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5 Casual Puzzle Games to Wow Your Mind!


by Kelly Lallemand

You may have noticed that the fearless staff at Legacy has been slowly adding new kinds of games for our customers to play at Legacygames.com. We know that most of you like hidden object games with stories, so we’ve been adding similar kinds of indie games, like visual puzzle and adventure games, to our ever expanding catalog of game packs. We hope that you will check out some of the new games and enjoy them as much as our great HOG game packs.

The new Puzzle of the Year – 10 Game Pack bundle includes the best rated, award-winning puzzle games that we could find. Each of these ten games offers a calming experience with a well balanced difficulty curve. New mechanics switch up the gameplay to keep every puzzle fresh and exciting. If you enjoy feeling relaxed and brilliant at the same time, take a look at what we have in store for you!

Hook (Line, and Sinker!)

If you are searching for a perfect blend of challenge and tranquility, look no further than Hook. This game requires big picture strategizing to solve its puzzles. Your goal is to carefully plan your moves to untangle the maze of lines, in just the right order. Click on dots to reel in the blocking or overlapping lines. Seems simple enough, right? That is, until you get into the groove and the puzzles get new mechanics, like rotating your lines on a dial. There are no timers or points, so you can play at your own pace with no pressure. Join the relaxing gameplay with calming seascape music set in a simple minimalist environment to get a truly enjoyable experience. This game will reel you in and get you hooked!

NABOKI: Deconstruction Puzzles

Do you find it super satisfying to pull things apart? You’ll be delighted to play every puzzle in NABOKI, where you manipulate cubes and rectangles in 3D space to clear each scene. Combined with serene piano music and ocean waves, NABOKI is a wonderfully calming experience; much like the cubes, any stress will just be cast away. Follow logic arrows, tinker with switches, match patterns, and more, advancing the complexity of each puzzle’s sculpture… which makes it so much fun to tear it all down! NABOKI is absolutely perfect for the fidgeting, lever flipping, perspective warping, Rubik’s Cube analyzing, nook-and-cranny discovering, intelligent minds out there. If that sounds like you, you’re going to love this game!

Colorful, Casual, Klocki!

Sure to become your personal favorite, Klocki is a colorful update and great addition to this casual puzzle game bundle. Experiment with different solutions as you try to connect the lines on each tile. Swap, rotate, connect, and more! Again, there is no pressure when making moves so you can try to put the puzzle together any which way they please. Fans of jigsaw puzzles will certainly be satisfied, but this game takes that challenge one step further with a great blend of connection, separation, moving between surfaces, and manipulating 2D and 3D space. Prepare to be thoroughly impressed by the variety of puzzles, game design, and your own mind when you solve puzzles in Klocki!

Lose Yourself in LYNE

Feel like a genius and connect all the shapes in LYNE. This minimalist, yet colorful, puzzle game has a very simple concept and wonderfully fun, increasingly challenging levels to it! Start at a shape with a dot in the center of it and drag a line through all the other shapes of the same kind to connect them all. As the puzzles get more complex, you are introduced to more directions, even more shapes, and paths that can be crossed more than once! To me, it feels like finishing a painting and tying your shoelaces. Play LYNE, the super satisfying and calming puzzle game in this great pack and you’ll see what I mean.

Unlocking Puzzles with Up Left Out

Up Left Out asks, “What if mechanics similar to Klocki and NABOKI were combined?”, bringing you an incredible and innovative puzzle game. Confined to a 2D enclosed space, you are tasked with the goal of shuffling every piece out from their initial position, matching up lines like in Klocki, and moving shapes with levers like in NABOKI. This game will captivate you with its expertly designed mechanics and challenges. It also has great feedback for when you win a level, congratulating you on your cleverness through a fun, light up animation and tone, as if the pieces are dancing. This game is extremely satisfying to play, and whether you are a puzzle game fan or not, Up Left Out might just be the right game for you!

Don’t just take our word for it, pick up the Puzzle of the Year – 10 Game Pack bundle and start playing today!


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