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Staffs’ Picks Refresh! October 2022


by Kelly Lallemand

It’s been quite a year so far; since January, Legacy has released 35 packs! That’s a lot of great games to choose from… so what have you played, and what have you been missing?

We still love our older Staff Picks, but with new packs releasing every week, there are a ton of recent releases that deserve the spotlight, too.

But why do we love these games? See what the Legacy team has to say!


Hercule Poirot – Recommended by Amanda

“I’ve been a big fan of detective stories since the day I could first pick up a book. So to be right in the shoes of the famous Poirot is a complete thrill! These two Hercule Poirot games from Microids take you on unforgettable mystery adventures.”


The Greed Trilogy – Recommended by Patrick

If you want to dive into a series of exciting sci-fi hidden object games, this one’s for you. The sequels build out the established world in fun ways, and the hidden object scenes are very creative.


Magic and Murder – Recommended by Kelly

Our Magic and Murder pack has everything I want in a relaxing yet highly engaging card and tile pack! Each game is so polished, but my favorite is Emerland Solitaire 2 CE for its beautiful graphics, music, and really interesting gameplay. I’m obsessed! I find myself playing these games right after I get off work!

That last recommendation is from me, so please take my word for it! I’m almost to the end of Emerland Solitaire 2 CE and it’s been an absolute joy! Now, I can’t wait to beat every game in that pack!

Find more recommendations from the team at our from the Staff Picks page. We truly hope you like the games just as much as we do!

Did we miss your favorite pack? Not to worry, Fan Favorites is up next, and we want to hear from you! Please leave your recommendations for your favorite pack either in the comments of this blog or on your pack’s page, under Reviews. Your recommendation may be featured in our next blog!

Thanks and happy gaming!

With love from the Legacy Games Team. ♥


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