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Legacy Games on Amazon – More Discs Than Ever!


by Kelly Lallemand

Legacy is proud to announce that many of our bestselling game packs are now available to buy on Amazon.com!

Those with disc drives or collectors of physical media can snatch up a few copies of their favorite packs over at the Legacy Games Amazon storefront right now! 

Almost all of our game packs also come with digital download codes so you can redeem your games on your Legacy account and never lose them! Once they’re on your account, you can also play them from the Game Launcher. Look for the black bar at the top of the pack and if you see that it says, “DVD + Digital Download Code”, you’ve got yourself two versions for the price of one!

“But what’s the appeal of buying packs off Amazon?”, you may be asking. “Umm, everything!”, we reply! Physical DVD game versions have been the backbone of Legacy for more than a decade, and many loyal customers still appreciate growing their collection of games to display on their shelf. But to keep up with the times, we have also been adapting to the digital market too. 

Now, with our most recent titles, you can have the best of both worlds! If you liked your game pack, share the DVD with your friends and family. You’ll still have your games linked to your account to play whenever you want. Plus, we know that your cousin is going to have so much fun playing, they’re not going to want to give it back… Or maybe in this case, my cat. 🐈

It’s important to note that there will always be more variety on Amazon compared to Walmart shelves so keep an eye out for our most recent, fan favorite packs popping up there. We launch 10 new game packs on our Amazon store every month! Head on over to Legacy Game’s Amazon store page now to check out our great collection of physical (and digital) game packs. What better way to build a legacy, right? 😉


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    1. That’s correct! You will need internet to first download the games, but once that is complete, internet will NOT be required to play them.

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