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Journey Near and Far with PixQuake Games


This week, we take a peek behind the curtain at PixQuake Games! PixQuake is a game developing studio from Belgrade, Serbia, creating casual games of various genres. If you’ve never played one of their games before, you can take a journey across the world with their beautiful mosaic puzzle games in Puzzling Pictures – 5 Game Pack.

What is the most challenging part of designing and developing your games? What is usually easiest?

With each new game, we try to bring something new. There are always a lot of ideas, and choosing which one will be good is tricky. When we are on the known terrain things get a bit easier, though not effortless. Making a good game is challenging and we are trying to do just that, every time.

Where does your team draw inspiration for the stories you tell? How much do these stories change during the game development process?

From everywhere. From everyday situations to ancient mythology. Once written, stories don’t change much during the process. Normally, we make the story first and tailor the gameplay around it.

Do you have a favorite game that your team has developed? Why or why not?

Not actually. Each game our team produced took a lot of time and effort and became a part of who we are regardless of how successful it turned out to be.

What are your favorite casual games to play?

I like to play games of genres that are different from those that we make. Those are usually Time Management. Whenever I play games similar to ours, it always ends up with less joy and more analyses of what other teams are doing 🙂


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