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Bestsellers of 2022


Here at Legacy Games, we hope everyone had a good 2022. And, we wish you an even better 2023, full of spectacular game playing fun!

What was your favorite game pack from 2022? We’ve compiled a list of 2022’s best selling game packs to get a better idea of what our players love.

Are you curious? Let’s dive in!


Staring at #10, a lot of players helped Alice on her entire journey through a post-apocalyptic fantasy world in the Darkness and Flame – 5 Pack.


Next, in the #9 position, players uncovered extraterrestrial mysteries in the Project Blue Book – 5 Pack. We can sense that these players enjoy high intrigue… but it doesn’t stop there!


The Best of Paranormal Mysteries – 10 Pack raised the stakes and raised some hair, coming in as the #8 most popular pack.


Then, the mysteries kept creeping in your minds… True Crime – 5 Pack is up next as pack #7, for those crime-solvers in all of us!


After taking down criminals, the evil shifted to vicious monsters! #6 is Haunted Horrors – 15 Pack, for a great deal on spooky games at a great price!


As #5, players got lost in the wonder of the House of 1000 Doors – 5 Pack, to vanquish the evil forces corrupting the house. Yikes!


Bestselling pack #4 comes as no surprise as players loved carefully curated packs that bring you the best of the best within their favorite themes: the Best of Moonlight Mysteries – 10 Pack stole the show!


Can’t get enough of the spooky, fantastical, and downright diabolical? Clearly, because the Supervillains – 15 Pack is next as the top #3 pack of 2022!


What was #2? Mystery Case Files – 5 Pack, for the games from the hit series! Players will be the true Master Detective in no time.

Finally, as the most popular, best selling pack of the year, no pack could leave a greater impact than…


Greatest Hits Vol.3 – 10 Pack! It’s pretty fitting that the top choice of game pack was the bundle of the best of the best over the years.

While we aren’t surprised this was the favorite, we are so glad that players like you have enjoyed all these games. What are your top game packs? Have they made this list? Let us know in the comments!

Thank you to all the players that have enjoyed puzzle solving, intrepid adventures, and playing Legacy Games over the years. You make 2022, 2023, and all the following years so wonderful!

Happy gaming! With love from the Legacy Games Team


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