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Staff’s Mom’s Pick: Mother’s Day Picks from Real Moms!


by Kelly Lallemand

Happy Mother’s Day, Legacy Gamers! Have you found your Mother’s Day gift yet? That means treating yourself, too, for those moms among us! 

We hope you have an excellent day and feel loved. Spend time with your kid, eat chocolate, and maybe bond as you show them some of your favorite games?

I’ve reached out to all my lovely moms in my life: Mom, Step-Mom, and Grandma to find out which Legacy games they like best. Here’s their top picks.

ClearIt for Clever Minds: Mom’s Pick

Let’s start off with my marvelous mom: Mom. She likes games from the ClearIt series, found in almost every one of our Magical Matches packs on offer!

“They’re lots of fun and not too complicated to learn! I think the powerups are pretty cool too. When I was just starting out, it was really fun to find out what they all did.”

Magical Matches 4 ClearIt

While Mom doesn’t have much time to play, when she does and finds a game she loves, she’s unstoppable. She really enjoys solving all kinds of puzzles and overcoming challenges; it’s part of what makes her awesome! Stick her in a tricky situation and she’ll always come out on top.

If you’re a Match 3-loving mom like she is, the treat you might need today may come from our Magical Matches packs; find the ClearIt series in volumes 1, 3, and 4.

Delicious for Dazzling Players: Step-Mom’s Pick

Next comes my amazing step-mom, Julie, with her pick: Delicious: Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise from the Delicious Vol. 2 pack!

This one is my favorite. It was easy to learn, easily addicting, and I’m good at it!!

Delicious Emilys Honeymoon Cruise 2

Julie actually took this game with her on a cruise to get some quality gaming in while she wasn’t at port! No wonder this installment is the best in the series for her. Like Emily in the game, Julie’s really clever, kind, and adventurous. We’re very happy she was able to find a fun game that suited her interest and kept her hooked.

If you want to see yourself in a game too, follow Emily’s journey in the Delicious and Delicious Vol. 2 packs. Or, pick up any of our great hidden object game series like our Queen’s Quest pack and you’ll find yourself relating to some pretty cool heroines. 

Rosette and Words for Razor-Sharp Women: Grandma’s Pick

And coming back to the lovely lady like no other, my incredible grandma’s top Legacy game is Rosette and Words from the Puzzle of the Year pack!

I enjoyed that game a lot! It’s right up my alley! They say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’, and it does with this game!”

Grandma Carole likes playing Scrabble and Words with Friends regularly and this charming, wordy pick has become one of her new favorite pastime go-tos. That totally makes sense; she’s really smart and sees the world with a creative eye! She continues, 

“As you look for words going up and down, a surprise occurs which shows a word diagonally… be on your toes! This game will pull you in as you become more proficient and accomplished. A good way to keep your mind sharp!”


So if you too want to delight in the wonders of the written word, check out Rosette and Words and other word games like NagiQ 2 from the Puzzle of the Year pack.

Yup, turns out I come from a family of awesome match 3, time-management and puzzle lovers! Thank you Mom, Julie, and Grandma Carole for your recommendations; I love you!

We all hope you have a great holiday today and that these game picks gave you a little idea of what your mom could enjoy in our vast Legacy Games catalog. Leave a comment if you think you know what your mom’s favorite game is!


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