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Halloween HOG Spotlight: Nightmares From The Deep


by Kelly Lallemand

It’s never too soon to get into the Halloween mood, so in anticipation of our favorite holiday, we’re highlighting one of our favorite series: a nautical horror hidden object game trilogy! That’s right: the beloved Nightmares From The Deep hidden object games.

Spine-chilling Seas in Nightmares From The Deep: the Cursed Heart

What could possibly be better than ghosts? Ghost pirates! Batten down the hatches and prepare for a terrifying tale aboard Captain Remington’s ship. On a dark and stormy night, right before the grand opening of your museum’s pirate display, the captain and his crew awaken from their curse and steal your daughter.

Nightmares From the Deep

Immediately, the scary atmosphere of the game will have you shivering in fright! The lightning strikes illuminate dark corridors of the museum and little details like glowing red eyes on Captain Remington’s posters really set the haunt in motion. Then, the captain crashes his ship into the museum, giving you just enough time to stowaway and meet his skeletal crew. That’s when you know: you’re really in it now, and the only way out is through!

Nightmares From the Deep

This fast paced, immersive hidden object adventure game will get your adrenaline pumping! Get this game in the Nightmares From the Deep – 3 Game Pack alongside its two thrilling sequels, Nightmares From the Deep: The Siren’s Call and Nightmares From the Deep: Davy Jones.

You’ll solve puzzles, travel to their cursed island, find hidden objects among the waterlogged wreckage of the ship, and save your daughter before it’s too late! So jump in and join us for this gripping pirate-themed hidden object adventure!


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