, as this game is so massive. So when I’m craving a short and concise fantasy adventure story, I gravitate to one of our Medieval Myths bundles! I’d recommend Medieval Myths Vol. 3 – 3 Pack for the kingdom-saving, magical adventures in the enchanted woods, Camelot, and Witch Island! If you’re a fantasy fan like me, you’ll have a blast with these beautiful hidden object games.


Our other staff members, Amanda and Magne, also love story-based fantasy adventures but where I like medieval themes and magic, they’re interested in sci-fi! Amanda finished Detroit: Become Human from Quantic Dreams last year and the story stuck with her for its rich, branching narrative where your choices matter. In this award winning game, technology has evolved where androids serve humans but this game asks the difficult questions of what truly is humanity, through the eyes of 3 android characters.

She’s also been playing Persona 5: Royal from Atlus’s P-Studio… and being a few hours in means she’s still in the midst of the tutorial of this expansive JRPG. When the protagonist is forced to transfer to a high school in Tokyo, he has a strange dream, telling him he’s a prisoner of fate… and soon, he discovers an entire world, locked away in the realm of the mind. But its Shadows have no small impact on the world around him!

With a narrative spanning past and present timelines, anime-inspired cutscenes, lovable and compelling characters, player choices that impact every conceivable statistic, a turn-based combat mechanic that ramps up to great complexity, and an atmosphere—and soundtrack—you can’t help but be called back to over and over, she can’t wait to keep playing!

But when she’s not leading the android revolution or battling Shadows, she’s scouring the San Francisco streets for criminals with Adam Wolfe. Amanda has worked hard to bring the Adam Wolfe series to console this year, making sure everything’s been ported correctly and the gameplay is just as fun with your Xbox or PlayStation controller as it is with your mouse. Stop a few serial killers, find Adam’s missing sister, and uncover a dark conspiracy! If you’re looking for exciting thrillers like Amanda’s taste, look no further as we recommend this action-packed paranormal story: Adam Wolfe – 5 Pack.


Magne also scratches her itch for action adventure games with great storylines by playing games like Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch Productions, and Horizon Forbidden West from Guerrilla Games. She plays as samurai sent to protect the land from the first Mongol invasion of Japan in Ghost of Tsushima, and as a tribe woman fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic land of machine-beasts, vicious storms, and an unstoppable blight in Horizon Forbidden West, also nominated for Game of the Year in 2022.

Sounds pretty epic! So if you’re looking for a hidden object game with robots and peril, check out this game from our new release, Dark Chronicles Vol. 2 – 10 Pack, for Maze of Realities: Symphony of Invention CE! Enter the technology haven, Innovatrix, to meet the most advanced AI in the universe: Omnira. But Omnira’s inventor may be plotting something more diabolical at stake than just a friendly visit! See if you can save the universe from catastrophic collapse!


Finally, we have some puzzle-lovers on the team! Constantine and Ariella love diving into the depths of the ocean to pop pearls with Kaia, Nauty, and Andy in Pearls of Atlantis: The Cove from Alder Games!

There’s something so fun and relaxing about making matches and challenging your brain with physics based levels. Or, try out one of the many alternative game modes to keep the gameplay feeling fresh: Zen Mode, Bottomless Trench, Daily Puzzle, and Multiplayer (coming soon). Ariella says, “My favorite game of all time is Pearls of Atlantis. I’ve lost count of the level I’m on!”

This game recently came to Steam and remains free to play across all platforms! If you like puzzles and pastimes, this game gets an enthusiastic recommendation from Constantine, Ariella, and the whole Legacy Games team!


There we have it! From action adventures to underwater brain teasers, our team is dedicated to finding and playing great games of all types of genres!

Let us know what your favorite games and genres are! What type of game packs from us would you like to see more of? Leave your answers in the comments and we read every single one! We’re always on the hunt for new awesome games, on and off the clock.

Happy gaming!


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  1. I am 78. tech is not my thing. I have all kinds of games with codes and extra games to be downloaded. can’t work the damn things. on this last cd I down loaded all available, on cd, couldn’t find them. went into downloads still nothing. love my games, but sick of fighting with computers. will go back to something I understand. can’t buy the old reg. cd’s anymore. I have a laptop for games only. do good to use my desk top. don’t think i will be buying any more games. have about 50-100 and keep playing them over.

    1. Hi Jackie,
      We’re sorry there’s been some trouble with your game discs. Please contact our customer service at [email protected] and we would be happy to help with step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting suggestions, and our full dedication to getting these games to run smoothly.

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