Greatest Hits Vol. 3 - 10 Pack


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Fun, Mystery, and Excitement in our Best Bundle Yet!


Learn to shapeshift, traverse dreamland, investigate mysterious disappearances, and more… Can you master it all? This mega-pack of hidden object games will put your skills to the test!

Gear up for 10 highly rated hidden object adventures that encompass genres from fantasy and sci-fi, and journey from dreamland to the wild west! With nearly 100 hidden object scenes and gorgeous graphics, these hand-picked games will keep you at the edge of your seat for dozens of hours.


  • 10 highly rated hidden object games of various genres
  • Nearly 100 hidden object scenes, puzzles, and mini-games
  • Dozens of hours of engaging gameplay!
  • Vivid cinematics and gorgeous illustrations
  • Hand-picked from our catalogue of Amazing Games!

Games Included

  • Dreamwalker: Never Fall Asleep: Step into the shoes of the paranormal psychiatrist and immerse yourself in the mystery of Drowsy Valley, where people suffer from severe sleep disorders and vivid nightmares.
  • Crime Secrets: Crimson Lily: A grim murder interrupts a private detective’s vacation. All she has to go on is a single clue: a mysterious paper lily attached to the victim’s frozen body. Could it be the killer’s calling card?
  • The Myth Seekers: The Legacy of Vulcan: You are called in when a member of the top-secret Myth Seekers agency goes missing. Recover the Hammer of Vulcan before havoc is unleashed by the ancient gods!
  • Outlaws: Corwin’s Treasure: Step into the shoes of a historian-turned-adventurer on a quest to uncover a famed bandit’s lost treasure.
  • Ominous Tales: The Forsaken Isle: There’s an island 30 miles off the coast of England that the locals call ‘The Forsaken Isle’, said to be home to ghosts, necromancers and dangerous man-eating creatures… can you escape with your life?
  • Witch’s Pranks: An evil witch has decided to marry a prince… and the fate of everyone who rejects her? To become a frog! Help bewitched princes reverse their amphibian curses.
  • Spirit of the Ancient Forest: Learn how a simple girl managed to frustrate the plans of the Dark Lord and to save the Great Tree, soul of the Ancient Forest!
  • Contract with the Devil: Right before your eyes, your daughter disappeared inside a large mirror without a trace… Welcome to a world where mysticism and reality, past and present, good and evil are united in a single whole!
  • Queen’s Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past: Conduct a murder investigation as a shapeshifting alchemist, and uncover a conspiracy that threatens to shake the foundations of the kingdom!
  • Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the Missing Princess: Travelling across the Victorian countryside with her wereferret, Vida hunts for evil spirits. Her primary mission is to save the world from the creatures of Shadow, but now she must find a missing princess…

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10
  • CPU: 2.0GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB (1 GB)
  • DirectX: 9.0c

12 reviews for Greatest Hits Vol. 3 – 10 Pack

  1. Leigh D. (verified owner)

    Love having the diffrent games in one place

  2. vanessa mitchem (verified owner)

    I love hidden objects games & this one didn’t disappoint me great game

  3. Donna Recker (verified owner)

    very fun

  4. diana hitch (verified owner)

    The games are easy to play but to down load them i had to go to my account and do it that way.

  5. Diane S. (verified owner)

    Great games!

  6. TRACY mcknight (verified owner)


  7. vickie (verified owner)

    I already had all of the games on this disk, but they are fun games

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A great deal for a great price and lots of good games. Thanks!

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Games1

  10. Charles (verified owner)

    Great games, only one didn’t care for

  11. Don (verified owner)

    Great assortment of games.

  12. Katrina Hill (verified owner)

    Great games hours of fun

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