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Three HOGs to Get Lost In


Featuring the next three games in the Lost Lands series, comes Lost Lands Vol. 2! If you enjoyed the first three hidden object games in this fantastical series—Dark Overlord, The Four Horsemen, and The Golden Curse—then you’ll certainly be dying to know what happens in the next three. Not to mention, the devs at Five-BN continue to step up their games with better voice acting, cutscenes, and storylines. 

Hidden object games are the most popular genre here at Legacy, so we try to ensure that all of our packs are refined into a fun and optimal experiences… but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own  favorites. As it turns out, Lost Lands Vol. 2 was just too good to not include in our Staff Picks collection.

Lost Lands 4: The Wanderer

You better hope you’ve got your sea-legs for this journey! Our hero, Susan, is called to action once again. But this time she must solve the puzzle of a sorceress who cursed an octopus ship captain to slumber eternally. Now, it’s up to you to wake him… else his ship will continue to wreak havoc across the worlds. Get ready to meet all kinds of exciting seafaring characters and creatures in this epic nautical HOG adventure!

Lost Lands 4: The Wanderer

Lost Lands 5: Ice Spell

Get ready to be shivering with excitement, because Lost Lands 5: Ice Spell has a cold front of quality storyline and gameplay. Susan is again called to the fray by the old wizard Maaron when the world of the Lost Lands is shrouded in bitter snow and ice. Conquer mythical creatures and outsmart ancient puzzles to bring an end to the realms’ wintery slumber. We at Legacy had an exhilarating time playing through the wintery wonderland of frosty puzzles and glacial graphics. This Lost Lands game is a must play for those looking for chilling gameplay!

Lost Lands 5: Ice Spell

Lost Lands 6: Mistakes of the Past

In the sixth installment of the Lost Lands series, Susan (truly showing that not all heroes wear capes) is tasked with righting wrongs, but not in the time we’re familiar with… instead, in the past. Ever wonder what Maaron would look like as a strapping young lad? Ever want to infiltrate a castle armed to the teeth with gigantic bug creatures? Well, both are provided in Lost Lands 6: Mistakes of the Past. Seeing Susan develop over the course of the series was seriously rewarding and that character development is truly outstanding in Mistakes of the Past.

Lost Lands 6: Mistakes of the Past

We hope you enjoy playing through the next trio in this hidden object game series as much as we did!


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