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Our Fall Traditions from the Legacy Games Team

How do you spend the chilly autumn season? Looking to get into the fall mood?

Luckily, a lot of us on the team have fall traditions of our own to bring the changing of the leaves a warm welcome! So bundle up, light a cinnamon candle, and listen in to learn how we do Fall in our own ways. This is our top 3 traditions for the spooky season!

1) Baking Scrumptious Treats

With so many delicious recipes to choose from, it’s tricky to pick just one! This year, I’ll be baking brownies to go at the bottom of my Cup o’ Dirt! In clear glasses, layer brownies, icing or chocolate pudding, cookie crumbles, and to top it off, gummy worms!

But if you’re hungry for treats that don’t look like they’ve come from the ground, our CEO Ariella’s tradition may be more your style! She bakes a homemade pumpkin pie every year with fresh pumpkin! Mmm, I can smell the warm buttery crust and sugary spice just thinking about it! That’s a good way to recycle your pumpkins! Speaking of pumpkins, Amanda and her friends bake cupcakes to decorate as jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and whatever else lights up their spooky souls! Break out the black and orange sprinkles—it’s a party!

2) Playing Seasonal or Spooky Games

Jack-o-lantern cupcakes, check! But the party doesn’t end there… Amanda and her friends all gather round with their treats in toe, to the table to play Dungeons & Dragons! Costumed as their characters, the friends roll the dice and prepare to face monsters and foes! D&D is great to play during the fall as there are so many campaigns to choose from: scary dungeon crawling to whimsical taverns of stories and songs. There are themes for whatever tone you want to bring to your party!

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a single-player gaming experience, stick to some classic monster games like me! I don’t play many horror games, but I can get into the spirit of Halloween with some spooky hidden object adventures. I’m playing each game from the Best of Moonlight Mysteries – 10 Pack this year so I can defeat Dracula, Frankenstein, ghosts, and many more creepy monsters! Plus, Pennmom recently recommended Beyond the Invisible: Evening, also featured in this pack, and I can’t wait to play!

3) Decorating for Halloween

This should come as no surprise, but we’re all in agreement that decorating your home is one of the best ways to set the spooky mood. Create crafts of your own, or pull the box of decorations out from storage!

What’s great about Halloween is that both vintage pieces and modern ones typically all fit the theme very well. Old, dusty tomes and antiqued candlesticks pair nicely with black cat figures and purple potion bottles. Find your personal style and whatever you use to decorate, make sure it makes you happy when you look at it! Also, set out your candy bowl of your favorite goodies, of course! Nobody will know if you sneak some pieces of candy before Halloween- or at least, we won’t tell. 😜

Wherever you may be in the world, we hope you enjoy your very own seasonal traditions. Thank you for reading about ours—and perhaps getting inspired to add some of our traditions to your very own too!

Happy gaming!

With love from the Legacy Games Ghouls 👹


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