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Pennmom Reviews: Beyond the Invisible: Evening



Meet Pennmom!

Pennmom, or pennmom36, is an avid hidden object games player, reviewing over 4,600+ games on Big Fish Games. On top of being a Big Fish Top Reviewer and Steam Curator, she is also an admin of the successful gaming forum, The Woods. With her unbridled enthusiasm for new and old games, she aims to leave helpful impressions of all the games she’s played, lending insight to the games on your radar and also helping you find your new favorites.

If you are looking for a HOPA that is bright and colorful or one that doesn’t require a lot of effort to figure out what to do and where to go, Beyond The Invisible probably won’t appeal to you. However, if you are yearning for a HOPA with an interesting story, creative mini-games, old-school Hidden Object Scenes, and the ability to revisit every scene from start to finish…Beyond The Invisible: Evening is a game you should not overlook!

Look “Beyond” the fact that this is an older game with older graphics, and you will discover a game reminiscent of a time when HOPAs weren’t cookie-cutter games. One of the features I miss the most in games nowadays is the ability to roam freely. They limit us to 3 scenes that quickly lock behind us as we enter a new scene, making it nearly impossible to get stumped. How many times have you found an inventory item and used that item within the same scene? This is not the case in Beyond The Invisible: Evening, and exactly why I love this game!


The small town of Woodville suddenly became shrouded in darkness, and the townspeople began disappearing, one by one. As evening sets in, the Shadows emerge, searching for any remaining victims. As the town falls into despair, two orphans embark on a journey of survival into the Evening darkness…and Beyond the Invisible.


You are joined by a magical creature named Reed, who requires Magical Orbs to help with some of the tasks. I’m not sure why the developer felt the need to add a helper because he is rarely used and seems unnecessary. Fortunately, he sits quietly in the bottom right corner, out of sight, out of mind!

There is also a Jump Map (scenes with an active task have an exclamation mark) and an incredibly helpful Hint System that will keep guiding you through each scene until you reach a scene with an active task.


Almost every scene has a Morphing Sun. (21 total) The developer did an amazing job of blending the suns into perfect locations and making them morph at a perfect speed. They aren’t impossible to spot, but they can be challenging to find, especially given the fact that some are located inside cabinets or within Zoom Zones versus the main scenes. This is exactly how it should be; morphing objects are supposed to be an added challenge.


The Hidden Object Scenes are Interactive List Finds. Some items tend to be small or hidden in the darker edges, but they are still recognizable objects that can eventually be found with a bit of patience. Personally, I loved these old-school Hidden Object Scenes because objects were often blended into the scenery, and some objects were somehow hidden in plain sight!


The Mini Games are definitely doable, although some require a bit of patience to work out. I felt that this game had a perfect ratio of Mini-Games and Hidden Object Scenes. The focus here is on the gameplay itself rather than having back-to-back puzzles.


I hope I have convinced you to give this older, often-overlooked game a try. I highly recommend many of the games available in the Dangers from Dreamland pack. Legacy Games has blown me away with its amazing selection of games at incredible prices. I’m looking forward to reviewing more of their fantastic games!

Where to find Beyond the Invisible: Evening

Find this game from two packs: the Best of Moonlight Mysteries – 10 Pack and the Dangers from Dreamland – 15 Pack!

Looking to review your favorite games too? Please do so! Go to your game pack’s product page and leave your detailed review in the comment box. We’d all love to hear what you think!

Happy gaming!


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