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Heroes of Reality Podcast with Ariella Lehrer

Heroes of Reality Podcast with Ariella Lehrer

On May 4th, Legacy Games CEO Ariella Lehrer spoke with Dylan Watkins on the Heroes of Reality podcast about her career, games that appeal to women, lessons learned the hard way, leadership strategies, and more.


The Heroes of Reality Podcast is hosted by Dylan Watkins, a human-centered designer, and immersive technology consultant. Heroes of Reality features conversations with brave and brilliant people on their own hero’s journey. It combines the narrative lens of the hero’s journey while applying game terminology, describing real-world experiences and adventuring through areas of psychology, technology, pharmacology, sociology and business.


2 thoughts on “Heroes of Reality Podcast with Ariella Lehrer”

  1. I’ve enjoyed Legacy games for several years but now I can’t even download most of what I buy. The new launcher has
    given me much problems. I’ve already changed things in my computer settings and it’s ridiculous now. Very disappointed
    in the new changes. There sit my bought cames but I can’t download/install.

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