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Meet the Legacy Staff’s Pets!


by Kelly Lallemand

With our latest pack release, My Universe: Pets, we thought it would be the perfect time to share with you our little bundles of fuzz and love. My Universe: Pets is a fun game pack to experience wholesome bonds with animals and feel the love—so here’s our real life cats, dogs, and even more! Without further ado, we are pleased for you to meet some of the Legacy Games staff’s pets!

Meet Kobe and Yertle! Pets from the CEO.

Starting off, we’re happy to introduce Ariella’s little pup that the staff can sometimes hear barking in the background during meetings (don’t worry, he always has the best ideas)! Kobe is a mix between a mini poodle and a Bernese Mountain dog, called a Bernedoodle.  He is now two years old, and is loving and smart. His favorite thing is to chase balls…and sometimes return them. He loves every living thing, including other dogs and people.

Next up, there’s Yertle the Turtle, a two year old Sulcata tortoise Ariella ordered on the internet from Florida during Covid. He has grown rapidly, and will hopefully get to be 200 pounds and live for 90 years. He loves to eat all veggies and fruit; his favorite is kale. Fun fact: turtles actually recognize faces and are quite soothing to watch as they browse for food. Her grandkids call him the “little dinosaur.”

Meet Penny! A Pet from the Data Analytics Manager.

Here’s Tyler’s tiny pup! Penny is a two-year-old pug and poodle mix (a pugapoo). She is a rescue that was adopted in late January and since then she has fallen in love with exploring mountains and retail stores. Her favorite toy is a small stuffed yellow ducky, and she loves belly rubs!

Does your pet have a favorite toy too? Tell us in the comments!

Meet K’tantan! A Pet from the Marketing and Project Manager

When Amanda is off the clock, she checks in on her pet lizard, K’tantan. He’s a three and a half year old Chinese cave gecko with a really unique pattern on his back; look at those cool yellow stripes! His name means “little one” and he lives up to it, measuring less than 12 inches from his nose to the tip of his tail. His favorite nocturnal activities include hanging upside-down from the lid of his tank, stalking crickets, and blending into the foliage!

Meet Daisy and Reno! Pets from the Assistant Producer.

And lastly, meet my cats! I constantly try to not let the cats walk over the keyboard while I work. Off duty, I pet them and play with them all night long. Reno, the black cat, is a hyper little troublemaker but is way too adorable to ever get mad at. Daisy, the calico, is more mellow but really enjoys clicking at birds on the TV during nature documentaries. 

Their favorite activity is playing with the laser pointer and begging for treats. They’re both indoor cats, but Reno likes to take short walks outside on the porch with his harness on. During which, he always likes to have a supervisor nearby to show his favorite rocks, grass, and bugs to.

We hope you enjoyed getting to meet the real brains behind Legacy Games’ operation—ahem, I mean—the cute animals that keep the Legacy staff happy and well-loved! We treasure every opportunity to give that same love and care right back to them. Now, you can too! Pick up My Universe: Pets and meet your new furry companions today, available now at this link.




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  1. Wow! I really enjoyed reading about all your staff’s pets, and seeing the heartwarming photos! Thanks for sharing this!

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