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Thirty One

Can you be the closest player to 31 points? Try your luck and outsmart your opponents!


Card +


Genre: Card
Developer: Roman Parada
Platform: PC & Mobile

Game Description

In this beloved card game, players attempt to assemble a hand which totals 31 points. You'll be up against other players too, so swap, pass, and build the hand that's closest to 31!

How to Play

The goal is to build the best 3-card hand to 31. On your turn, you can swap a card with open cards, pass, or swap all 3 cards and pass. When a player passes, all other players get a final turn to adjust their hand. Your score is the sum of yoru cards in the same suit (A=11, JQK=10) 3 of a kind is 30.5 points and 3 Aces are 32 points. The player with the lowest score loses the round.

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