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New Releases

Great new game packs every week, only at Legacy Games!

The case is on… and the trail is hotter than ever!

A powerful villain is on the loose, with no fear of the law. After the high-profile murder of the mayor, it becomes clear that anyone could be a target. Go undercover in Unsolved Case: Above the Law CE to find the evidence you need to bring justice!

Then—New York City, 1950s. A wave of mysterious murders has swept through the city. At each crime scene, only a pile of ash remains. Could a human really be capable of this kind of killing? Step into the shoes of fearless journalist Laura to uncover the truth of New York Mysteries: High Voltage!

Next, tackle the grisly murder of famous inventor, Christopher Edward. A brutal crime scene leads to an elaborate investigation for detective Karla Robbins. What drove this case to the brink? It’s your job to find out in Entwined: Strings of Deception!

Embark on a different mystery entirely in Invasion 2: Doomed! The Earthly day has suddenly become several minutes shorter and an abnormal hurricane zone has formed in the tropics. The adventure is only starting as you close in on the source…

Finally, explore disturbing corners of the human psyche! A dark world of nightmares and the occult await you as police detective Howard E. Loreid, on the case of Clark Field’s murder. And what does this wealthy man’s involvement with the occult have to do with anything…?

Do you think you can be the one to solve these gruesome murders?
Embark on an escape room journey through a collection of cunningly complicated boxes filled with enticing enigmas and brainteasers to solve!

Don’t miss out on the entire Mystery Box series: Hidden Secrets, Evolution, Escape The Room, and The Journey from XSGames! Then, if you’re still hungry for more puzzle-solving goodness, dive into 100 Worlds: Escape Room Game from Peaksel Studio.

Let’s see if your keen eye and sharp mind can crack the codes to open the boxes! Every mystery box is set with fascinating mechanisms that you’ll need to solve to dive closer and closer to the center of the box’s mysteries. Play in a 3D plane to examine every nook and cranny. For fans of the award-winning The Room series and crafty puzzle solvers alike, this full collection of Mystery Box games is sure to delight!

In 100 Worlds: Escape Room Game, each level is full of intricacy. Solve the tricky puzzles to enter a portal to a new, stunning environment each time. Gain your freedom once you’ve solved them all, then keep your brain happy with minigames!

Skillfully balance challenges to stay engaged for hours. With more than 30 puzzles across 5 amazing puzzle games, you won’t be bored!
Keep searching and finding with 10 amazing new hidden object games from Boomzap, AviGames, Crisp App, and Shaman Games!

Take to the skies and fly with your newfound flock! Find birds, cats, and dogs in three new I Love Finding games: I Love Finding Birds CE and I Love Finding Cats and Pups! This beloved series will take you through beautiful locales as you spot feathered and furry friends. Adopt and collect all the pawsome cats, pups, birds, and more! Play 60 fun new mini games and collect tons of achievements.

Then, discover what it feels like to be a wildlife photographer! Chase animals in remote corners of the world in Hidden Animals: Photo Hunt. With vivid 360-panorama scenes and 3D views, this is an exciting hidden object game adventure you won’t soon forget! Find 4 sets of animals in each scene and don’t let any slip by!

In My Lovely Pets CE and My Lovely Pets 2 CE, you’ll enjoy searching for interesting items! Relax as you explore beautiful places and find the cutest pets—100 in each game! Plus, both Collector’s Edition games feature 8 additional locations and 8 new minigames: 32 in total!

Or, take a break from cuteness overload to search for tons of other hidden items in Just Find It CE and Just Find It 2 CE! This superb collection of hidden object scenes spans a wide variety of themes, and will have you picking out tons of trinkets. Indulge in enticing mini-games such as jigsaw, find the difference, and click to swap!

Dive into I Love Finding Vol. 2, and the hidden object fun won’t stop!
Play fan favorite hidden object game stories for hours of fun! This pack of three hidden object games from Domini Games includes only the most invigorating and intriguing games. Dive in for gripping stories, fascinating twists, head-scratching puzzles, and delightful hidden object scenes!

Unsolved Case: Murderous Script CE is up first, and with it, a series of cases filled to the brim with personal and familial drama! Investigate a famous attorney’s shading dealings. Then embark on the trail of a disappearance. These cases just might lead to something bigger….

Next, tackle a supernatural investigation! City Legends: The Curse of the Crimson Shadow CE puts you in the shoes of a novelist. But your search for inspiration leads you to something all too real… and now a dangerous and legendary spirit, known as the Crimson Shadow, is after you!

Finally, dive into Criminal Archives: City On Fire CE! When San Francisco is shaken by a chain of horrible murders, and the main suspect is a masked man in a plague doctor mask, you’ll have to put it all on the line to shed light on these dark events…

So grab your gear, and buckle down for three amazing, pulse-pounding stories from Domini Games!
How many things lurk in this world in the next… just waiting to scare you? The number is uncountable! But we’ll get close with this variety pack of ten frightfully fun games!

Plunge into a realm of spine-tingling delights, where ghoulish games beckon! Embrace frightful fun in the Super Spooky Subgame Spectacular, where it’s non-stop puzzles of all kinds. Swapping, matching, find the difference, jigsaw, crossword, and more—put your skills to the test with these haunting challenges!

The vampire land of Nocturnarya has fallen under the control of a human army! This spells disaster for everyone who lives there… so it’s up to you to lead a small tribe of vampires to survival! Face slavers, bandits, soldiers, and more as you embark on an exciting match 3 adventure in Nocturnarya!

Put your solitaire and card skills to the test in Jewel Match Twilight Solitaire and Ember Knight Solitaire! Play your hand against a horde of vampires. Accept an epic quest to discover the Ember Knight’s treasure and rebuild derelict castles… if you dare to face the monsters that lie in wait!

Finally, embark on two classic hidden object game adventures in Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween! The city of Dern is ostracized from the Halloween community… everyone seems to know something, but nobody is telling you. But they won’t underestimate you for long when you take the investigation into your own hands!

And that’s not all! There’s much more to discover within when you play games from all your favorite genres this Halloween! This hand-selected variety pack is sure to bring you a delightfully spooky shiver!
Long shadows creep across the streets… eyes watch around every corner… and with them, sharp claws and teeth. Can you survive these chilling tales?

You’re invited to the Halloween party of the century! Join your friends for a night of frights in a historic mansion in Gloomy Tales: One Way Ticket CE. Only… things go wrong! A horrible monster abducts your friend right in front of the crowd. Only you can save her!

Step into a mythical world for a mind-bending adventure in Tearstone: Thieves of the Heart CE! With the Heart’s disappearance, powerful sorcery has taken hold of the world. You only have a few clues to follow… and is your airship actually safe? Climb aboard and hold tight to find out!

Dead Link: Pages Torn throws you into a murder mystery adventure! Ellen’s sister is found dead in a manor… But is she really? Every clue seems to lead Ellen closer to her… including the echoing sound of her voice in the manor halls…

The Prophecies that predict the End of Days are coming true, and the ancient order that has been fighting Evil is now on the brink of defeat… When the Head of the Order is kidnapped, only one hero can take up the ancient weapon and turn the tides of war. Embark on a dark adventure in Castle Secrets: Between Day and Night!

And that’s only the start to these dark tales… What more scary secrets do they hold? Find out in this pack of 10 classic hidden object games!
Join in for another set of three pulse-pounding stories in these supernatural hidden object games!

Eternal winter has descended upon the kingdom. As hunger drives people away from the forest, its guardian must find a new way to protect the land and people. And what does this dark winter have to do with a missing elf…? Find out in Royal Romances: Endless Winter Collector’s Edition!

Then, in Crossroad of Worlds: Star Riddle Collector’s Edition, follow a series of star thefts across the universes! When an interrogation subject won’t budge, a truth serum reveals the name of his employer: a mysterious King Jotar. As you search for him, many lives will be put at stake… including yours in this mini-game centric hidden object game!

Finally, embark up a thrilling cruise with young journalist, Lina Woodberry, in Unexpected Journey! But, the famous world of art and culture is not all that it seems. As unpredictable events begin to whirlpool out of control, and numerous dangers appear, it’s up to you to get to the bottom of it all!

What dark mysteries will you solve?
10 suspenseful ghost stories, all in one great pack!

Underworld Wraiths Vol. 2 has arrived just in time for Halloween! Sink into the spooky atmosphere of 10 great hidden object games from developers like Five-BN, Domini Games, Artifex Mundi, and more!

Start your journey alongside Laura, on a new mission to discover the history behind fantastic yet mystery-shrouded paintings. Little does she know, there is a monstrous plan behind the upcoming mystical event… she’ll need help to unravel this one! Dive into New York Mystery: Power of Art CE to discover what lies beneath.

What will you do when someone intentionally steers you astray? The Detectives of the Worlds’ Edge Agency are in for a new task… tracking down stolen stars and returning them to their rightful owners. But that’s just the beginning!

A bone-chilling ghost story awaits next in City Legends: Ghost of Misty Hill CE. A cryptic message leads an author to the Misty Hill treatment Center… could it be that the chilling rumors about ghosts in that grotesque hospital are true after all?

But that’s just the start! Heal the Tree of Life, solve the riddle of an ancient artifact, travel the globe, investigate figures from your past, and more, in these 10 haunting hidden object games!
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