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Card + Tile Games

If you’ve ever dreamed of opening up your own cafe, bakery, or combination of both, this duo of simulation games will help you finally live the dream!

Create your own coffee shop and grow it to a franchise in Beans – The Coffee Shop Simulator! Will your brand sell overpriced fancy coffee in a luxurious shop or will you provide organic free-range donuts surrounded by comfy second-hand furniture? It’s all up to you! Customize and build your brand and take it all the way to the big leagues!

Hope’s Farm lets you grow crops, plant trees, raise adorable animals and customize a wonderful farm. Match your way through growth, sell your goods, complete quests, and earn rewards!

Garden for Glory Collector’s Edition is an all-new match 3 game! Join industrious gardener Gloria as she turns a stark plot into a lush garden and outshines her family’s expectations. Plus, unlock extra minigames, wallpapers, and more in the bonus content.

Then, Shopping Clutter 21: Coffeehouse takes you on yet another cafe adventure! The hard-working residents of Animalville need their coffee before work each morning, and the Walkers are just the family to provide it! Help set up a brand-new coffee shop, pick out equipment, shop for decor, and tidy up the store for the grand opening!

Then, Chef Solitaire: USA and Sweet Treat Solitaire let you try your cards at both cooking and baking! Open your very own diner and make it a scrumptious success, or explore a magic world of colorful jelly animals—all while completing challenges, matching puzzles, fun mini-games, and more!

All those games, and more! So get brewing and start baking—these yummy treats are just waiting to be gobbled up!
Jump in, the water’s warm!

This new variety pack collects games of four different genres, but all with one common theme: the magic of the ocean! Fans of all kinds of games can find something they’ll like here, be it Match 3, hidden object, time management, or puzzle games.

Color match in a whole new way! Start your seaworthy adventures with the premium version of Pearls of Atlantis: The Cove! Drop, pop, swap and match magic pearls to collect the charms inside. Face tricky underwater physics as you solve more than 1,000 addictive bubble popping puzzles, navigating bumpers, wheels, moving platforms, and more! Plus, restore the beauty of the forgotten Cove along the way!

Then, try your luck with ancient jewels! Delight in new swapping tricks, tools, power-ups, and more, as you set out alongside Rupert and Emma in Jewel Quest: Seven Seas CE to get to the bottom of a mysterious message from their old friend, Hani…

Next, an ocean siren in Rio? As it turns out Ribeira Lima is the only one who knows how to soothe the tumultuous ocean with her magical singing. Now, just as a tsunami threatens Rio and everything in its path, Ribeira is missing… Can you find her and save the city? Grab your gear, for Magic City Detective: Wrath of the Ocean CE!

Lastly, test your time management skills so Emily can try to take a relaxing vacation abroad in Delicious: Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise! Set sail on the open seas as the newlyweds, Emily and Patrick, try to find time to unwind amidst the rocky waters and hungry cruise ship guests. Throw some shrimp on the grill, get the fruit in a blender, and let’s get going!

Embark on all these nautical adventures and more in Oceanic Odysseys – 10 Pack!
With 4 hidden object games, 2 time management games, 2 Match 3 games, and 2 solitaire games, this variety pack is jam-packed with love, sweets, and romance!

A crew of beloved developers rounds out this pack as an excellent way to challenge your brain, sharpen your wits, or relax—whichever suits your fancy! From teams like Alawar, Microids, Domini, Boomzap, Game House, Revills Games, and more, this pack has a game every player will love.

Challenge fate written in the stars to unite star crossed lovers, estranged couples, and warring factions! Forbidden love won’t stay forbidden for long in great hidden object games like Forest Legends: The Call of Love CE, Red Riding Hood: Star Crossed Lovers, and Royal Romances: Endless Winter CE.

Then… embark on an adventure of true love and wondrous weddings with your favorite chef and restaurant entrepreneur, Emily! Play two games from the fast-paced, fun-filled Delicious series: Delicious: Emily’s True Love and Delicious: Emily’s Wonder Wedding. Help Emily through various trials and tribulations as her big day approaches! No time management games can win against the romance here.

Continue to treat your sweet tooth with Elly’s Cake Cafe and Sweet Treat Solitaire. Collect juicy fruits, candy, cookies and jam by matching up all the right ones… or play your candy cards just right as you’re greeted by the Jellie race!

But the sweets and romance don’t stop there. What will you fall for next?
Embark on your holiday journey!

With four hidden object games, two puzzle games, two match 3 games, one solitaire game, and one time management game, this holiday 10-pack will provide you with your new favorites to play with friends and family on a snowy Christmas morning.

In Christmas Adventure: Candy Storm, Lisa’s grandfather, Santa Claus, has asked her to help deliver Christmas presents to a remote town. But in the middle of an old forest, her car suddenly turns into candy! Investigate what happened… it’s surely full of magic and a sign of more to come!

Then, dive into Christmas Fables: Holiday Guardians CE! When the bah-humbugging elf, Ambrus, schemes to ruin Christmas, Santa calls on you for help! Get ready to adventure across the North Pole, defeat ice golems, ride the sleigh through a blizzard, and find lots of hidden objects to save Christmas!

Play two icy wonderland match 3 adventures with Dragon Scales 5: The Frozen Tomb and Jewel Quest 6: The Sapphire Dragon CE. Discover the secret behind the elusive Sapphire Dragon and release the power of the Frozen Tomb!

Cap off your wintery adventures with Puzzle Vacations: Christmas 2023! This captivating jigsaw puzzle game is designed to spread festive cheer, featuring 125 beautifully crafted images across five enchanting categories: Christmas Town, Nature, Animals, Decors, and Treats!

Ready to get in the holiday spirit? Get your game pack and play the best snowy games this season!
It’s time to challenge yourself to solitaire in ten amazing games from DigiMight, IteraLabs, Revills Games, and Shaman Games! Your journeys have only just begun…

After Snow White defeats the Evil Queen, the once-peaceful kingdom is facing a new kind of danger! Team up with fantastic characters in Snow White Solitaire: Charmed Kingdom, and destroy dark enchantments!

An arranged marriage falls through when a knight elopes with the princess of the land. But dark forces are eager to take her back! Embrace the dramatic tale of a medieval card adventure in Solitaire Call of Honor!

But not every solitaire story is dark! Kick back in Weekend Solitaire Summer Village, which dives into a bright world filled with vibrant gameplay, colorful animations, and hours of addictive card-solving fun! Get ready to unwind and bask in the joys of summer.

And, embark on a serene journey with Weekend Solitaire: Voyage! A colorful array of puzzles and the gentle cascade of challenges will exercise your strategic mind while each card layout becomes a chapter of the story.

So grab your cards, because the Solitaire Supershow has a game for everyone!
How many things lurk in this world in the next… just waiting to scare you? The number is uncountable! But we’ll get close with this variety pack of ten frightfully fun games!

Plunge into a realm of spine-tingling delights, where ghoulish games beckon! Embrace frightful fun in the Super Spooky Subgame Spectacular, where it’s non-stop puzzles of all kinds. Swapping, matching, find the difference, jigsaw, crossword, and more—put your skills to the test with these haunting challenges!

The vampire land of Nocturnarya has fallen under the control of a human army! This spells disaster for everyone who lives there… so it’s up to you to lead a small tribe of vampires to survival! Face slavers, bandits, soldiers, and more as you embark on an exciting match 3 adventure in Nocturnarya!

Put your solitaire and card skills to the test in Jewel Match Twilight Solitaire and Ember Knight Solitaire! Play your hand against a horde of vampires. Accept an epic quest to discover the Ember Knight’s treasure and rebuild derelict castles… if you dare to face the monsters that lie in wait!

Finally, embark on two classic hidden object game adventures in Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween! The city of Dern is ostracized from the Halloween community… everyone seems to know something, but nobody is telling you. But they won’t underestimate you for long when you take the investigation into your own hands!

And that’s not all! There’s much more to discover within when you play games from all your favorite genres this Halloween! This hand-selected variety pack is sure to bring you a delightfully spooky shiver!
More of the best IGT slot machines are now available to play right at your computer!

The second volume of our IGT Slots Mega Pack brings you tons of great games from Masque Publishing! Get the realistic Vegas experience with true casino payouts. Or, live the fantasy and experience even more jackpots and bonus rounds!

Enjoy bonus features like stacked wilds, super hyper pays, progressive jackpots, and free games in these best and newest casino slot machine games.

Although these games do not offer a real way to earn money or prizes, it is advised that players are over 18 years old to purchase.
Like a snowflake, this pack is completely unique! It’s our most varied bundle ever, featuring ten winter and Christmas-themed games from our favorite genres!

Solve picturesque puzzles that will help you relive holiday magic without having to brave the cold. Keep your eyes keen in jolly mahjong, or clear festive match 3 boards! Then, play your cards right to help Santa locate stolen presents in two full Christmas Solitaire stories.

If you’d prefer to stay warm by the fire, come on into Emily’s restaurant for a festive time-management game filled with family, fun, and delicious treats!

Finally, with three wintery hidden object games, you’ll embark on unique adventures! Get caught up in the wintery whirlwind of a mysterious hotel perched on a mountaintop; traverse icy lands brimming with magic; or come home to rescue the holidays of Mia Faircroft’s family!

Play games from all your favorite genres this winter! This hand-selected variety pack will bring you holiday cheer… that might just last all year long!
Prepare for whimsical card and tile adventures… with some murder thrown in for good measure! Rainbow Games brings you three awesome solitaire and two great mahjong games.

Experience solitaire like you never have before! Dive in to this one of a kind murder case and complete solitaire puzzles to progress, finding clues and trailing the killer. Follow your hunch and stack the deck!

Play through the magical world of Emerland by solving solitaire puzzles, building a community of allies from different magical races like elves, dwarves, and mages, and helping restore peace. A new companion mechanic introduces new solitaire gameplay as your allies help destroy obstacles and take on bosses like the dreadful forest golem!

Then, journey across the multiple Mahjong Magic Floating Islands, from fantasy lands to islands inspired from fascinating locations around the world! Complete levels to craft magical items to earn powerups for harder levels!

With several game modes, hundreds of levels, and new mechanics to switch up typical solitaire and mahjong gameplay, you’re sure to have a blast! Relax or challenge yourself but most of all, have a great time making matches and solving puzzles!
Step right up to play your favorite machines! This 4 pack of casino games from Masque and IGT has over 135 slot machines! Plus, play more games like Online Poker, Blackjack, Video Poker, Keno, Baccarat & Spanish 21. Experience the casino from home!

Are you feeling lucky?

Although these games do not offer a real way to earn money or prizes, it is advised that players are over 18 years old to purchase.
Set off into your new favorite card and tile adventures! From the mountaintops to the candy realms to the baseball pitch! Ten exciting new games await in this collection of fantastic solitaire and mahjong puzzles. With 3 mahjong games and 7 solitaire games, you’ll never run out of new levels to match your skills against.
Enjoy relaxing Mahjong gameplay in a variety of distinctly-themed games. From the Jurassic period to the stock exchange, you will test your mahjong skills… and prove that you’re the ultimate mahjong champion!
In this bundle valued at $69, play 10 incredible card and tile games, full of adventure and tricky puzzles! Play solitaire and mahjong across the world, in a vampire-infested castle, or through the ages and seasons!

Build majestic castles after completing a variety of solitaire challenges in Jewel Match Solitaire. Help reunite a kidnapped princess with her twin sister by beating mahjong puzzles in Mahjong Secrets. Thwart not one, but two vampiric plots in this pack with Mahjong Stories: Vampire Romance and Jewel Match Twilight Solitaire.

With endless game modes, prepare for a challenge! There’s many more adventures for everyone in the this awesome 10 game pack! Ready to relax with some fun card and tile games? Dive in… and don’t lose track of your cards!

Enjoy your favorite card and tile games, from solitaire to mahjong, with hundreds of rule variations for endless fun! Whether you like to play mahjong, solitaire, poker, slots, or anything else, our amazing collection of card and tile game packs for PC will delight you! Enjoy dozens of the best tile card games for PC.

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