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Free Games, No Really


It’s not a secret that tons of people search Google for “free games.” Who doesn’t want something free? And given that most mobile games are already “free to play” (FTP), why not PC games?

Most PC games are “premium”, which means that you pay for them. Free games are a less popular way to enjoy PC games, and also tend to be smaller in size and playing time…more of a taste than a full meal. But they are an excellent way to experiment with new game genres.

What does it mean to say that a game is free on a PC?

Not surprisingly, the developer/publisher needs to be compensated somehow. The gameplayer ends up paying with their time and attention. In other words, by watching different types of ads.

There are ads at the beginning of the game, then mid-roll ads appear between levels or wherever it won’t interfere with gameplay. Finally, watching rewarded ads give the gameplayer something they want within the game in exchange for watching an ad.


Hopefully you’ve noticed that on Legacy Games, we recently started to offer a selection of free games to play online. The number and variety of games will grow over the next few months, as we determine exactly what our customers like to play.

There are free games that change up every day, called Daily Games, which feature tried and true word games, Sudoku, and solitaire.

For our more adventurous players, we host a few multiplayer games where the gameplayer is automatically paired with another gamer in a competitive match, like Words with Buddies.

There are a few free hidden object games as well as free match 3 games, like Candy Riddles and Home Makeover.

The free puzzle games are a mishmash of some of my favorite game genres… everything from jigsaw and crossword puzzles to spot the difference to bubble popper and more. Surprisingly, our most popular free games are what are known as merge games. In these games, players need to drag the same or similar items and merge them together. Once this is done, these items then turn into new and improved items. Tropical Merge is an excellent example of this up and coming style of game.


In addition to offering our customers another way to enjoy games, we are also hoping that they will learn about new, interesting game genres they haven’t played before.

Now that the these games are free, we’ve taken the risk out of experimenting. Trying out the free browser version of a time management game like Smurfs Cooking, for example, will expose the player to just how much fun that style of game is, even though they may have thought that they only liked playing hidden object games.


One last thing… we’ll be bringing you new games every two weeks!

Yes, that’s right! Keep your eyes on our ever-changing New section as we select the best new games to bring you, from all different genres!

Live now, we have the viral, unique BitLife Simulator where you make choices to play with life itself, Dream Chefs for the aspiring cooks who love to serve steaks on the beach, and The Mergest Kingdom from the same developers as our most popular game, Tropical Merge!

Plus, there’s 5 additional games for you to explore that have been curated for excellent quality. We hope you love these picks as much as we do.

So please check out all of our free games. My personal favorite is Pets Rush and Lines but we’d love to know what you think and how we can improve the new free online game section of the Legacy Games website.


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