Challenge your mind with puzzle games of all kinds, from logic, simulation, and merge puzzles to casual picture puzzles and beyond.

Puzzle Games


Jump into a mysterious world, as dangerous as it is curious! You and up to 5 other friends need to solve mind-bending puzzles in order to escape the clutches of Professor Cheshire. Plunge into this award nominated duology of escape room games from PlayTogether Studio!

Enter the mansion and its many labs. In the first game, search for clues and secrets as to where you are, and what the professor and his assistant are planning to do with you… Escape your fate, solve a variety of puzzles with friends or alone, and unravel the dark plot in this sinister institute.

But your adventure doesn’t end there! Solve your way through Cheshire Institute’s office, library, greenhouse, and then make your escape via the train. Outsmart every trap the professor made, beat the toughest of puzzles, and find a way to stop the professor’s experiments for good!

Only the smartest can escape. Can you make it out unscathed?


Whether it’s school, jail, or multidimensional portals, all you know is that you have to get out! Featuring four games from Peaksel Studios and one from PlayTogether Studio, the Escape! – 5 Pack has hundreds of fun, brain teasing-puzzles for you to crack!

Join Mia in three adventures, escaping from school, work, and a storybook! Dang, that’s one unlucky girl—but with your help, she’ll be free in no time! Travel through over 300 rooms, solving increasingly challenging puzzles as you go.

Then, help the young journalist Beren escape from prison after mistakenly getting locked in! Unless there’s a greater mystery at stake… Unlock room after room, exploring cells, and solving riddles, codes, and more!

Finally, play through the award-nominated, 2021 Fans’ Choice, solo or multiplayer first-person escape room, Mad Experiments: Escape Room! Professor Cheshire has invited you all to participate in his mind experiments… Dive into three chapters: the Mansion Lab, Memory Loss, and Lost Childhood. Examine objects, solve puzzles, discover the rooms’ secrets, and challenge yourself—or play relaxed mode without a timer. How will you fare?

This might be the most challenging pack yet! Are you up for it?


Like a snowflake, this pack is completely unique! It’s our most varied bundle ever, featuring ten winter and Christmas-themed games from our favorite genres!

Solve picturesque puzzles that will help you relive holiday magic without having to brave the cold. Keep your eyes keen in jolly mahjong, or clear festive match 3 boards! Then, play your cards right to help Santa locate stolen presents in two full Christmas Solitaire stories.

If you’d prefer to stay warm by the fire, come on into Emily’s restaurant for a festive time-management game filled with family, fun, and delicious treats!

Finally, with three wintery hidden object games, you’ll embark on unique adventures! Get caught up in the wintery whirlwind of a mysterious hotel perched on a mountaintop; traverse icy lands brimming with magic; or come home to rescue the holidays of Mia Faircroft’s family!

Play games from all your favorite genres this winter! This hand-selected variety pack will bring you holiday cheer… that might just last all year long!


This collection of incredible, story-rich, heart-felt adventure and puzzle games will captivate players in a whole new way.

Wake up in Heal as an elderly man. Traverse a 2D side-scrolling house, solving puzzles to get to the next room. The hand-drawn visuals invite you to soak in the beautiful atmosphere as across seven rooms, the story unravels…

The Almost Gone presents a mystery hidden in elaborate isometric dioramas. Decipher clues and piece together the story by deconstructing scenes and solving the puzzles that lay within! Play through five immersive chapters of atmospheric storytelling, emotionally connecting with characters you’ll never see.

In 2018, Casual Connect awarded The Almost Gone Most Innovative Gameplay while Game Connection Europe honored it with Best Desktop/Downloadable.

Finally, Assemble with Care explores the sentimental attachment we have to material things in our hearts and memories. Join Maria, an antique restorer who’s new to Bellariva, as she discovers more about the townspeople through fixing their items. Enjoy tactical gameplay of fixing and restoration in a game that’s ultimately about people.

Assemble with Care has been nominated by the British Academy Games Awards as the Best Mobile Game of the Year 2020 and has over 2,000 positive reviews on Steam.

These emotional games are sure to resonate with you as their impact stretches beyond the computer screen!


Meet two small yet incredible game development teams, Onyx Lute and Xigma Games, with their puzzle games: the Glass Masquerade series and Rubek!

You’ve never seen a puzzle game series quite like Glass Masquerade before! Immerse yourself in the majesty of the stained glass mosaics and clock faces. The first game lets you enjoy puzzling together exquisite art inspired from countries all around the world, and the sequel, Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions, dives into stunning surrealism and fantasy. Both games are notorious for the charm, imagination, and soothing gameplay that leaves puzzle players of all kinds happy and relaxed.

From expert puzzle game developer, Xigma Games, comes an award-winning puzzle game: Rubek. Use your wits to solve puzzles in this original, innovative game. Move a block around the map, pick up colors, and land just perfectly on target. With simple and snappy mechanics alongside increasingly difficult puzzles, you’ll soon learn why Rubek won Mumbai’s Best Mobile and Tablet Puzzle award of 2017.

Discover these hidden gems of indie puzzle games, and lose yourself in the relaxing fun of the Glass Masquerade 3 Pack!


From the creators of the award winning puzzle games Doodle God & Doodle Devil, comes a new fantasy brain-teaser where you can create your own kingdom with castles, knights, warlocks and dragons! Enter a fantasy world with all kinds of fabulous creatures, from the magical to the mundane. Combine until you’ve mastered the way to make everything in the realm you rule, and beyond!


Sit back and enjoy the life of a master artist. It’s never been easier and more fun to create! Your creativity will flow as you paint rainbow-scaled chameleons or the seaside at sunset. Pick your favorite scenes and start painting today!


Challenge your brain to navigate blocks, patterns, switches, scrambled letters, garden tiles, and more! Test your spatial reasoning in bright worlds with a variety of different mechanics and moods, each level carefully designed and well-balanced. From trees growing in the sunlight to colorful cubes mazes, you will be delighted with these casual puzzles. Join the thousands of players raving about the hours of fun found within!


You already know that coloring boosts your creativity, but did you know that it improves your focus, too? It also gives you a moment of relaxation, a moment for yourself, and with it comes all the joys of painting! These three games provide hundreds of images to paint any way you like, with enough color palettes, filters, and image categories to suit anyone’s taste. So put away your paintbrush and dive in to these digital coloring books today!


Arrange colored tiles correctly to bring the whole scene to life. Use numbers and logic to reveal incredible hidden images: from beautiful vistas to unique animals and plants! Test your skills as you travel the world in this brand new vacation-themed 5 game pack!


This set of 3 new Paint by Number games has a huge variety of fun new scenes to bring to life! Paint coastal towns, bright unicorns, proud penguins, fantastic fish, and more. Creativity has never been so fun!


Starting with the basic elements of earth, wind, fire and air, build a world filled with locomotives, dragons, skyscrapers, aliens… and more!

Watch the world come to life as new combinations create new elements, life-forms and objects that propagate the planet’s surface. But beware… with great power comes great responsibility. There can be unintended consequences, like zombie plagues and natural catastrophes!

Use your outside-the-box thinking in these beautifully designed games. Unleash your inner Doodle God!


Discover the joy of bringing beautiful images to life with vibrant colors. Pick your favorite scenes, flowers, and animals and more—then just follow the numbers to complete each image. Escape the stress of everyday life with these three beautiful Paint by Numbers games!
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