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Family Nest: Royal Society

The fate of the farm is left in your hands! Tend crops, care for your farm animals, and help the farm flourish!

Genre Icons Ful TimeManagement



Genre: Farming Sim
Developer: INFINITE
Platform: PC & Mobile

Game Description

One day you receive a letter from a distant relative who you've never heard of before. He writes that he would like to hand over control of his farm to you in the secluded place of Willow Hills. Prove that you deserve to become the owner of the farm and find out the true reason for your arrival!

How to Play

Use your mouse to click where you want to run. Zoom in and out with the mousewheel. Follow the in-game tutorial and click on icons to tend to your farm.

Time Management Games

These light strategy games will challenge your ability to manage resources and control cute characters in real time… all while having fun!

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