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Strategize and Survive to Build Your Own Kingdom


This week, we’re proudly launching  three new indie adventure games, for your playing pleasure: Kingdom: Tales of Strategy and Adventure – 3 Game Pack! These games are part of our mission to bring high-quality, innovative games to our customers at a unique value.

Kingdom: Classic

This pack has two games from the award-winning Kingdom series by Raw Fury and Noio; praised by fans across the globe, they’ve gathered awards from SXSW, the Independent Games Festival, Indie Arena, and more! Joining them is NGF Awards Finalist, The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands from Xigma Games.

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

These are not your typical adventure games; they blend strategy, survival, base building, and more into compelling sidescrollers. 

Set the groundwork of your new settlement, delegate jobs, manage your food and money, all while exploring and expanding. All three games take place in fantastic worlds where monsters roam loose… but wonders and magic hide just around the corner, too!

Kingdom: New Lands

So if you’re in the mood for adventure, and have a knack for strategizing, check out the Kingdom: Tales of Strategy and Adventure – 3 Game Pack to challenge yourself with three new worlds!


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