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You Spoke. We Listened.


A few weeks ago, we invited our customers, both “old” – from 2021 and “new” – from 2022, to give us your feedback and suggestions. What were the results?


Thanks to our recent promotions with Amazon Prime Day and Prime Gaming, we’ve dramatically increased the number of male players of Legacy Games.


Our players are getting younger over time, but still tend to be more mature than the typical image of a “gamer”. On average, our customers range from 39 to 47, with a significant cohort aged 65+. Truly, people of all ages love to play video games!

Favorite Genres

Unsurprisingly, hidden object games are the favorite genre of Legacy customers from past years, while this year’s customers choose action adventure as their favorite game type. Seems like everyone, however, likes puzzle, simulation, and interactive story games.

Favorite Themes

Who doesn’t love a good detective story?

Mystery, supernatural, and sci-fi came out way ahead for all players’ favorite story themes, with horror and true crime in second place.

Average Time Gaming

Our community loves games, and I mean loves them. They play 21 hours an average, per week! That’s one well-loved hobby.

New Features

Thanks to your feedback, we’re investigating a number of new features that we are planning to bring to the Legacy Games website and launcher. Keep an eye out for these changes as we announce them. First up… a new Steam section where individual games with Steam keys can be purchased!


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