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Hidden Object Games

Use your sharp eyes to find hidden clues! Our vast collection of amazing hidden object game packs span themes from mysteries to the paranormal. Dive in and find your favorite games!


New Releases

Your next continental adventure is in store! Dive into three great hidden object games from Boomzap and AviGames to take your next vacation far and wide!

Discover hidden treasures as you immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the Western United States! Finding America: The West CE will take you from the towering peaks of Yosemite National Park to the Grand Canyon, and even the iconic Santa Monica Pier!

Then, if you’re in the mood for something different, zoom across the country for Finding America: The Great Lakes CE! Now, you’ll visit all five of North America’s huge, interconnected lakes. Learn fun facts, find hidden objects, and luxuriate in the awe-inspiring scenes!

Then, why not hop across the pond for Big Adventure: Trip To Europe 7 CE? After all, life might be pretty different there! Hike through gorgeous national parks, explore European musical culture, visit ancient castles, and much more!

Your perfect spring break is out there… get ready and grab it!
Set foot once more into worlds of the fantastic with Legends and Lore Vol. 3! Magic and mystery combine to give you 5 wonderful hidden object games with adventures like no other.

Begin your travels with two new Collector’s Edition games from Domini!

In Maze of Realities: Symphony of Invention CE, a multiverse of possibilities stretches out ahead of you. When you meet the most advanced AI in the universe—Omnira. But not all is well as you begin to suspect that a catastrophe of galactic proportions is imminent…

What do a common cold and an impending disaster have to do with each other? That’s for the elf to know and for you to find out in Christmas Fables: The Magic Snowflake CE—because this is one holiday mystery that entertains in every season!

Join the journalist Fate, in her quest to uncover the truth and her own past in Finding Fate. Where will her journey take her… and you? Find out as you investigate each chapter!

Now, an Unexpected Journey! Get caught up in a spiraling whirlpool of unpredictable events as you step foot onto a dangerous cruise… just what is lurking beneath the surface?

Finally, Brink of Consciousness: The Lonely Hearts Murders invites you to solve the crime of a century! Venture into 19th century Britain to help Owen Wright rescue his daughter from the clutches of the Lonely Hearts Killer, the mysterious figure who kidnaps and murders people who have suffered a love gone wrong…

Mystery and magic are about to mix! So grab on and make sure to hold tight as these 5 hidden object games take you for a ride!
Spring has sprung in these 5 colorful, brain-tickling games, for players of all ages!

It’s time for all the creatures of Animalville to venture outside for Spring!

The Walkers were disappointed by the absence of a place in their town where children of all ages and their parents could spend pleasant time together… so the whole family decided to arrange the perfect playground! But as it turns out, it’s not as easy as they thought. There’s lots to clean up and sort out before the animals of the town can enjoy their new playground! Help out in Shopping Clutter: The Best Playground.

Then, help the family decorate Auntie Sheep’s flower shop! She noticed there were not enough blooming flowers or plants hanging from balconies… so she decided to change that for the better. Clean up her new store’s shelves, and find all the necessary equipment—not to mention flowers!—in Shopping Clutter: Blooming Tale.

Before the season ends, Auntie Sheep decides to make her old dream come true, and visit the towns of the world with the most beautiful flowers! While she’s gone, Sloth Walker is in charge of her flower shop. But that may not have been the best idea… Now, the shop is ruined! Jump into Shopping Clutter: From Gloom to Bloom, and save the day!

Now, it’s time for the birthday of one of the Walker family’s own! Since birthdays are every kid’s favorite holiday, it’s time to prepare the party. With lots of guests on their way, food that needs to be served, and decorations to put up, the Walkers are in chaos! Show your best skills in Shopping Clutter: Happy Birthday to make Hare’s party the best he’s ever had!

Finally, the Walkers embark on a new challenge… opening their own coffee shop! Since Animalville is lacking the perfect coffee house, the Walkers take it upon themselves. Now, all they need are your sharp eyes and skillful hands to get the best equipment and some stylish furniture for the coffeehouse. Join a new amazing coffee adventure in Shopping Clutter: Coffeehouse!

Bask in 5 clutter games, full of joy and growth as the flowers bloom and the weather turns! Don’t miss out on Shopping Clutter: Spring Blossom.
Play 5 spooky and mysterious brain-teasing games, for players of all ages!

Tackle hundreds of colorful levels full of obstacles to uncover the items you need! Train your sharp eyes as you look for matching pairs, sets of three, items that satisfy categories like type and color, and more. Drop your finds on conveyor belts and watch the points stack up! Then, unscramble beautiful pictures in tile and sliding puzzles.

JetDogs’ Shopping Clutter series always offers puzzle-hungry players new surprises and adventures!

First, you’ll need to put on your detective cap… there’s two cases in Animalville that need your investigation skills!

When Hare’s brand new bicycle is stolen, Squirrel takes matters into her own paws… and together, the family sets out to open Walkers’ Detective Agency! Shopping Clutter: Detective Agency is a whole new adventure. Find everything you need to gather evidence, question witnesses, and decorate the new office. Then… It’s time to find the dastardly criminal!

The next case comes up faster than anyone could imagine. Days before its grand opening, Animalville’s newest restaurant is robbed. Search for the missing recipes, catch the thief, and get the grand opening back on track in Shopping Clutter: Food Detectives!

When long, matted fur begins to interfere with the townspeople’s daily lives, someone has to act! Giant clumps of fur fly all over the town, everyone is sneezing, and scissors are being bought up…. Animalville is on the brink of an unprecedented catastrophe! The Walkers decide to remedy the situation, so it’s time to set up shop in Shopping Clutter: Beauty Salon!

It’s finally everyone’s favorite, spooky time of year… Halloween!

Help the Walker family to decorate their yard for Halloween. Are they up to the task of winning the yearly contest for the scariest yard display? Not with empty shelves in the stores and everything such a mess…! Use your eagle eye to join them in their search for all the best Halloween decorations in Shopping Clutter: Halloween at the Walkers.

Finally, Mr. Rat’s beloved antique store has fallen on hard times. To bring in new customers, he intends to decorate the store in the style of Count Dracula! But the liar needs lots of vampire staff, treats, monsters, and a talented person to find all this amidst pre-Halloween chaos and clutter! Will you help save Mr. Rat’s store?

Embark on 5 new clutter puzzle adventures in this bundle, Shopping Clutter: Halloween Mystery!
Play 5 different, brain-jogging games, for players of all ages!

Take on tons of colorful levels, where the items you need are hidden around, beside, and below many other things! Train your sharp eyes as you look for matching pairs, sets of three, items that satisfy categories like type and color, and more. Then, unscramble beautiful pictures in tile and sliding puzzles.

These 5 games from JetDogs’ Shopping Clutter series are sure to surprise and delight!

Hop on your favorite sled and slide right into a wintery place where magic prevails! The streets sparkle with bright lights, music resounds all over, and even adults start to believe in miracles again!

This year, the Walkers are putting up a magnificent tree. But decorating it is not so easy… Help them find the best ornaments for their Christmas tree, and save the Walkers’ Christmas in Shopping Clutter: Christmas Poetree.

Then, just when the Walkers were planning a little trip, Uncle Rat and Auntie Sheep turn up at their door… with tickets for a Christmas cruise! Join the family, travel the world and go ashore to admire the sights. Then, return home to celebrate Christmas in Shopping Clutter: Christmas Cruise.

Cap off the winter season with Shopping Clutter: Winter Garden. Uncle Rat wants to set up a greenhouse where his beloved wife Auntie Sheep can grow her flowers all year round. It’s pretty hard to find green plants in winter, but the Walkers are not going to leave Auntie Sheep feeling blue until spring!

But, the fall holidays can’t be left out! The Walkers have decided to arrange a feast in Animalville—and, being a real expert on Thanksgiving Day traditions, goodhearted Uncle Tom Turkey came to help. Join the fun in Shopping Clutter: A Perfect Thanksgiving!

Finally… love blooms in Shopping Clutter: Love is in the Air! Because Valentine’s Day isn’t just Valentine’s Day… it’s Mr. and Mrs. Walker’s anniversary, too! There’s so much to do: buy gifts, choose decorations and put them up, and also pick out and send Valentine’s Day cards!

Join the Walker family in the peaceful town of Animalville, and you’re sure to have a good time!


Grab a new pair of socks—because they’re about to be blown off! In this new installment of our beloved Greatest Hits hidden object game series, we’ve got ten amazing games in store for you.

Start off strong with Camelot 2: The Holy Grail CE. A terrible disease has struck Queen Guinevere! The only thing that can save her is the Holy Grail. Can you find the lost artifact and save the queen?

Then, play well-loved classics from Five-BN and Alawar, like New York Mysteries: Power of Art CE, Darkness and Flame: Enemy in Reflection CE, and House Of 1000 Doors 2: The Palm Of Zoroaster! Immerse yourself in worlds of mystery, fantasy, magic, and more.

Finish off your adventures with Road Trip USA 3: Central! This new installment to Max The Cat Studios’ beloved Road Trip series will take you to brand new locations across the continent. Add to your fun with all-new minigames and puzzles!

Don’t wait up… these hidden object games are waiting for you!
Experience fantasy, romance, and intrigue! Or face powerful witches and quest for magical healing cures. This pack of three hidden object games from well-loved developers, Domini, Telltale Games UK, and Itera Labs, is full of medieval myths and mysteries!

Love, magic, and mythical creatures await you as soon as you step into the forests of Royal Romances: Battle of the Woods. Will you make it out alive?

Help King Arthur as his trusted magician, on a quest to save Guinevere, the queen of Camelot, from a mysterious illness! It’s up to you to save the queen—don’t let the kingdom fall!

Then, dive into a besieged castle In Legacy Witch Island 4: Last Bastion. A dragon keeps the precious castle warm… and that dragon is the key to defeating a powerful witch!

Are you ready to face your destiny and magical beasts, all for the sake of the kingdom?
The investigation is on! From the United Kingdom and highlands of Western Europe to the haunted halls of museums and movie theaters, become the only detective who can pinpoint the truth behind these crimes.
Acting as Adam Wolfe, an investigator of the paranormal, you will discover a hidden world under the modern San Francisco. In this city, ghosts, artifacts, secret orders and curses are just some of the things that Adam will come across working on his most important case.

Step into the shoes of Adam Wolfe, investigator of the supernatural. Driven by your sister’s mysterious disappearance, take to the brooding streets of San Francisco, where crime and paranormal occurrences intertwine in dark corners.

Solving one mystery after another, slowly unravel a larger conspiracy that could lead you to your missing sibling, but may also drag you into the abyss forever.

Use your wits, your detective instincts and, when all else fails, your six-shooter in this psychological thriller packed with more than 8 hours of challenging gameplay. Secret societies, unnatural afflictions and ancient covenants await you in Adam Wolfe’s exciting 4 episodes!

Become the Detective. Become Wolfe.
In this bundle valued at $21, begin the Lost Lands saga as Susan’s son Jimmy is lured away to a new world and Susan has no choice but to rescue him in the Lost Lands! A newfound dwarf ally warns her though that a dark, mysterious evil has tainted the land and it’s up to her to save not just her son but the Lost Lands too in Dark Overlord!

But more portals are in store for Susan… A fog engulfs her and she’s back to fulfill a prophecy: liberate the Lost Lands from the oppression of the Four Horsemen: Heat, Coldness, Death and Darkness. Use your wits to outsmart them, solving puzzles and hidden object scenes along the way.

Then, in The Golden Curse, Susan is once again whisked away to save the Lost Lands from a new threat: a magical curse that has released four different kinds of monsters into the world! Complete over 40 minigames and stop the chaotic troublemakers!

Get this value pack bundle and play the first three of the Lost Lands games in order. This beloved series is sure to delight any fantasy adventure fans. So what are you waiting for? The Lost Lands need you!


Long shadows creep across the streets… eyes watch around every corner… and with them, sharp claws and teeth. Can you survive these chilling tales?

You’re invited to the Halloween party of the century! Join your friends for a night of frights in a historic mansion in Gloomy Tales: One Way Ticket CE. Only… things go wrong! A horrible monster abducts your friend right in front of the crowd. Only you can save her!

Step into a mythical world for a mind-bending adventure in Tearstone: Thieves of the Heart CE! With the Heart’s disappearance, powerful sorcery has taken hold of the world. You only have a few clues to follow… and is your airship actually safe? Climb aboard and hold tight to find out!

Dead Link: Pages Torn throws you into a murder mystery adventure! Ellen’s sister is found dead in a manor… But is she really? Every clue seems to lead Ellen closer to her… including the echoing sound of her voice in the manor halls…

The Prophecies that predict the End of Days are coming true, and the ancient order that has been fighting Evil is now on the brink of defeat… When the Head of the Order is kidnapped, only one hero can take up the ancient weapon and turn the tides of war. Embark on a dark adventure in Castle Secrets: Between Day and Night!

And that’s only the start to these dark tales… What more scary secrets do they hold? Find out in this pack of 10 classic hidden object games!
10 suspenseful ghost stories, all in one great pack!

Underworld Wraiths Vol. 2 has arrived just in time for Halloween! Sink into the spooky atmosphere of 10 great hidden object games from developers like Five-BN, Domini Games, Artifex Mundi, and more!

Start your journey alongside Laura, on a new mission to discover the history behind fantastic yet mystery-shrouded paintings. Little does she know, there is a monstrous plan behind the upcoming mystical event… she’ll need help to unravel this one! Dive into New York Mystery: Power of Art CE to discover what lies beneath.

What will you do when someone intentionally steers you astray? The Detectives of the Worlds’ Edge Agency are in for a new task… tracking down stolen stars and returning them to their rightful owners. But that’s just the beginning!

A bone-chilling ghost story awaits next in City Legends: Ghost of Misty Hill CE. A cryptic message leads an author to the Misty Hill treatment Center… could it be that the chilling rumors about ghosts in that grotesque hospital are true after all?

But that’s just the start! Heal the Tree of Life, solve the riddle of an ancient artifact, travel the globe, investigate figures from your past, and more, in these 10 haunting hidden object games!
Get the complete collections! This pack of 15 games brings you fan favorite series: House of 1000 Doors, Lost Lands, and Nightmares from the Deep.

Save your world, your family, and everything you know as you embark on exciting adventures that will have you traversing otherworldly portals, handling magic, and facing pirates!

Dare to entire a thrilling pirate world! This pack includes the full Nightmares from the Deep trilogy: The Cursed Heart CE, The Siren’s Call CE, and Davy Jones CE.

Then, travel to the Lost Lands, where magic awaits! Eight amazing games from this ongoing series are included: Dark Overlord, The Four Horsemen, The Golden Curse, The Wanderer CE, Ice Spell CE, Mistakes of the Past CE, Redemption CE, and Sand Captivity CE.

Finally, play the entire House of 1000 Doors saga! Behind each doorway lays ancient creatures, curses, and peril! All four games are included: Family Secrets, The Palm of Zoroaster, Serpent Flame CE, and Evil Inside.
The mysteries and adventures have seen in your sleep have suddenly come to life…!

Experience 10 new games of supernatural stories in this 10 game pack, with amazing hidden object games from your favorite developers like Five-BN, Domini, Artifex Mundi, and Brave Giant!

Join Laura on a new mission in New York Mysteries: Power of Art! A monstrous plan lies beneath a display of fantasy paintings… and she can’t handle such a difficult mission alone!

Something sinister is afoot when you arrive at the Misty Hill Treatment Center after receiving a cryptic message from an old friend. Can you help a novelist, and survive in City Legends: Ghost of Misty Hill?

A final battle is coming… a prophecy tells of one who commands dragons. But who is the real chosen one? Why has a witch been kidnapping people? Uncover all this and more in the magical world of Royal Romances: The Power of Chosen One!

After receiving a distress call from the residents of a small seaside town, you arrive to find it covered in a thick blanket of fog… a foreboding myth lies at the center of this village! Rid the town of a long-forgotten evil in Mystical Riddles: Ship From Beyond!

And that’s just the beginning. Battle demons, fend off a mysterious plague, discover the dark happening of a coastal castle, and more!

Can you survive the things that go bump in the night?
From medieval fantasy lands to dark modern cities… What exciting and haunted escapades will you find?

Venture through the night as you chase the truth, but be sure to avoid death as it knocks on your door! This collection of hidden object games will take you through stories that are both hair-raising and gripping, with enough excitement to keep you on the edge of your seat. The night is fraught with supernatural dangers, and only you can overcome its treachery!

Among these adventures, you’ll encounter a magical circus, with a true disappearing act! You’ll uncover an artifact from another world, with dangerous consequences! Uncover family pasts with a paranormal twist, fulfill your job as Merlin’s apprentice when the Lady of the Lake goes missing, and step aboard a fantastic airship that may not be safe after all…

And that’s just the start of your many deadly adventures. So step forward… the gloom beckons!


Play all three games from Domini’s Criminal Archives series!

Step into the shoes of an intrepid crime reporter, striving to capture all the most unusual cases you’ve encountered in your book! Help the San Francisco police solve murders and catch criminals to make life in the city a lot better.

Start in Criminal Archives: City On Fire CE, when a string of mysterious murders has left San Francisco police stumped. Someone calling himself the Plague Doctor is committing arsons all around the city. Find out who hides behind the Plague Doctor’s mask, and stop him before the city’s consumed by the flames…

Sometimes, not all accidents are truly accidents, and sometimes it’s near impossible to tell the truth from the lies. Find yourself in your next case in Criminal Archives: Alphabetic Murders CE! When clues come to light linking three apparently random murders, and one of the victim’s documents are stolen, the mystery will quickly spin out of control…

Finally, secret societies may not be as dormant as they seem… The latest string of crimes seems to come right from the pages of a prominent author’s crime novels! Don’t let this city swallow another innocent soul in Criminal Archives: Murder in the Pages CE!

A gripping detective series filled with mystery and riddles awaits you!
When masterpieces and people go missing… it’s you that everyone turns to!

Help skilled Detective Amanda and her assistant as they investigate missing statues and masterpieces, collect clues, and track suspects across exotic locations. In Detective Agency: Gray Tie CE, the detectives find themselves in Amsterdam. Venture through castle ruins with hidden artifacts, chemical laboratories where the heist’s secrets will be uncovered, and more, before an unpredictable turn takes this routine case somewhere new!

Then, join Detective Amanda for a second case, this time, in pursuit of a missing magnum opus painting! The new case in Detective Agency: Gray Tie 2 CE will bring you to France, where the black market thrives… But beware, because the robber knows you’re hot on his tail! Avoid treacherous traps and get to the bottom of this brand new mystery.

Finally, embark on the first game of a new series from Domini Games! In Hidden Object Secrets: Family Revenge CE, the wife of a successful businessman comes to you for help after her husband mysteriously goes missing. But there just might be something sinister brewing behind the scenes…. The evidence suggests a history of criminal dealings, but things don’t add up. It’s up to you to put the pieces together and solve this case of a family on the brink!

These exciting hidden object games are packed with beautiful locations, diverse and interesting ways of searching for items, and tons of new mini-games!
A new series from Domini Games, Royal Romances puts you at the forefront of a saga of romance, mystery, and magic!

In Royal Romances: Battle of the Woods CE, the fate of the forest is in your hands. Play three episodes, from the perspective of different people. Can you help each couple along, and uncover what else is happening in the forest? It might just be something evil…

Then, in Royal Romances: Forbidden Magic CE the story continues! Dark magic taints and smothers everything within its reach. Defend your land from evil that threatens your very existence. Face werewolves, villains, and more on your journey… maybe you’ll even find love on the way!

Finally, Royal Romances: The Power of Chosen One CE continues both romance and drama! The final battle is ever nearer… but a prophecy tells of a Chosen One who commands dragons. Who might just be the real Chosen One?

See all there is to uncover in this magical world and be the force to tip the scale of fate!
You’re a bestselling horror novelist, but not many people know… you’re also a master detective of the macabre and supernatural! Tackle three exciting cases in the City Legends – 3 Game Pack.

First, in City Legends: The Curse of the Crimson Shadow CE your search for novel inspiration has put you in the path of a dangerous spirit: The Crimson Shadow! The spirit is set on claiming you as his own, but you’re not the only one he’s after. And what does the Order of Witches have to do with it all…?

Then, in City Legends: Trapped in Mirror CE, your research brought you to Bloody Mary’s mirror! The subject of your next book turns out to be more than fiction. Can you survive this encounter with a vengeful ghost?

Finally, dive into City Legends: Ghost of Misty Hill CE! Having published your latest book, you suddenly receive a cryptic message from an old friend seeking your help… Investigate the chilling rumors about a grotesque hospital, and try to get yourself and your friend out alive!

Dive into the underbelly of the haunted city and overcome three chilling tales!
The most famous detective of the magical world is back in business!

When a terrible tragedy befalls the vampire community, a vampire envoy comes to you for help. The creator of artificial blood serum has disappeared, leaving the entire community at risk… you and your assistant must find the famous alchemist to help the vampires prevent the irreversible consequences! Can you save the day in Magic City Detective: Secret Desire CE?

Then, open your invitation to the annual Venice Masquerade! This important event for magical creatures allows them to move around the city freely… but someone has taken advantage of this time of peace in order to bring statues to life! What for? Where does he draw his power from? And most importantly… Can you stop him? Test your wits in Magic City Detective: Wings of Revenge CE!

Finally, take on Magic City Detective: Rage Under Moon CE! Another challenging case for the magical detective! Animages have been disappearing all over Paris… and bodies have been showing up at the morgues, completely drained…It’s now that the investigation falls into your hands! But something is brewing…

Can the talented magical detective crack these cases? Time to find out!
You don’t usually have to travel through many cities during an intriguing investigation… But this time is different! Hop between several worlds, solving cases and riddles. Discover the best minigames Domini Games has to offer in these exciting collections of hidden object scenes and puzzles.

Start at the beginning with Crossroad of Worlds: 100 Doors, where your Uncle Rodrigue has left you a mystery to unravel at his mansion… with his strange and sudden disappearance, the mansion is yours, and so is the responsibility to help people across the multiverse that has come with this gracious gift!

Then, make it official and become a detective in Mystery Agency and Mirrored Earths. Jump from world to world, meeting lots of people and solving even more puzzles with hidden objects! Look for items, conquer numerous puzzles, and put in the hard work of a detective!

Collect stars in each minigame to restore balance to your environment and discover clues. Each game comes with bonus Collector’s Edition content like wallpapers, concept art, and an extra chapter after you have finished the main game!

What are you waiting for? We’ll see you all over the worlds!
Prepare for a pack that’ll have you jumping for joy– and not just because of a curse that turns people to frogs! From Shaman Games comes a truly ribbeting seek and find trilogy filled with magic, fun, and minigames!

Meet Alice, an amateur witch training under her mentor, the great and powerful Circe. But when Circe casts a curse that turns all the princes into frogs, Alice will need your help and sharp puzzle solving skills to save the kingdom! Meet familiar fairytale characters, play hidden object pairing games, match-3 puzzles, and a variety of interesting puzzles, and have hours of fun!

Complete the trilogy; it’s up to you to end Circe’s spell for good!
From developers Brave Giant and Artifex Mundi, this pack of occult adventures is sure to please any hidden object fan looking for some spooky fun!

Strap in for demonic adventures in 1930s America! Follow Dawn Harlock’s journey as she discovers the horrendous truths about herself, her destiny, and her mentor’s failed precautions… that ended up getting himself killed! Play through the first two games in this exciting tale. Find hidden objects, solve puzzles, and thwart the archdemon’s plans.

Then, bundle up and get ready to solve hidden object scenes and a mystery. Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala CE is an exciting detective story rife with adventure, puzzles, and ancient mystery. A demon wants to obtain world domination– follow him to the snowy mountains to put an end to his plot once and for all!

Do you have what it takes to expel these demons?
This trilogy of shocking sci-fi hidden object adventures from Urchin Games brings alarming truths to light! What’s lurking in the shadow?

A scientist’s miracle cure-all drug was lost to what authorities suspect to be sabotage. Search through the remains of Pontoon Laboratories after the arson assault, collecting clues, solving puzzles, and finding helpful items from hidden object scenes!

Then, follow the trail to finding your sister who was abducted years ago. That strange recurring dream about masked figures might be more real than ever… Beat brain-teasing puzzles, stop the cult’s forbidden experiments, and get your sister back!

Finally, return to Pontoon Laboratories to thwart the thief’s unfinished business. Be careful though… this time, they’re willing to kill to get what they want!

Across the three games, dastardly villains, cultist kidnappers, and a horrendous monster will all try to stop you. Can you get your answers and make it out in one piece?
Fantasy, fun, and Mayan culture await in this masterly crafted action-adventure trilogy from Five-BN!

Get sucked into a new, amazing world filled with helpful friends and dastardly foes. After the shaman is captured and the key to getting home is taken, Diana is left to fend for herself. Travel across ancient temples, an endless river, and a volcano all while avoiding ruthless enemies determined to stop you!

But that won’t be the only visit to this faraway land. An ancient demon has been unleashed and Diana must save the people of this planet, bringing an end to the mayhem this awakening has caused. More temples, traps, puzzles, and danger await you! Can you make it out alive?

Then one last time, a call to action sends Diana back, crash landing in a foreign, mysterious jungle. She was sent here to find a cure for a deadly virus at the gates of the Dragon Palace. You may be Earth’s last chance…

Enjoy these three thrilling adventures with astonishing Mayan inspired atmosphere. With great graphics, puzzles, hidden objects scenes, and an excellent storyline, the Legacy Trilogy stands out as some pretty unforgettable adventures!
An alchemist’s apprentice returns home to train under a great master. Little does she know, the real adventure has only just begun….

Work your way through countless puzzles and eerie mysteries to achieve learn the truth: one that might change the faith of the entire realm and your own future forever! But the adventure doesn’t stop there. Follow the trail of a prince’s disappearance just before his coronation, then foil the tidings of war and make up for the kingdom’s sins!

In this fantastic hidden object game trilogy, play as skilled alchemists in a magical kingdom, where strange letters are carried on the winds! Will your knowledge of arcana be enough to save the day?
Three classic tales, each with a unique spin. Step into these hidden object adventures to follow clues, solve puzzles, outsmart dastardly foes, and more!

From Artifex Mundi comes the show-stopping Myth Seekers duo, alongside the classic kingdom tale, Kingmaker. Whether it’s investigating in Rome, diving below the sea, or proving yourself as the best knight in the land, these three hidden object adventures will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Welcome to the fairytale land of Netherfall. While this land of fantasy and magic may seem idyllic on the surface, there are sinister plots at work behind the scenes… demonic sorcerers, murders, and kidnapping plague the kingdom. It’s up to you to tackle these threats one at a time! Can you save your loved ones, track down the enchanted criminals, and protect the royal family from harm?
Would you dare to enter a thrilling pirate world where danger lurks in every corner?

Step into the shoes of Caribbean Naval Museum curator, Sarah Black. When an undead pirate kidnaps your daughter, you quickly realize that the villain is entangled in a tragic, centuries-old love story, and wants to resurrect his mistress with your daughter’s life force.

Thus begins a long journey of twists and turns! Venture to the grim Skull Island island aboard a ghost ship haunting the seas of the Caribbean. Traverse a ruined fortress ridden by cannonballs and catacombs stretching below. Face a forgotten fishing town, the denizens of which are suffering from a ghoulish, oceanic curse, cast by the old sea-devil himself, Davy Jones.

Are you strong enough to save your daughter? Will you dare to lift the curse with you and your daughter’s souls intact?
Enter an enchanting world of dark legends filled with gloomy forests, forbidden temples, and crumbling cities in this fantastic Artifex Mundi trilogy. Save your sister from an ancient curse. Become a healer and rescue the Queen of Eagle Castle from a mysterious illness. Don the mantle of a relentless monster huntress in a corrupted city that seeks redemption. Grim Legends await!


The life of a detective is unpredictable and very dangerous. You never know what awaits you around the next corner and what secrets you need to unravel. But you knew what you were getting into, there’s no turning back!

Dive into the first five games of the Unsolved Case series from Domini Games!

Death, love, hate, mysteries—you have to deal with all of this and more in Unsolved Case: Fatal Clue CE. Solve numerous puzzles along the way, search for clues, and find evidence in your favorite hidden object scenes!

In Unsolved Case: Murderous Script CE, you and your partner, Scott, are left with only a few clues… and a lot of work ahead. Shady dealings of a famous attorney, the disappearance of a young man, and celebrity abductions…. Can you solve these cases?

Then, in Unsolved Case: The Scarlet Hyacinth CE, a man was murdered with a red hyacinth left on his body—the sign of a notorious serial killer from many years ago. But the drama doesn’t end there. Can you track down the killer and put him behind bars?

A powerful villain has no fear of the law. After the high-profile murder of the mayor, it becomes clear that anyone could be a target. Do not let him escape justice! Go undercover to crack the case of Unsolved Case: Above the Law CE.

Finally, play the most recent game of the series, Unsolved Case: Killer Popularity CE! Now is your chance to prove that no one is above the law.

A gripping detective series filled with mystery and riddles awaits you… so let’s get sleuthing!
Lana was the best student in art school… and now she’s swamped by customers with monumental expectations!

In Hidden World of Art, Lana is tasked with restoring classic paintings crafted by masterful artists! Help her reveal mysterious objects hidden within layers of paint.

Hidden World of Art 2: Undercover Agent is an entirely new adventure! Many fantastic paintings have been stolen and the gang of thieves has eluded the police like phantoms. Restore the priceless paintings and expose the terrifying plans of the terrible crooks!

Then, uncover mysteries and dangers hidden within the paintings of the greatest artists of old… Hidden World of Art 3 sees Lana fight against her own subconscious! Can you help her escape the shackles of ancient canvases?

Finally, fate has brought Lana back to her hometown of Springwater. Renovate the old cottage Lana inherited from her family, restore many classical art pieces, and help Lana figure out the secrets of her family’s keepsake in Hidden World of Art 4!

Last but not least, embark on even more fun in a bonus game: So Much Stuff 2 CE! Search through trinkets and knick-knacks in dozens of themed scenes like diners, groceries, jewelry, and even science labs—and that’s just the beginning!

It’s time for your brush with destiny!
Bask in the beauty of nature!

Play all four games in the Nature Escapes series from Boomzap. Relax and unwind as you search for hidden objects and play fun mini-games, complete your own beautiful garden, and enjoy relaxing music. Challenge your brain in a variety of mini games like jigsaw puzzles, painting, card matching, tile puzzles, sliding puzzles, and more!

Once you’ve had your fill of colorful flowers and exotic plants, dive into a new game from AviGames: Sweet Home: Look and Find! Immerse yourself in the comfort of home from anywhere you go. Take a walk in nature, sit by the pool, or barbeque in the backyard—the world is your oyster! Don’t forget to customize your home with beauty and luxury.

Grab your mug of tea and coziest sweater. It’s time to kick back and relax!
Get the complete collections! This pack of 15 games brings you fan favorite series: House of 1000 Doors, Lost Lands, and Nightmares from the Deep.

Save your world, your family, and everything you know as you embark on exciting adventures that will have you traversing otherworldly portals, handling magic, and facing pirates!

Dare to entire a thrilling pirate world! This pack includes the full Nightmares from the Deep trilogy: The Cursed Heart CE, The Siren’s Call CE, and Davy Jones CE.

Then, travel to the Lost Lands, where magic awaits! Eight amazing games from this ongoing series are included: Dark Overlord, The Four Horsemen, The Golden Curse, The Wanderer CE, Ice Spell CE, Mistakes of the Past CE, Redemption CE, and Sand Captivity CE.

Finally, play the entire House of 1000 Doors saga! Behind each doorway lays ancient creatures, curses, and peril! All four games are included: Family Secrets, The Palm of Zoroaster, Serpent Flame CE, and Evil Inside.
Randall and Eleanor Jones, twin detectives, share a passion for justice. But their methods couldn’t be more different. He’s the logical, deductive type, while she uses a mystical approach to solve crimes.

Join Randall and Eleanor as they combine their different skills to tackle murders that require both logic and magic!

Investigate a murder that happens onstage at the local theater in Twin Mind: Murderous Jealousy CE. Is the culprit really who it seems?

Chase the tail of a kidnapper in Twin Mind: Power of Love CE to rescue a young woman! But this time, Randall and Eleanor’s combined specialties might not be enough….

A mysterious murderer leaves his victim’s bodies bloodless in Twin Mind: Ghost Hunter CE. Can the twins get to the root of these killings…? And is it really a person who’s behind them?

Finally, tackle Twin Mind: Nobody’s Here CE! When an alarming phone call reaches Randall from an old friend, he and Eleanor will get mixed up in the case of a scientist’s death.

Then, join the guardian of magical worlds on an epic journey to discover the secrets of the stars in Crossroad of Worlds: Magic Stars CE. Through solving over 30+ minigames, uncover the mysteries of the universe as it may be the only way to restore order…!

It’s up to you to solve these cases, save reality, and stop these murderous sprees! Join the twin detectives in this set of satisfying, supernatural investigations!
Prepare to be bewitched, battling witches and their most dangerous curses they can muster! From great developers, IteraLabs and Shaman Games, comes a seek and find 5 pack. These games are full to the brim with magic and spells!

Start at the very beginning of the Witch Island series and finish the whole story all the way through to the last installment. With Greeny guiding you along the way, nothing can stop you! Uncover a story full of betrayals, plot twists, and good old fashioned fun. Step onto the island and don’t look back!

Then, stop a powerful sorceress, Circe, from turning all the unwilling bachelors into frogs in Hiddenverse: Witch’s Tales, a game that’s truly ribbiting! Play through 91 levels, 10 different mechanics, and hours of compelling gameplay.
Tag along with antiquities expert, Mia Faircroft, on her travels through five different beautiful towns in this collection of excellent, tranquil hidden object games from Boomzap.

Enjoy stunning seek and find scenes as you travel across the globe to great locales like Italy, France, Austria, and many more! Small details and delightful graphics really breathe life into these places. Then, work your brain over plenty of great minigames, exploring the charms of antiques and aged art.

Discover picturesque mountainside, seaside, and countryside towns. Get to know the residents of Treffenburg, Glen Kinnoch, Mikamaw Point, Porto Nacosti, and Mont Cache and even say hello again to some recurring characters! So join Mia for a refreshing, relaxing, perfect vacation in the sun and snow. All aboard!
Gear up for three incredible adventures from Artifex Mundi as you venture throughout mystical Slavic lands! Join Mary and help her overcome the steepest of odds in this amazing trilogy of causal hidden object games.

Begin your journey after an urgent call from Mary’s grandma brings her to the heritage park where humans and Slavic creatures coexist—or at least, they used to! Save an endangered species of a mythical plant called the Fern Flower and battle Boruta, a demon with plans to dominate this world and our own back home!

The adventure doesn’t stop there! Stumble into a sorcerer’s sinister plot to bring his daughter back to life by any means necessary. Use your cunningness to solve puzzles, beat hidden object scenes, and place your trust in people with a unique system where your choices matter. Affect the story and find out how you can shape this magical place for better… or for worse.

Then take to the sky to gain the favor of the god of thunder and save your brother! The cloud cities are high, but the stakes are even higher! A conflict has broken out between the humans and the Clouders, the native people living on these magical flying islands. Can you bring peace to this new world and save the earth before it gets flooded by the oceans?

Immerse yourself in these incredibly distinct folklore lands and get captivated by this game collection’s beautiful graphics, exciting stories, undeniable charm, and just enough challenge to keep you hooked.
Poor New York can’t catch a break with all the peril jam packed in this bundle’s full collection of the New York Mysteries hidden object adventures! Five-BN masterly crafted a gripping saga of murders and villains terrorizing New York that any hidden object game fan and aspiring detective will love!

Enter the streets and back alleys of 1950s-60s New York, picking up on dangerous trails and solving crimes. Join brave journalist, Laura James, solving cases from missing children to a lighting killer and more! This game pack has each game in the saga so you can play them beginning to end to get the full story of Laura’s journey.

Then, uncover the secrets hidden in Italy in Domini’s latest hit, Magic City Detective: Wings of Revenge. Step into a venetian masquerade ball thrown for magical creatures⁠—until it’s crashed by an evil stranger…

Can you find the truth behind all these mysteries and unmask their criminals before New York and Venice are overrun with disaster?
Five-BN Games stuns with top-shelf production quality and a thrilling, continuing storyline in Darkness and Flame – an essential series for all HOPA fans!

In one of the most acclaimed Hidden Object Adventure series ever created, you’ll step into the fray alongside Alice, coming face to face with a dangerous adventure full of wonders beyond imagination.

This pack collects all four Darkness and Flame hidden object games in order. Play the entire story from beginning to end! Each game is a Collector’s Edition, with tons of bonus content to enjoy.

Then jump into an amazing new HOG release from Domini Games – Spirits Chronicles: Born in Flame. As a tamer of magical creatures, with a mysterious forest to keep order… it’s up to you to save the entire kingdom from a snowy grave!