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Legacy’s Spookiest Sale of the Year! Double HOG Spotlight


by Kelly Lallemand

Are you ready for a fright? Legacy’s 2021 Halloween Sale is happening right now, offering you the very best in delightfully dark and creepy games. There’s a bundle to fit everyone’s favorite horror theme so you’re sure to find something perfect to play this Halloween! But just in case, we’ve selected two more games that deserve the spooky spotlight.

Secrets & Scares in Stormhill Mysteries: Family Shadows


True Crime 2 Stormhill Mystery 03

Stormhill Mystery: Family Shadows

Stormhill Mystery: Family Shadows is certainly one of the scarier games we offer. Lose yourself in the chilling atmosphere of the Stormhill mansion, exploring the dark moonlit grounds and solving puzzles as you rely on your wits through this immersive haunted environment. Dead bodies scatter the grounds as ghosts fly overhead, ready to frighten you! Objects in the background morph and change for you to collect, adding a new layer of uneasiness to its especially creepy mood. Did you see that?!

The lighting, music, story, and art all blend together so well to make this haunted mansion one you won’t be able to forget! This game is truly everything I want in a scary Halloween adventure and I trust that these ghosts will get you the same way they got me. Find Stormhill Mystery: Family Shadows in True Crime Vol. 2 – 5 Game Pack along with four other chilling mysteries.

Ghastly Fun in Grim Legends: the Forsaken Bride


Paranormal Mysteries Vol. 5 Grim Legends 1

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride

Ever get the feeling that you’re being watched? Faces in the forest gaze at you, talismans’ eyes follow your every movement, and you can’t help but feel the sneaking suspicion that something strange is going on in the little town of Ravenbrook that’s more than meets the eye… “Eerie” doesn’t even begin to describe half of it.

This game walks the line between fantastical and creepy. The excellent music, environmental storytelling, and spectacular levels of polish set the sinister tone perfectly. There’s so much motion in its art and characters that it is almost impossible to not get captivated! Speaking of captors, beware the bear… Follow your fears into the forest and fall in love with this amazing fairytale in Grim Legends – 3 Game Pack.

Enjoy these thrilling adventures! Get yourself a treat this fall and pick up these games during Legacy’s Halloween Sale; no knocking on doors or costumes required.


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