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Holiday Games Spotlight

How do you get into the holiday spirit? If you’ve read our Fall Traditions blog, you’d know that many of the Legacy Games staff like to bake as the months get colder. Sure enough, that tradition carries over to December too as we are cooking latkes and Christmas candy with our friends and families. But how do you find the holiday cheer when you find a moment alone?

Light your fireplace, throw a blanket over your lap, and login to the Legacy Games Launcher! We’ve got a great list of holiday games that will be perfect for a cozy winter evening!

Plus, you can find these picks over on if you’re inspired to snag a physical copy of these well-loved game packs. They make excellent stocking stuffers!

Wintertime Whirl – 10 Pack

Our first choice and one we keep coming back to every winter is the Wintertime Whirl – 10 Pack, one of the very first packs with a variety of games available! Play everything from icy hidden object adventures, to time management snowy restaurant running, to delightful Christmas jigsaw puzzles, and more! There’s also a Match 3 game, Mahjong, and solitaire games so there really is a game for whatever fun you’re feeling.

Personally, I find Puzzle Pieces 6: Christmas Advent calming and highly atmospheric. Get transported right to a winter wonderland as you piece together gorgeous puzzles. Select your favorite Christmas card-like images from a long catalog and take your time relaxing. Don’t forget to customize your puzzles to play just the way you want. How warm and comforting does that sound?

Or, opt for a story-based hidden object adventure in Faircroft Antiques: Home for Christmas CE! From the beloved series, Mia Faircroft comes back to her hometown to help her family prepare for the holidays. Travel around the town fixing beautiful plates, helping Grandma clean up the family restaurant, and maybe running into Mia’s old ex from high school! See where the story goes from there as you help the Faircrofts bring about the best Christmas yet!

So if you’re looking for a great variety of Christmas games, give this pack a whirl (pun intended)!

Mega Pack: Complete Collections – 15 Pack

The holidays are usually times for presents galore—so how about games galore? From this newly bestselling pack, play all three complete collections from The House of 1000 Doors, Lost Lands, and Nightmares From the Deep series!

Begin your journey by solving puzzles in an eerie manor and conversing with spirits—not the spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, but you get the idea. Kate Reed needs your help to solve these mind-bending mysteries and you can complete the whole 4 game collection of the House of 1000 Doors now!

The ghost stories don’t stop there. Take to the seas and stop the swash-buckling plot of the nefarious Davy Jones! The chilly call of the ocean contrasts with how warm and snuggly you feel playing at home. After all, hidden object adventures are known in the gaming community as the ultimate casual, cozy games. Find all the objects at your own pace and while you work to stop the undead pirate!

Afterwards, 8 incredible games from the Lost Lands are at your fingertips! Dive into this mystical world!

Treat this mega pack like an advent calendar and play each game throughout the month of December! Find these two packs on our website or get them as physical discs from Amazon: Wintertime Whirl – 10 Pack and Mega Pack: Complete Collections – 15 Pack.

Those are our picks for the greatest holiday cheer! We’d like to know which games you find the coziest. Please let us know down in the comments! Are there any holiday wishes we can make come true this December? Maybe… Greatest Hits Vol. 5 and Wintertime Whirl Vol. 2?

Thank you so much. We wish you a merry and very cozy holiday season!

With love from the Legacy Games Snowflakes ❄


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