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Our Top 5 Indie Point and Click Puzzle Games


by Jonah Stroup

As you may know, for the last year, we’ve been bringing great indie games to Legacy. (Read about where it all started here in an article by Legacy’s CEO, Ariella Lehrer!) 

Connecting with indie developers and their amazing games has been a windy road with its own unique challenges. However, adding indie games to our catalog does not mean switching focus of genre! There are quite a few indie developers who share our passion for point-and-click puzzle games, and in this article, we have found and curated a list of the five best point-and-click indie puzzle games that you can play right now!

1. Assemble with Care

Assemble with Care is such a beautiful and relaxing point-and-click game that this list would just not feel right without it at the top. It features an exceptional voiceover that guides you through the journey of unpacking, assembling, and restoring all sorts of odds and ends. This is the perfect puzzle game for anyone who wants to sit back, relax, and enjoy a cool ambiance and wholesome storyline.

2. The Almost Gone

The second on this list is quite different from the first. The Almost Gone is a point-and-click puzzle that holds a deeper storyline behind aesthetic gameplay and fully turnable dioramas of puzzle scenes. With 3D puzzle scenes and a more hands-on style of gameplay, we found The Almost Gone to be quite a joy to play and we think you would too!

3. Heal

Heal is a side-scrolling point-and-click puzzle game where you get to play as an older gentleman as he navigates through a handcrafted and scenic world filled with puzzles that range in difficulty. Heal is strongly grounded in its gameplay, where Assemble with Care requires quite a bit of audio and text to understand the story, Heal’s narrative is driven completely by its atmosphere. This game was made with obvious love and care and we hope that you would get to feel that from it too.

(We thought these first three were such great games that we decided to make a pack out of them! You can find it here on Legacy’s website as Memories and Mysteries – 3 Pack. So if you thought they sounded like something you would like to play, we made it easy for you to grab all three for a great price!)

4. Moncage

Much like The Almost Gone, Moncage features a 3D environment in which to solve various fascinating puzzles. It is different in the aspect that there can be multiple environments in one scenario, which leads to especially intuitive puzzles. We found this one to be particularly unique in its puzzles and exceptional in its art style and soundtrack; a must-play for any point and click puzzle enthusiast!

5. Botanicula

Last up on the list we have a more lighthearted point-and-click puzzle game, Botanicula! In its cartoon-like art style and goofy gameplay, it was a joy to go through its hidden-object-like scenes. Although it is one of the older games on this list, in its strange and quirky atmosphere, you will find this a point-and-click game like no other.

We found the five games on this list to be the best point-and-click indie puzzle games we have gotten the chance to play so far. What are your favorites? Tell us in the comments section down below!


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