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The Big Deal With Console…

There’s something different on our homepage… have you spotted it yet? Oh, who are we kidding—eagle eyed players like you probably already know!

That’s right… it’s our brand new Console Games page!

Console? What’s That?

Consoles let you play your way—big or small! Have you heard of the Nintendo Switch, Playstation, or Xbox consoles? On the big screen in hi-def, or on the go anywhere you please, playing your favorite casual games on console as well as PC allows you a wide range of possibilities.

Ever wanted to play your current HOG fixation, but you’re traveling this weekend? Instead of lugging around a heavy laptop, grab a Nintendo Switch and play either in handheld or tabletop mode!

And when you’re at home, you don’t have to strain your eyes to spot tiny details—all three consoles give you a super easy way to play your games on a television screen!

So—who knows? Maybe Playstation, Xbox, or Switch is right for you!

Legacy’s Current Console Games

So, what games can you play right away?

Our first console game, Adam Wolfe, is fully released and playable for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation 5, and Playstation 4. If you’re a bit of a collector, or trying to save on storage space, the retail version will also soon be hitting Amazon and Gamestop storefronts!

But, if you’re already exploring the mysterious and supernatural city of San Francisco in Adam Wolfe, you might like to check out House of 1000 Doors: Evil Inside on Playstation!

Or, when you’re in the mood for some seriously brain-tickling puzzles, all four games from the Mystery Box series can be played right now on both Playstation and Switch!

Upcoming Console Games

Even more games are coming out very soon—and all year long, in fact! 

Enjoy spring cleaning and relax with Shopping Clutter: Spring Blossom, Shopping Clutter: Halloween Mystery, and Shopping Clutter: Winter Break! Keep your eyes peeled, because these games will launch later next month.

Fans of the time management genre will also be excited to hear about two upcoming time management games for Switch, Playstation and Xbox from the Golden Rails and Viking Heroes series!

And finally, a whole slew of hidden object games from Domini Games! Get your controllers ready to play 3 games from the Royal Romances series, and 4 games from the Unsolved Case series.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We’re always looking for amazing games to bring to wider audiences, so what do you want to see next?


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