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August Promotions: Free Games!


by Kelly Lallemand

Hello Legacy Gamers! We have two special surprises in store for you!

Amazon Prime Gaming Giveaway!


We’ve partnered with Amazon Prime Gaming this month to gift Prime Members a free game—Family Mysteries: Poisonous Promises! 

This promotion will be available for 30 days, starting today, August 1st.

To get your unique code, log into your Amazon Prime account, visit Prime Gaming, and redeem your game. Then, follow the instructions to redeem and download your game. Install and play directly from our games launcher. Voila!

Just in case you’re not a prime member and still want to play the game, you can find Family Mysteries: Poisonous Promises bundled with four other great crime-solving games in True Crime – 5 pack on Legacy Games.

True Crime Poisonous Promises 1

A look into Family Mysteries: Poisonous Promises


A rich dynasty, an exploded yacht, two survivors, an ominous drowning with traces of poison in the body… and you, caught in the middle!

Welcome to the magic city of palm trees, yachts and pleasant living. A place where the elite high rollers park their sleek lambo’s for free with a handicap tag. Put yourself in the shoes of a probing detective, and help your partner Duke solve a mysterious murder case… Find clues, interrogate witnesses, analyze samples, gather evidence—turn up the murderer to uncover even the bigger scheme.

Feel the Miami vibe, get cracking and finish the investigation!

True Crime Poisonous Promises 1

Google Stadia Free Trials


Ever heard of Google Stadia? This cloud streaming platform allows you to play any game, from any device! Pick up the games right where you left off on laptops, phones, tablets, and more. Legacy Games has two games currently available on Stadia Pro without time limits and for purchase. 

So, our second surprise is: while Adam Wolfe will be leaving Stadia Pro at the end of August, Click to Play trials are here for good!

Don’t miss out on your last chance to play as sleuthy detective, Adam Wolfe, and catch paranormal criminals across San Francisco. And if you’re not sure about it quite yet, dive in for a 60 minute free trial. No account required!

True Crime 2 Adam Wolfe

Need another game to fill your Stadia niche? City Legends: Curse of the Crimson Shadow will remain free for all Stadia Pro members through September. Check it out now with a 60 minute free trial!

And, we have two new Stadia games coming out in October and December, so stay tuned for more information on those!

If cloud streaming isn’t for you, don’t fret; you can find Adam Wolfe in his own pack, Adam Wolfe – 5 pack right here on Legacy Games. Play all four chapters of the game, or check out the first one, The Ancient Flame, in our gigantic pack, Supervillains – 15 pack!

As for City Legends: Curse of the Crimson Shadow, you can find it in Terrifying Tales Vol. 4 – 5 Pack and Supervillains – 15 pack here on Legacy Games.

City Legends Blog Header

What are you playing this month?

Whatever you choose, have a great month of gaming!


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