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Stadia Brings City Legends To Life!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our second hidden object game with Google’s cloud streaming platform, StadiaCity Legends: Curse of the Crimson Shadow!

Today, this fantastic hidden object game developed by Domini Games is available to play instantly with Stadia Pro.

You are not afraid of ghost stories, so your pursuit of inspiration leads you to the strangest of places. But this time something truly sinister is in the air. Can you survive the encounter with a real spirit?

As a renowned horror author, you’re no stranger to terrifying tales. But this time, your search for inspiration has put you in the path of a dangerous legendary spirit! After watching a strange video about the Crimson Shadow, the specter himself is set on claiming you for his own, and you’re not the only one he’s after. You’ll need to delve into the history of the Order of Witches and uncover their ties with the famed phantom to escape his clutches in time. Do you have what it takes?

City Legends: Curse of the Crimson Shadow joins our previous hidden object game released for cloud streaming, Adam Wolfe, as part of the Stadia Pro program. 

Both join excellent titles like Chicken Police and The Darkside Detective, Life Is Strange, Blue Fire, and more. 

So if you can’t get enough of the mystery, the intrigue, or the puzzle-solving, then check out all the games that Stadia Pro has to offer, on any device, anywhere you want!

City Legends: Curse of the Crimson Shadow is available from Legacy in Terrifying Tales Vol. 4 – 5 Game Pack and Supervillains – 15 Game Pack, so you can find tons of other hidden object games that will thrill, spook, and delight!


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