Get ready to blast cute-not-scary 3D characters as they invade your real-life world! This fun walk-around augmented reality (AR) game for kids combines tag and paintball with dragons, gnomes, yetis, and more for a truly unique experience! Find the treasure chests and paint buckets hidden in your room, then blast the fantastic creatures before they steal your color. You can’t sit still in this charmingly weird AR game for kids and families!

**For ARKit supported devices only**

Arcade Mode – FREE!

Zombies Ate the Color – FREE!

Spooky Creature Pack – Now available for purchase!

Paint my Dragon – Now available for purchase! *includes Spooky Creature Pack


Run from creatures as they chase you, then paint them with your Color Blaster!

Play the story mode and defeat the rhyming Professor before he steals all the color from your world!

Survive endless waves of fantastic creatures in Arcade Mode to beat the high score!

Transform your environment with virtual flowers, rocks, treasure chests, cats, dogs, and more! The magic follows you wherever you go.


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