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Our PC Game Packs offer a fantastic variety of top-rated casual games! Browse our catalogue for your new favorite hidden object games, match 3 games, puzzle games, simulation games, and more.


2 Game Packs

Discover the truth behind alien interventions in our human world in this all new premium double game pack!

Join The History Channel’s Ancient Astronaut Theorist, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, as you explore the theory that aliens had a hand in ancient Egyptian technology and culture.

Play as a reluctant alien-human hybrid in this story-driven city building game! Go back in time to find out the connection between gold, aliens, and the pyramids they built. Meet a great cast of characters that will constantly shift your allegiance between your ruthless alien handlers, the Pharaoh, and the Oracle. Upgrade your civilization through research, collect off-world artifacts, and study your worker’s DNA to transform them into advanced beings such as Minotaurs, Savants and Giants!

Then, explore the world of Project Blue Book: Hidden Mysteries. It’s 1952, and the U.S. Air Force is operating a top-secret investigation: Project Blue Book. As a newly recruited agent, it’s your job to uncover the truth behind these real declassified UFO sightings. It’s your chance to investigate flying saucers in the world’s first Unidentified Flying (Hidden) Object Game!

Aliens… They’re out there, somewhere—but they might be closer than you think.
Join the beloved Agatha Christie detective, Hercule Poirot, in solving two spectacular murder cases from Microids! Embody the famous detective in 2 fantastic point-n-click puzzle adventure games.

Experience a true classic in a whole new way as The ABC Murders come to life! A mysterious serial killer known only as ABC is on the loose and the British police will need Poirot’s help to stop this madman. Discover clues, interrogate suspects, solve puzzles, and travel all around old England trying to catch the killer. Time is running out!

Then, play as Poirot in his early years as a detective, when he still had everything to prove. In this all new case, a cold-blooded murder has taken place in a snowed-in manor. Notice all suspicious behavior as you uncover the dark secrets and rivalries of the dinner guests and unveil what hides behind the deceiving appearances of the Van den Bosch family.

Both games in this 2-pack collection include great 3D graphics, gripping investigation gameplay, and full voice acting to immerse you in the cases.

Find the killers and prove that your mind is your best asset!
Jump into a mysterious world, as dangerous as it is curious! You and up to 5 other friends need to solve mind-bending puzzles in order to escape the clutches of Professor Cheshire. Plunge into this award nominated duology of escape room games from PlayTogether Studio!

Enter the mansion and its many labs. In the first game, search for clues and secrets as to where you are, and what the professor and his assistant are planning to do with you… Escape your fate, solve a variety of puzzles with friends or alone, and unravel the dark plot in this sinister institute.

But your adventure doesn’t end there! Solve your way through Cheshire Institute’s office, library, greenhouse, and then make your escape via the train. Outsmart every trap the professor made, beat the toughest of puzzles, and find a way to stop the professor’s experiments for good!

Only the smartest can escape. Can you make it out unscathed?
Ever wanted to own a clothing line, or flip houses? Now you can let your creativity out of the box and design hundreds of stunning outfits and living spaces in My Universe: Design Star – 2 Pack! These two simulation games perfectly encapsulate the joy of designing the space around you and the fun customization of fashion design. Prepare to create beautiful things, following your vision!

My Universe: Interior Designer lets you grow your renovation business. Help clients live in homes full of character. Unlock more exciting possibilities with every successful project! Then, focus on your own home to personalize it exactly how you want. Knock down those walls, flip through the extensive furnishings catalog, and most importantly, be creative!

Or maybe you want to become the most renowned fashion designer on the runway in My Universe: Fashion Designer! Pick and unlock different patterns, colors, fabrics, and more when you start sewing in the backroom of your store and then take your vision across the globe like at these classic hotspots of fashion couture like Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, Milan, and more! Don’t forget that you also can display your store exactly how you want it too!

Master your craft, enjoy endless customization options, and become the best designer there ever was!
What have you always dreamt of becoming? A great doctor? An incredible chef? Now you can with the My Universe: Dream Jobs – 2 Pack! Customize your career, learn the ropes, and become the best in your field with these two new simulation games!

What’s that delicious smell wafting through the restaurant? It’s your homemade creations, of course! My Universe: Cooking Star Restaurant lets your culinary skills shine as you customize your restaurant exactly how you want it! Dress your restaurant, be the chef, and serve flocks of happy diners!

But you won’t be alone in your new gastronomy adventure. Learn recipes from the best chefs around to cook all types of cuisine like American, French, Japanese, and more! Serve up dozens of dishes, all made by you during fun minigames in the kitchen. Chop, peel, slice, and serve! That’s the dinner bell! Order up!

Or, start your first day as a doctor at your local hospital! My Universe: Doctors & Nurses lets you start your first steps becoming the best doctor there ever was! Identify illnesses and treat your patients in fun minigames—everything from setting bones to treating colds!

Then, get to know your other staff members with zany personalities. But don’t feel too welcome yet… you have a rival, the dreadful Doctor Pierce! It’s nothing you and your team can’t handle though. Begin your medical adventure, be part of a team of capable doctors, and heal your grateful patients!

Live your dream career, help people, make them happy, and take pride in your restaurant or medical position!
Become the best parent and teacher in town!

From Microids comes two simulation games… My Universe: School Teacher, and My Universe: My Baby!

In My Universe: School Teacher, play as a young teacher with a mission to bring your new school back to the top! Motivate your students, improve their results and organize school contests and festivals. Teach geometry, biology, art and much more – each discipline featuring its own minigame. Plus, every student in your classroom has unique strengths and weaknesses: adapt your teaching to make sure they can follow and learn in the best conditions!

Then, in My Universe: My Baby, watch your baby grow up from a newborn to a three-year-old. Unlock new activities as they learn new skills and discover the world around them! Watch your child grow up in size and personality along the way! All your efforts are rewarded: the more skills your baby learns, the more items and outfits you earn to personalize your experience.

Customize both your classroom and your baby, from perfect little outfits to the school name and logo! The possibilities are endless.

Your students—and your baby—need you!
Feel the love and form lasting bonds with your pets in this two pack collection of My Universe games from Microids.

Play with countless fuzzy friends in My Universe: Puppies & Kittens! These adorable animals would love to play and get pampered by you. Take care of them with a slew of minigames like bathtime, laser pointer play, and leashed walks around the neighborhood!

Then, make sure that they’re taken care of in a medical sense. Help the animals by treating them and become the best vet ever in My Universe: Pet Clinic Cats and Dogs! Choose the best treatments for your pawed patients and nurse them back to excellent health.

Your new best friends will see you soon!

3 Game Packs

Meet some exciting point and click indie puzzle adventures head-on in this awesome 3 pack of great PC games!

Distinguish your allies from your enemies as you unravel a the supernatural curse plaguing a village tucked deep in the wilds of the forest; experience a miniature world where not everything is as bright and cheerful as it seems; or take a gut-busting trip to the inferno as a desperate blogger!

Fans of the classic 2D point & click genre will love this funny puzzle adventure game, Angelo & Deemon: One Hell of a Quest, from Specialbit Studio as it’s full of dark humor and heart.

Those looking for a more serious and sinister adventure will appreciate The Wild Case for its story rich mystery and first person exploration, putting you right into the action!

Finally, Joybits’ Varenje brings fans a beautiful, colorful masterpiece, perfect for the casual indie adventurer.

How far will you go for a good adventure?
It’s time to buckle up for three new adventures!

Grab your magnifying glass and become the masterful detective ready to solve fascinating cases in these award-winning games! In these point and click adventures inspired by Brazilian folklore, stories from H.P Lovecraft, and fantastical imagination, you’ll find tons of secrets worth uncovering! What lies beneath the earth-shaking tremors in the small town of São Luís? Where does this mystical train run to? And what darkness lurks in the mind of a fellow private investigator… and prime murder suspect?!

The only way to find out is to dive in!
Take in the sights and experience magnificent locations in this 3 pack of great hidden object games. Visit iconic cities like New York and London, and then expand the tour to the whole world!

Relax as you find thousands of cleverly hidden objects across these must-see views, learn fun facts, and switch up your gameplay with minigames and game modes. Embrace the globetrotter within!
From the tiniest land in the world ruled by a mouse king, to the World Expo in Paris, 1900. Uncover well-kept secrets and unravel sinister plots as you brave spirit-infested worlds, face scheming madmen, and quest to save your kingdom!
Three of Artifex Mundi’s highest rated games, all together in one pack!

Start your thrilling adventures with Eventide: Slavic Fable. Set in a contemporary heritage park where mythical Slavic creatures co-exist with humans, the adventure begins when a famous botanist receives an alarming invitation from her grandmother! Someone has kidnapped her grandma and is plotting to destroy this mythical co-existence as they know it… Seek alliance with the creatures living in the park, defeat the villain, save your Grandma, and prevent worldwide calamity!

Then, journey into The Myth Seekers: The Legacy of Vulcan. As the 1920’s draws to a close, political tensions run high in Italy. When a member of the top-secret Myth Seekers agency goes missing, you’re called in to discover the truth. Can you recover the Hammer of Vulcan before havoc is unleashed by the ancient gods?

Finally, dive into Path of Sin: Greed CE! A rookie inspector on her first assignment and her experienced copartner arrive on a luxurious island to investigate. Was a security guard’s death a planned deadly plunge, or maybe an unfortunate fall? But this seemingly routine case will turn into a tale of machinations driven by greed and a suicide investigation reveals multiple murders…!

Play three fantastic hidden object games from renowned developer, Artifex Mundi. These are stories you’ll never forget!
Venture from cyber-punk futures to kingdoms of fantasy realms in these three beloved Brave Giant games! Chase time traveling kidnappers. Shapeshift with the help of alchemy. Dive into the depths of your own mind. Can you uncover the truth behind these mysteries?
Take off into new worlds with this pack of three amazing games from Domini!

From medieval fantasy curses to modern-day detective work, this pack of three hidden object games from Domini showcases everything that can be done right in a hidden object puzzle adventure! Embark on exciting new journeys filled with magic and peril, all illustrated and animated with captivating graphics. Solve puzzles, challenge yourself with dozens of hidden object scenes, and play mini-games.

Plus, all three games are Collector’s Editions, with exclusive materials such as wallpapers, concept art, and music. Play a bonus chapter for each game as well!
Play fan favorite hidden object game stories for hours of fun! This pack of three hidden object games from Domini Games includes only the most invigorating and intriguing games. Dive in for gripping stories, fascinating twists, head-scratching puzzles, and delightful hidden object scenes!

Unsolved Case: Murderous Script CE is up first, and with it, a series of cases filled to the brim with personal and familial drama! Investigate a famous attorney’s shading dealings. Then embark on the trail of a disappearance. These cases just might lead to something bigger….

Next, tackle a supernatural investigation! City Legends: The Curse of the Crimson Shadow CE puts you in the shoes of a novelist. But your search for inspiration leads you to something all too real… and now a dangerous and legendary spirit, known as the Crimson Shadow, is after you!

Finally, dive into Criminal Archives: City On Fire CE! When San Francisco is shaken by a chain of horrible murders, and the main suspect is a masked man in a plague doctor mask, you’ll have to put it all on the line to shed light on these dark events…

So grab your gear, and buckle down for three amazing, pulse-pounding stories from Domini Games!
Travel across Europe in these three hidden object puzzle adventures from AviGames! See it all, from ancient cities and historic castles to modern museums, sky-high trams, and national parks. Find hundreds of hidden objects as you go, and don’t miss out on finding the hidden raccoon in every level! Travel with a cast of fun characters as you soak in the culture! Vineyards, lighthouses, and luxury await your brand new adventures. Earn bonuses by picking up litter as you go to keep these beautiful and historic sites amazing for everyone who comes after you! This trio of hidden object games will let you experience the world like you never have before. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to board your flight to Europe!
You’re a bestselling horror novelist, but not many people know… you’re also a master detective of the macabre and supernatural! Tackle three exciting cases in the City Legends – 3 Game Pack.

First, in City Legends: The Curse of the Crimson Shadow CE your search for novel inspiration has put you in the path of a dangerous spirit: The Crimson Shadow! The spirit is set on claiming you as his own, but you’re not the only one he’s after. And what does the Order of Witches have to do with it all…?

Then, in City Legends: Trapped in Mirror CE, your research brought you to Bloody Mary’s mirror! The subject of your next book turns out to be more than fiction. Can you survive this encounter with a vengeful ghost?

Finally, dive into City Legends: Ghost of Misty Hill CE! Having published your latest book, you suddenly receive a cryptic message from an old friend seeking your help… Investigate the chilling rumors about a grotesque hospital, and try to get yourself and your friend out alive!

Dive into the underbelly of the haunted city and overcome three chilling tales!
Do you believe in the power of love?

Play all three games from Domini Games’ unforgettable series, Connected Hearts! In lands of mystery and magic, dark forces aim to tear apart lovers and break hearts… but the happy endings are possible! These three hidden object games will take you on three different whirlwind stories!

Overcome curses and best witch hunters in Connected Hearts: The Full Moon Curse! When a werewolf curse infects the townspeople, will you be able to tell friend from foe and save your beloved from becoming a monster?

Then, test your hand against fate in Connected Hearts: Fortune Play. Unbeknownst to them before it’s too late, actors, Beatrice and Franz, are reluctantly the targets of Crowley’s deal with Lady Luck! What price must you pay to save them?

Finally… save the kingdom from rouges and reunite lovers in Connected Hearts: The Musketeers Saga!

Gather your wits for three daring and unforgettable love stories!
You don’t usually have to travel through many cities during an intriguing investigation… But this time is different! Hop between several worlds, solving cases and riddles. Discover the best minigames Domini Games has to offer in these exciting collections of hidden object scenes and puzzles.

Start at the beginning with Crossroad of Worlds: 100 Doors, where your Uncle Rodrigue has left you a mystery to unravel at his mansion… with his strange and sudden disappearance, the mansion is yours, and so is the responsibility to help people across the multiverse that has come with this gracious gift!

Then, make it official and become a detective in Mystery Agency and Mirrored Earths. Jump from world to world, meeting lots of people and solving even more puzzles with hidden objects! Look for items, conquer numerous puzzles, and put in the hard work of a detective!

Collect stars in each minigame to restore balance to your environment and discover clues. Each game comes with bonus Collector’s Edition content like wallpapers, concept art, and an extra chapter after you have finished the main game!

What are you waiting for? We’ll see you all over the worlds!
From beloved HOG developer Artifex Mundi comes three delightfully dark games! Delve underwater or step until a bewitched fun house as you chase ghosts, battle ancient beings, and unravel haunting mysteries!
From developers Brave Giant and Artifex Mundi, this pack of occult adventures is sure to please any hidden object fan looking for some spooky fun!

Strap in for demonic adventures in 1930s America! Follow Dawn Harlock’s journey as she discovers the horrendous truths about herself, her destiny, and her mentor’s failed precautions… that ended up getting himself killed! Play through the first two games in this exciting tale. Find hidden objects, solve puzzles, and thwart the archdemon’s plans.

Then, bundle up and get ready to solve hidden object scenes and a mystery. Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala CE is an exciting detective story rife with adventure, puzzles, and ancient mystery. A demon wants to obtain world domination– follow him to the snowy mountains to put an end to his plot once and for all!

Do you have what it takes to expel these demons?
Feel the rush of a true detective solving murders, disappearances, and more in this collection of intriguing mysteries from Domini Games! Follow the Jones twins in their adventures dealing with the coldest of murders and sinister plots. Then, travel to the Wild West for a classic western murder case with a shocking, fun twist! Enjoy three excellent games and get to the bottom of these strange stories!
Solve three chilling cases as the world’s best detectives. With a sense for the supernatural, you’ll tackle cases like you’ve never seen before in this pack of three new hidden object mysteries from Domini Games.

There’s trouble brewing in the Other world…use all of your investigation tips and tricks to track down a kidnapped alchemist. The blood curing serum is the only way to prevent the vampires from succumbing to their violent, uncontrollable blood-sucking tendencies!

Can you save innocent people from undue hauntings? Blood mary has been appearing in every reflection and setting deadly traps. Get to the bottom of this sudden haunting as you follow clues around a museum and piece together a hair-raising plot twist….

As a paranormal investigator, you respond to the calls that no one else takes. So what will happen when a case from a concerned mother leads you to find that… things aren’t exactly what they seem?

Gather your wits for unforgettable detective stories in these three pulse-pounded, supernatural adventures! How sharp are your detective skills?
When you’re among the top detectives in worlds of magic and mystery, there’s always a case waiting to be solved. Sometimes, they even unfold right in front of your eyes!

Test your deduction skills in three amazing new hidden object games from Domini Games.

First, join twin detectives Randall and Eleanor when they investigate the death of a scientist. It’s considered an accident, but the clues just aren’t adding up! Something fishy is going on… little do they know, it’s about to launch them into a thrilling sci-fi adventure full of intrigue and suspense! Find out what really happened in Twin Mind: Nobody’s Here CE!

Then, in Unsolved Case: Fatal Clue CE, death, love, hate, and mystery await you… solve tons of puzzles as you search for items that prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the identity of the culprit!

Finally, grab your ballgown and tuxedo; as a magical detective, you’ve been invited to the annual Venice Masquerade! But the magical creatures in attendance aren’t all peaceful. It’s up to you to track down the cause of the disturbance bringing statues to life… who can put a stop to this? Find out in Magic City Detective: Wings of Revenge CE!

Quick, before the trail gets cold… let’s go!
Starting with the basic elements of earth, wind, fire and air, build a world filled with locomotives, dragons, skyscrapers, aliens… and more!

In this casual indie PC game series, watch the world come to life as new combinations create new elements, life-forms and objects that propagate the planet’s surface. But beware… with great power comes great responsibility. There can be unintended consequences, like zombie plagues and natural catastrophes!

Play this award-winning, addicting simulation puzzle game collection and see why this series from JoyBits has thousands of overwhelmingly positive reviews and over 200,000,000 players worldwide!

Use your outside-the-box thinking in this 3 pack of beautifully designed crafting games: Doodle God, Doodle Devil, and Doodle God: Genesis Secrets. Unleash your inner Doodle God!
From the creators of the award winning puzzle games Doodle God & Doodle Devil, comes a new fantasy brain-teaser where you can create your own kingdom with castles, knights, warlocks and dragons! Enter a fantasy world with all kinds of fabulous creatures, from the magical to the mundane. Combine until you’ve mastered the way to make everything in the realm you rule, and beyond!
Gear up for three incredible adventures from Artifex Mundi as you venture throughout mystical Slavic lands! Join Mary and help her overcome the steepest of odds in this amazing trilogy of causal hidden object games.

Begin your journey after an urgent call from Mary’s grandma brings her to the heritage park where humans and Slavic creatures coexist—or at least, they used to! Save an endangered species of a mythical plant called the Fern Flower and battle Boruta, a demon with plans to dominate this world and our own back home!

The adventure doesn’t stop there! Stumble into a sorcerer’s sinister plot to bring his daughter back to life by any means necessary. Use your cunningness to solve puzzles, beat hidden object scenes, and place your trust in people with a unique system where your choices matter. Affect the story and find out how you can shape this magical place for better… or for worse.

Then take to the sky to gain the favor of the god of thunder and save your brother! The cloud cities are high, but the stakes are even higher! A conflict has broken out between the humans and the Clouders, the native people living on these magical flying islands. Can you bring peace to this new world and save the earth before it gets flooded by the oceans?

Immerse yourself in these incredibly distinct folklore lands and get captivated by this game collection’s beautiful graphics, exciting stories, undeniable charm, and just enough challenge to keep you hooked.
Dive into three unique and beautiful—but most of all puzzling—worlds in this new three pack of innovative puzzle games! From Plug-In Digital, DP Games, and Alejandro Zielinsky, you will embark on journeys into the mind, dreams, and the past.

Journey through floating isometric worlds in search of the pieces of Maya’s soul in Poly Vita. Only once you’ve found every scrap can she finally awaken—and to do so, there are dozens of complex pathways to traverse, each with dangerous obstacles to overcome…

In Summertime Madness, take on the role of a painter in Prague, 1945. Trapped in a painted world of his own creation, he soon finds there is more here than he remembers painting… Alongside a beautiful soundtrack, explore a dangerous and surreal environment as you solve puzzles on your way home!

Then, travel to new heights as a globe-trotting antiques restorer in Assemble with Care. Think deeply and fix a myriad of beautifully modeled objects, including mechanical cameras, record players and more.

In this pack of puzzle games, you’ll experience evocative stories with tactile and thoughtful gameplay. These three puzzle games will give you a little bit of everything. Uncover meaningful stories as you explore and solve unique puzzles which will require you to pull levers, rotate objects, place tiles, and fit pieces together.
Ready to play a new trio of hidden object games from Boomzap! Finding America – 3 Game Pack will take you on a gorgeous hidden object journey across the United States of America and allow you to find beautiful birds too.

In Finding America: The Pacific Northwest CE, visit all the most beautiful spots around the states! As you travel from Seattle to Washington and across Oregon, you’ll immerse yourself in the culture, dig into the cuisine, and luxuriate in the beautiful—if rainy!—nature.

Then, journey into Finding America: The Heartland CE! Famous locations like Mount Rushmore are only just the start of this fantastic trip. From jazz bars to cheese shops, just wait until you see it all!

Finish off your travels with I Love Finding Birds CE! Meet all the colorful birds and adopt some too! Play hidden object scenes and minigames all about your feathered friends.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started on the road trip of a lifetime!
Travel across the world, from continent to continent with this set of three amazing hidden object games from Boomzap!

Ever dream of being a travel blogger, with the perfect excuse to see the sights of the world and share their beauty? Now, you can do that and more!

Join Kate Robinson, an amateur travel blogger, as she takes on her first big jobs, from Paris, to Rome, to Hawaii! Alongside Kate is her daughter, Nicole, both with an appetite for adventure.

Can you save the Hotel Hospitalité in Paris? This job is big, but Kate and Nicole are ready to lend a helping hand in the city of Love!

Then, how about historic Rome? When Kate is contacted by a local tourism agency, you’ll need to discover what makes this city so special and help reinvigorate its tourism industry!

Finally, it’s time to jet off to Hawaii! Say aloha as Kate and Nicole take a vacation to the wedding of a good friend. But it’s not all fun and games in the sun… because Stella’s wedding might just be in peril!

Travel the world alongside Kate and Nicole, overcoming challenges in exciting new locations! Find hidden objects, solve mini games and puzzles, but most of all breathe in a fresh breath of wanderlusting adventure!
Meet two small yet incredible game development teams, Onyx Lute and Xigma Games, with their puzzle games: the Glass Masquerade series and Rubek!

You’ve never seen a puzzle game series quite like Glass Masquerade before! Immerse yourself in the majesty of the stained glass mosaics and clock faces. The first game lets you enjoy puzzling together exquisite art inspired from countries all around the world, and the sequel, Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions, dives into stunning surrealism and fantasy. Both games are notorious for the charm, imagination, and soothing gameplay that leaves puzzle players of all kinds happy and relaxed.

From expert puzzle game developer, Xigma Games, comes an award-winning puzzle game: Rubek. Use your wits to solve puzzles in this original, innovative game. Move a block around the map, pick up colors, and land just perfectly on target. With simple and snappy mechanics alongside increasingly difficult puzzles, you’ll soon learn why Rubek won Mumbai’s Best Mobile and Tablet Puzzle award of 2017.

Discover these hidden gems of indie puzzle games, and lose yourself in the relaxing fun of the Glass Masquerade 3 Pack!
From Legacy and Graffiti Games, we present the Graffiti Hits bundle! Featuring some of Graffiti’s best sellers, these three games will take you on all-new adventures. Whether you want to slash through daunting adversaries, speed through a vibrant retrowave world, or take down a corrupt vegetable government, Graffiti Games has got you covered!

Winner of the CT Festival of Games and the game everyone’s been talking about since its release, Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion has won 7 awards, 3 featured title recognitions, and 1 seal of quality approval from Aggro Crab. This game charms players with its humor, story, and nostalgic Zelda-like gameplay, making it an unforgettable 2D adventure.

Cyber Hook was officially selected to be part of Steam’s 2020 Tiny Teams Festival, showing off the best indie games from micro-studios that year. This action platformer game continues to get overwhelmingly positive support from its dedicated players!

Blue Fire was Steam’s featured title in 2020, highlighting the indie game’s blend of incredible fighting mechanics and unique platforming-designed world. Likewise, The MIX Next recognized Blue Fire as a featured title and one of the best indie games to come out in 2020.

Play Cyber Hook and Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion directly from Legacy Games. Then, redeem your unique Steam Code to play Blue Fire!! Please note, a Steam account is required to redeem.

To redeem your Steam code for Blue Fire, please open Steam or go to and follow these instructions:

  • Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account.
  • Click the Games menu option at the top of the Steam client.
  • Choose Activate a Product on Steam…
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.
  • Enter an enchanting world of dark legends filled with gloomy forests, forbidden temples, and crumbling cities in this fantastic Artifex Mundi trilogy. Save your sister from an ancient curse. Become a healer and rescue the Queen of Eagle Castle from a mysterious illness. Don the mantle of a relentless monster huntress in a corrupted city that seeks redemption. Grim Legends await!
    In these three adventure games, you’ll explore new worlds, save loved ones, and tackle puzzles like you’ve never seen before. Solve challenges from head-scratching hidden object scenes to the mysterious moving rooms of four different mansions.

    Be transported to a strange new world in The Little Acre, where magic and monsters roam.

    Embark on a journey through enchanted valleys to save your only daughter from death in the award-winning Darkarta: A Broken Heart’s Quest.

    Discover the twisted legends that lie behind a fairytale mansion in Rooms: The Toymaker’s Mansion.

    What adventure will you choose to be the hero of?
    Prepare for a pack that’ll have you jumping for joy– and not just because of a curse that turns people to frogs! From Shaman Games comes a truly ribbeting seek and find trilogy filled with magic, fun, and minigames!

    Meet Alice, an amateur witch training under her mentor, the great and powerful Circe. But when Circe casts a curse that turns all the princes into frogs, Alice will need your help and sharp puzzle solving skills to save the kingdom! Meet familiar fairytale characters, play hidden object pairing games, match-3 puzzles, and a variety of interesting puzzles, and have hours of fun!

    Complete the trilogy; it’s up to you to end Circe’s spell for good!
    You already know that coloring boosts your creativity, but did you know that it improves your focus, too? It also gives you a moment of relaxation, a moment for yourself, and with it comes all the joys of painting! These three games provide hundreds of images to paint any way you like, with enough color palettes, filters, and image categories to suit anyone’s taste. So put away your paintbrush and dive in to these digital coloring books today!
    An alchemist’s apprentice returns home to train under a great master. Little does she know, the real adventure has only just begun….

    Work your way through countless puzzles and eerie mysteries to achieve learn the truth: one that might change the faith of the entire realm and your own future forever! But the adventure doesn’t stop there. Follow the trail of a prince’s disappearance just before his coronation, then foil the tidings of war and make up for the kingdom’s sins!

    In this fantastic hidden object game trilogy, play as skilled alchemists in a magical kingdom, where strange letters are carried on the winds! Will your knowledge of arcana be enough to save the day?
    Embark on an exciting adventure with the first three games from the Lost Lands series! An amazing storyline told in a 3-part trilogy. Can you follow the plot of this dark mystery?
    Solve the puzzle of a sorceress who cursed an octopus ship captain to slumber eternally! Then, take up the challenge to right the seasons when the world of the Lost Lands is shrouded in bitter snow and ice. Finally, take a mind-bending trip to the past to unravel a dark sorceress’ secrets… But be careful, even small changes can cause time paradoxes and may have far-reaching consequences!
    The most famous detective of the magical world is back in business!

    When a terrible tragedy befalls the vampire community, a vampire envoy comes to you for help. The creator of artificial blood serum has disappeared, leaving the entire community at risk… you and your assistant must find the famous alchemist to help the vampires prevent the irreversible consequences! Can you save the day in Magic City Detective: Secret Desire CE?

    Then, open your invitation to the annual Venice Masquerade! This important event for magical creatures allows them to move around the city freely… but someone has taken advantage of this time of peace in order to bring statues to life! What for? Where does he draw his power from? And most importantly… Can you stop him? Test your wits in Magic City Detective: Wings of Revenge CE!

    Finally, take on Magic City Detective: Rage Under Moon CE! Another challenging case for the magical detective! Animages have been disappearing all over Paris… and bodies have been showing up at the morgues, completely drained…It’s now that the investigation falls into your hands! But something is brewing…

    Can the talented magical detective crack these cases? Time to find out!
    Get lost in the enchanted forests of these fantasy lands in this mystifying pack of Collector’s Edition hidden object adventures! From Domini Games and Telltale UK, this pack comes with three great stories of love, trickery, magic, and mayhem. Can you unravel the secrets of these worlds or will you get caught in sinister plots? Get ready, you’ve never experienced these myths quite like this…
    Adventure into three fantastic fantasy tales full of dire plots amid faraway lands.

    Play with fate… in more ways than one! In an attempt to seize power, Dreyer Crowley makes a deadly bargain with the master of fate, offering the two souls as payment from the leads in a play! Solve over 25 fun puzzles in Connected Hearts: Fortune Play CE. Play as two characters as the story unfolds. The show must go on. But can you stop Crowley before it’s too late?

    Then, find yourself in the outskirts of the kingdom, far away from the throne in Royal Legends: Raised in Exile CE! A prophecy warns that the king’s downfall would come from the hands of his own son, leading to his banishment. But when the king falls ill, royal suspicions rise. As the magic supervision adviser, you’ll use both your ingenuity and knowledge of magic to discover the mystery hidden behind the castle walls! Learn the history of the royal family, solve hidden object scenes and puzzles, and show people their true colors.

    And finally, answer the call for help, climb aboard the airship, and travel to the enchanted, fantasy world of Tearstone! The Heart of Tearstone has been stolen—with the help of your companions, follow the thief’s clues through the magical land to find this precious artifact and the secrets it holds. Conquer challenging puzzles, enjoy beautiful graphics, and get mesmerized by the interesting story. Will you become the savior of Tearstone?

    Are you ready to climb the castle walls and solve these medieval mysteries?
    Experience fantasy, romance, and intrigue! Or face powerful witches and quest for magical healing cures. This pack of three hidden object games from well-loved developers, Domini, Telltale Games UK, and Itera Labs, is full of medieval myths and mysteries!

    Love, magic, and mythical creatures await you as soon as you step into the forests of Royal Romances: Battle of the Woods. Will you make it out alive?

    Help King Arthur as his trusted magician, on a quest to save Guinevere, the queen of Camelot, from a mysterious illness! It’s up to you to save the queen—don’t let the kingdom fall!

    Then, dive into a besieged castle In Legacy Witch Island 4: Last Bastion. A dragon keeps the precious castle warm… and that dragon is the key to defeating a powerful witch!

    Are you ready to face your destiny and magical beasts, all for the sake of the kingdom?
    In the next installment of our Medieval Myths series comes three fantastic hidden object adventures from Domini Games!

    When a mysterious meteorite crashes down to earth, it’s the talk of the town… until people start going missing. Embark on a rescue mission turned adventure into the new and fascinating worlds of Light and Shadow! Maze of Realities: Reflection of Light CE teleports you to a new world of magic where it’s up to you to find hidden artifacts, solve intriguing puzzles, and rescue everyone who’s gone missing!

    Could you embrace your destiny and save the kingdom? Let go of the past and open yourself to an uncharted future in Royal Romances: The Power of Chosen One CE! A grim battle looms ever closer, but there is hope… a prophecy that the Chosen One will be able to command the dragons! And that Chosen One might just be Princess Amelia… but the witch won’t give up that easily!

    Finally, encounter a real-life legend: the Loch-Ness! When the author of a beloved mystery novel series stays at the Loch-Ness hotel, there’s more than meets the eye… because the monster might just be real, and it’s lurking! Reports are pouring in of attacks on tourists. Can you get to the bottom of this mythical mystery?
    This collection of incredible, story-rich, heart-felt adventure and puzzle games will captivate players in a whole new way.

    Wake up in Heal as an elderly man. Traverse a 2D side-scrolling house, solving puzzles to get to the next room. The hand-drawn visuals invite you to soak in the beautiful atmosphere as across seven rooms, the story unravels…

    The Almost Gone presents a mystery hidden in elaborate isometric dioramas. Decipher clues and piece together the story by deconstructing scenes and solving the puzzles that lay within! Play through five immersive chapters of atmospheric storytelling, emotionally connecting with characters you’ll never see.

    In 2018, Casual Connect awarded The Almost Gone Most Innovative Gameplay while Game Connection Europe honored it with Best Desktop/Downloadable.

    Finally, Assemble with Care explores the sentimental attachment we have to material things in our hearts and memories. Join Maria, an antique restorer who’s new to Bellariva, as she discovers more about the townspeople through fixing their items. Enjoy tactical gameplay of fixing and restoration in a game that’s ultimately about people.

    Assemble with Care has been nominated by the British Academy Games Awards as the Best Mobile Game of the Year 2020 and has over 2,000 positive reviews on Steam.

    These emotional games are sure to resonate with you as their impact stretches beyond the computer screen!
    Would you dare to enter a thrilling pirate world where danger lurks in every corner?

    Step into the shoes of Caribbean Naval Museum curator, Sarah Black. When an undead pirate kidnaps your daughter, you quickly realize that the villain is entangled in a tragic, centuries-old love story, and wants to resurrect his mistress with your daughter’s life force.

    Thus begins a long journey of twists and turns! Venture to the grim Skull Island island aboard a ghost ship haunting the seas of the Caribbean. Traverse a ruined fortress ridden by cannonballs and catacombs stretching below. Face a forgotten fishing town, the denizens of which are suffering from a ghoulish, oceanic curse, cast by the old sea-devil himself, Davy Jones.

    Are you strong enough to save your daughter? Will you dare to lift the curse with you and your daughter’s souls intact?
    Discover the joy of bringing beautiful images to life with vibrant colors. Pick your favorite scenes, flowers, and animals and more—then just follow the numbers to complete each image. Escape the stress of everyday life with these three beautiful Paint by Numbers games!
    This set of 3 new Paint by Number games has a huge variety of fun new scenes to bring to life! Paint coastal towns, bright unicorns, proud penguins, fantastic fish, and more. Creativity has never been so fun!
    Sit back and enjoy the life of a master artist. It’s never been easier and more fun to create! Your creativity will flow as you paint rainbow-scaled chameleons or the seaside at sunset. Pick your favorite scenes and start painting today!
    Welcome to the fairytale land of Netherfall. While this land of fantasy and magic may seem idyllic on the surface, there are sinister plots at work behind the scenes… demonic sorcerers, murders, and kidnapping plague the kingdom. It’s up to you to tackle these threats one at a time! Can you save your loved ones, track down the enchanted criminals, and protect the royal family from harm?
    Tour the United States from coast to coast, then cross the pond to historic Europe! This 3-pack of hidden object games will show you the world as you’ve never seen it before, with hi-definition graphics and countless objects to spot on your journey. Don’t forget your camera—these are road trips you won’t want to miss!
    Journey through the central and western parts of the United States, then take your vacation to Europe!

    From three amazing hidden object game developers, Max The Cat Studios, Boomzap, and Avi Games, comes Road Trip Vol. 2—it’s sure to be the journey of a lifetime!

    See the world as never before as you undertake a retro adventure across America in Road Trip USA 3: Central! Explore beautiful locations and solve challenging puzzles as you see it all.

    Then, immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the Western United States in Finding America: The West CE! Discover and discover its hidden treasures as you visit iconic locations, from the towering peaks of Yosemite National Park, the beautiful Grand Canyon, and iconic Santa Monica Pier.

    Finally, it’s time to visit Europe! Big Adventure: Trip To Europe 4 CE is packed with challenging hidden object scenes and clever mini games, offering a European holiday experience like no other! Take in the beauty of national parks, have a look around inspiring museums, trek through ancient castles, and so much more!

    So what are you waiting for? The world awaits your epic road trip!
    A new series from Domini Games, Royal Romances puts you at the forefront of a saga of romance, mystery, and magic!

    In Royal Romances: Battle of the Woods CE, the fate of the forest is in your hands. Play three episodes, from the perspective of different people. Can you help each couple along, and uncover what else is happening in the forest? It might just be something evil…

    Then, in Royal Romances: Forbidden Magic CE the story continues! Dark magic taints and smothers everything within its reach. Defend your land from evil that threatens your very existence. Face werewolves, villains, and more on your journey… maybe you’ll even find love on the way!

    Finally, Royal Romances: The Power of Chosen One CE continues both romance and drama! The final battle is ever nearer… but a prophecy tells of a Chosen One who commands dragons. Who might just be the real Chosen One?

    See all there is to uncover in this magical world and be the force to tip the scale of fate!
    Embark on legendary adventures, outsmarting all the foes who dare to stop you and solving eerie stories of deities, spirits, and the dead! Journey to a strange floating island in the clouds, the complex depths of your own mind, and the stunning Lost Lands once again, in these three imaginative and incredible games.
    These three hidden object games will take you on adventures as you pursue dark forces! What is happening at the remote hotel, said to be haunted by spirits? Can you face the witches that aim to change the way of the world? What about facing the demons that threaten to unravel the universe? It’s up to you to best the forces of evil in this new volume of Sinister Sagas!
    Join in for another set of three pulse-pounding stories in these supernatural hidden object games!

    Eternal winter has descended upon the kingdom. As hunger drives people away from the forest, its guardian must find a new way to protect the land and people. And what does this dark winter have to do with a missing elf…? Find out in Royal Romances: Endless Winter Collector’s Edition!

    Then, in Crossroad of Worlds: Star Riddle Collector’s Edition, follow a series of star thefts across the universes! When an interrogation subject won’t budge, a truth serum reveals the name of his employer: a mysterious King Jotar. As you search for him, many lives will be put at stake… including yours in this mini-game centric hidden object game!

    Finally, embark up a thrilling cruise with young journalist, Lina Woodberry, in Unexpected Journey! But, the famous world of art and culture is not all that it seems. As unpredictable events begin to whirlpool out of control, and numerous dangers appear, it’s up to you to get to the bottom of it all!

    What dark mysteries will you solve?
    This trilogy of shocking sci-fi hidden object adventures from Urchin Games brings alarming truths to light! What’s lurking in the shadow?

    A scientist’s miracle cure-all drug was lost to what authorities suspect to be sabotage. Search through the remains of Pontoon Laboratories after the arson assault, collecting clues, solving puzzles, and finding helpful items from hidden object scenes!

    Then, follow the trail to finding your sister who was abducted years ago. That strange recurring dream about masked figures might be more real than ever… Beat brain-teasing puzzles, stop the cult’s forbidden experiments, and get your sister back!

    Finally, return to Pontoon Laboratories to thwart the thief’s unfinished business. Be careful though… this time, they’re willing to kill to get what they want!

    Across the three games, dastardly villains, cultist kidnappers, and a horrendous monster will all try to stop you. Can you get your answers and make it out in one piece?
    Fantasy, fun, and Mayan culture await in this masterly crafted action-adventure trilogy from Five-BN!

    Get sucked into a new, amazing world filled with helpful friends and dastardly foes. After the shaman is captured and the key to getting home is taken, Diana is left to fend for herself. Travel across ancient temples, an endless river, and a volcano all while avoiding ruthless enemies determined to stop you!

    But that won’t be the only visit to this faraway land. An ancient demon has been unleashed and Diana must save the people of this planet, bringing an end to the mayhem this awakening has caused. More temples, traps, puzzles, and danger await you! Can you make it out alive?

    Then one last time, a call to action sends Diana back, crash landing in a foreign, mysterious jungle. She was sent here to find a cure for a deadly virus at the gates of the Dragon Palace. You may be Earth’s last chance…

    Enjoy these three thrilling adventures with astonishing Mayan inspired atmosphere. With great graphics, puzzles, hidden objects scenes, and an excellent storyline, the Legacy Trilogy stands out as some pretty unforgettable adventures!
    Three classic tales, each with a unique spin. Step into these hidden object adventures to follow clues, solve puzzles, outsmart dastardly foes, and more!

    From Artifex Mundi comes the show-stopping Myth Seekers duo, alongside the classic kingdom tale, Kingmaker. Whether it’s investigating in Rome, diving below the sea, or proving yourself as the best knight in the land, these three hidden object adventures will keep you on the edge of your seat.

    5 Game Packs

    Experience what it means to be a true queen in this pack of five regal hidden object games! Whether you’re protecting your kingdom from malicious threats or saving those dear to you, prove you’re dedicated enough to deserve the crown!

    Adventure through five different kingdoms, all of which need your help! Take down enemies of the crown like the evil Lord Magnus in Hiddenverse: The Iron Tower. Vanquish the kidnapping, spell-slinging sorcerer in Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkness. Then, save the royal lineage by rescuing the stolen heir in Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan CE! Afterwards, solve some mysteries about the strange happenings around the village in Connected Hearts: The Full Moon Curse CE, and Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom.

    Solve lots of hidden object scenes, puzzles, and challenges on the road to royalty. Break curses, and make tough choices throughout the stories that affect whether these lands and its subjects get a happily ever after.

    It’s your turn to rule.
    Acting as Adam Wolfe, an investigator of the paranormal, you will discover a hidden world under the modern San Francisco. In this city, ghosts, artifacts, secret orders and curses are just some of the things that Adam will come across working on his most important case.

    Step into the shoes of Adam Wolfe, investigator of the supernatural. Driven by your sister’s mysterious disappearance, take to the brooding streets of San Francisco, where crime and paranormal occurrences intertwine in dark corners.

    Solving one mystery after another, slowly unravel a larger conspiracy that could lead you to your missing sibling, but may also drag you into the abyss forever.

    Use your wits, your detective instincts and, when all else fails, your six-shooter in this psychological thriller packed with more than 8 hours of challenging gameplay. Secret societies, unnatural afflictions and ancient covenants await you in Adam Wolfe’s exciting 4 episodes!

    Become the Detective. Become Wolfe.
    If love is the adventure of a lifetime, then you’ll love these amazing hidden object games! Introducing the Adventures of Amour – 5 Pack: experience love in its most peculiar ways, whether it’s solving crime, saving the forest, or thwarting a tyrant!

    Find love deep in the enchanted forest, where you’ll meet the star-crossed lovers: Eveline and Aurelio. When Aurelio is kidnapped, you’ll need your wits to outsmart your enemies, solve minigames and puzzles, save Aurelio, and fight for love!

    Or, meet four other couples—this time, all brought together to save the forest! The king has plans to destroy the forest, and all the magical inhabitants inside will perish! Play through four captivating chapters with four different characters, beating hidden object scenes, solving tricky puzzles, and perhaps finding love in Royal Romances: Battle of the Woods CE.

    Then, something strange is happening in a quiet town… Someone is willing to do whatever it takes to be reunited with their late love. Sibling detectives Eleanor and Randall are on the case! Can you uncover the mystery and find out if there’s a happy ending? Find out in Twin Minds: Power of Love CE!

    It doesn’t end there, though. There’s another mysterious disappearance wrecking hearts in Letters From Nowhere. Help Audrey decipher perplexing letters from her missing husband. Will you be able to crack the code and find him?

    Lastly, return to a classic fairy tale we all love… now with a twist! Snow White needs your magical help to break the spell on her true love! Defeat the evil witch by solving puzzles and prove that love conquers all!

    Love connects everything—even the strings to these amazing mysteries!