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Raid Heroes: Sword and Magic

Create a legendary band of heroes to defeat the army of the Dark Lord!


Genre: Strategy

Developer: Persona Games

Platform: PC

Game Description

Gather the best squad of heroes in the kingdom and fight orcs, goblins, warlocks and other evil spirits! Choose your heroes, explore the land, improve artifacts, and defend your town from other players. Plus, protect the King's castle or play in the player vs player (pvp) arena! With three action-packed chapters to complete, your story of training the kingdom's finest champions is just beginning!

How to Play

Gather heroes to complete the storyline raid. Collect 5 cards of a hero to recruit them. To attack a squad of opponents in the raid, click on them or on the FIGHT button. On the battlefield, arrange your heroes in the desired order and click on the FIGHT button.

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Need Help?

If you are experiencing any issues playing or installing any of our games, please contact us or visit our Support & FAQ page!

If you are experiencing any issues playing any of our games, please contact us or visit our Support & FAQ page!


Earn reward points to use towards your next purchase if you create an account and leave a review.


Earn reward points to use towards your next purchase if you create an account and leave a review.

3 reviews for Raid Heroes: Sword and Magic

  1. sadrick06

    Sometimes it stuck on loading screen but its a fine game

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  2. Nick

    This is a mobile game that you can play in a browser, although it’s an older version and it’s incomplete. The version you can play here, at the moment of my review, is 2.6.4. On my Android phone, the app is at version 2.8.2.

    The mobile version is a bit easier for some reason. My town hall, market and gold mine are level 185 after only 3 days of play, while on my PC they’re around level 290 after a lot more time played. On my phone, I already bought the crystal mine (6th castle building), although I’m only at raid #100, while on PC I’m at raid #110. And the PC version requires me to win 11 more raids to unlock the crystal mine, while the Android version wants me to win only 9 more raids for me to get the magic tower way. That’s way easier to get to, especially considering my PC squad is much stronger compared to my 3-day mobile account.

    A pretty big issue is that the ads that are baked into the game don’t work in the PC version, which makes the game freeze (“Please wait…”), and you have to refresh to continue playing. These freezes occur when you click on any buttons that are supposed to show ads, or sometimes (when the game decides) after you exit battles.

    So if you like the game and don’t want it to get stuck loading due to non-functional ads (I don’t use the ad-blocker here), just play the mobile version.

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  3. kneekoo

    Update: the ads have been fixed, they work almost all the time when they’re supposed to work. The problem is they have infested the game to such an extent that I stopped playing. You can get even 2-3 ad breaks in a single battle. And one ad break can mean 2-4 ads. It’s absurd.

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