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Do you believe in the power of love?

Play all three games from Domini Games’ unforgettable series, Connected Hearts! In lands of mystery and magic, dark forces aim to tear apart lovers and break hearts… but the happy endings are possible! These three hidden object games will take you on three different whirlwind stories!

Overcome curses and best witch hunters in Connected Hearts: The Full Moon Curse! When a werewolf curse infects the townspeople, will you be able to tell friend from foe and save your beloved from becoming a monster?

Then, test your hand against fate in Connected Hearts: Fortune Play. Unbeknownst to them before it’s too late, actors, Beatrice and Franz, are reluctantly the targets of Crowley’s deal with Lady Luck! What price must you pay to save them?

Finally… save the kingdom from rouges and reunite lovers in Connected Hearts: The Musketeers Saga!

Gather your wits for three daring and unforgettable love stories!


Join your favorite heroes in five more tall tales of legendary proportions!

Use your sharp eyes and sharper mind in five amazing hidden object games from your favorite developers: Domini Games (Do Games), Artifex Mundi, Alawar and Shaman Games!

Learn why you’re the only one who can help Santa save the winter holidays when an elf goes rouge… but that’s not the only tale in which the world hangs in the balance! Can you best worldwide calamity with the help of magical creatures? Or, defeat giant continent-crushing snakes by time-traveling through mystical doorways? Can you save more than one world at a time or save your sister from the disastrous plot of a sinister circus? Test yourself and prove your wits!

It’s all up to you in these five legendary hidden object games!


Classic tales with a new spin! Volume 2 of The Classics pack is here! Play through 5 incredible hidden object adventures, following your favorite literary stories and characters!

Dive into depths aboard the Nautilus with Captain Nemo and the others. Take control of the submarine, pass through the Isthmus of Suez, and keep an eye out for untold peril…

Fall into the French Revolution as you follow Jean Valjean’s struggles as he reintroduces himself to society after 19 years in prison. Guide his journey and meet other classic characters like Cosette and Inspector Javert.

Then explore another tragedy, following the infamous duo, Bonnie and Clyde, on their crime spree across America! Find hidden objects in 1930s inspired locations, solve puzzles, and help Janette Jones Parker decipher a mysterious log left by Bonnie.

Lastly, set your heart traveling—whether that be across the globe or in the dreamy city of New York! Set off on a thrilling adventure with Phileas Fogg in Around the World in 80 Days, visiting lots of beautiful countries and using your wits to get out of tricky situations! Or focus on having plenty of fun in New York! Laura needs your help if she’s going to make it big in the Big Apple!

Play through your favorite classic novels in a whole new way! From indie developer, Microids, these 5 games will leave you itching to read the books—or play again from the beginning!


When you’re among the top detectives in worlds of magic and mystery, there’s always a case waiting to be solved. Sometimes, they even unfold right in front of your eyes!

Test your deduction skills in three amazing new hidden object games from Domini Games.

First, join twin detectives Randall and Eleanor when they investigate the death of a scientist. It’s considered an accident, but the clues just aren’t adding up! Something fishy is going on… little do they know, it’s about to launch them into a thrilling sci-fi adventure full of intrigue and suspense! Find out what really happened in Twin Mind: Nobody’s Here CE!

Then, in Unsolved Case: Fatal Clue CE, death, love, hate, and mystery await you… solve tons of puzzles as you search for items that prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the identity of the culprit!

Finally, grab your ballgown and tuxedo; as a magical detective, you’ve been invited to the annual Venice Masquerade! But the magical creatures in attendance aren’t all peaceful. It’s up to you to track down the cause of the disturbance bringing statues to life… who can put a stop to this? Find out in Magic City Detective: Wings of Revenge CE!

Quick, before the trail gets cold… let’s go!


Set off into fairytale lands, where not everything is as peaceful as it seems! 10 great hidden object adventures and their magical mysteries are waiting for you. Do you have what it takes to help princesses, face enchanted objects, explore new worlds, and master magic? Overcome wizards and witches to uncover what lays beneath! How many magical tales can you tackle?


If love is the adventure of a lifetime, then you’ll love these amazing hidden object games! Introducing the Adventures of Amour – 5 Pack: experience love in its most peculiar ways, whether it’s solving crime, saving the forest, or thwarting a tyrant!

Find love deep in the enchanted forest, where you’ll meet the star-crossed lovers: Eveline and Aurelio. When Aurelio is kidnapped, you’ll need your wits to outsmart your enemies, solve minigames and puzzles, save Aurelio, and fight for love!

Or, meet four other couples—this time, all brought together to save the forest! The king has plans to destroy the forest, and all the magical inhabitants inside will perish! Play through four captivating chapters with four different characters, beating hidden object scenes, solving tricky puzzles, and perhaps finding love in Royal Romances: Battle of the Woods CE.

Then, something strange is happening in a quiet town… Someone is willing to do whatever it takes to be reunited with their late love. Sibling detectives Eleanor and Randall are on the case! Can you uncover the mystery and find out if there’s a happy ending? Find out in Twin Minds: Power of Love CE!

It doesn’t end there, though. There’s another mysterious disappearance wrecking hearts in Letters From Nowhere. Help Audrey decipher perplexing letters from her missing husband. Will you be able to crack the code and find him?

Lastly, return to a classic fairy tale we all love… now with a twist! Snow White needs your magical help to break the spell on her true love! Defeat the evil witch by solving puzzles and prove that love conquers all!

Love connects everything—even the strings to these amazing mysteries!


Travel across Europe in these three hidden object puzzle adventures from AviGames! See it all, from ancient cities and historic castles to modern museums, sky-high trams, and national parks. Find hundreds of hidden objects as you go, and don’t miss out on finding the hidden raccoon in every level! Travel with a cast of fun characters as you soak in the culture! Vineyards, lighthouses, and luxury await your brand new adventures. Earn bonuses by picking up litter as you go to keep these beautiful and historic sites amazing for everyone who comes after you! This trio of hidden object games will let you experience the world like you never have before. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to board your flight to Europe!


Do your best to survive in the land of nightmares! Keep your eyes sharp, because monsters are lurking at every turn… Step into the abyss in ten hidden object games from amazing developers: Domini Games, Dragonseye Studio, Alawar, Crisp App, Shaman Games, Awem, Graphium Studios, and Microids! Explore the mysterious and almost familiar worlds of Alice in Wonderland and works from Edgar Allan Poe. Then, venture into new dreamlands like you’ve never seen before! Journey into a little girl’s nightmares to help wake her from a coma. Unlock the secrets of your missing child, the key to which lies in your husband’s dreams. Unravel the mystery behind the chaos wreaking havoc across the world… and more! Prepare yourself for ten astonishing journeys, where dreams and reality blend together…
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