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Nightmares from the Deep - 3 Pack


“The Nightmares from the Deep trilogy by Artifex Mundi is a must play for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in a fantastically built world of exciting seafarer myths and legends!” — Jonah, Legacy Games QA Tester

Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart: You are a museum owner pursuing an undead pirate who kidnapped your daughter. You quickly realize that the villain is entangled in a tragic, centuries-old love story, and wants to resurrect his mistress with the girl’s life…

Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren’s Call: Answer the siren`s call and defeat the cruel Mayor Murray and his pet sea monster, the Kraken!

Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones: Learn Davy Jones’s secrets in order to defeat him in the final battle!

Would you dare to enter a thrilling pirate world where danger lurks in every corner?

Step into the shoes of Caribbean Naval Museum curator, Sarah Black. When an undead pirate kidnaps your daughter, you quickly realize that the villain is entangled in a tragic, centuries-old love story, and wants to resurrect his mistress with your daughter’s life force.

Thus begins a long journey of twists and turns! Venture to the grim Skull Island island aboard a ghost ship haunting the seas of the Caribbean. Traverse a ruined fortress ridden by cannonballs and catacombs stretching below. Face a forgotten fishing town, the denizens of which are suffering from a ghoulish, oceanic curse, cast by the old sea-devil himself, Davy Jones.

Are you strong enough to save your daughter? Will you dare to lift the curse with you and your daughter’s souls intact?

Grim Legends - 3 Pack


"I love Artifex Mundi games - the gorgeous hand painted art, always interesting stories, intriguing characters, with just the right level of challenge. My favorite series is the atmospheric Grim Legends, an original take on the Brothers Grimm. Dive in and enjoy!" — Ariella, Legacy Games CEO & President

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride: A young woman is returning home for her twin sister’s wedding. Yet the invitation was strange, almost as if someone else wrote it. But still she comes, ignorant of the danger that awaits…

Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan: Embark on a dangerous quest through mysterious ruins and magical woods. Save the young queen from a mortal danger and change the fate of the entire kingdom!

Grim Legends 3: The Dark City: Sylvia, the acolyte of the mysterious monster hunting Order, loses her memory. One year later, the Incarceri Stone – a powerful artifact binding a horrifying creature – is stolen!

Enter an enchanting world of dark legends filled with gloomy forests, forbidden temples, and crumbling cities in this fantastic Artifex Mundi trilogy. Save your sister from an ancient curse. Become a healer and rescue the Queen of Eagle Castle from a mysterious illness. Don the mantle of a relentless monster huntress in a corrupted city that seeks redemption. Grim Legends await!

Best of Brave Giant - 3 Pack​


“I love Brave Giant’s games. They draw you into the setting right away and then launch you onto your journey, which is always filled with gorgeous art and satisfying puzzles.” — Amanda, Legacy Games Marketing & Project Manager

Family Mysteries: Echoes of Tomorrow: A framed scientist travels through time to save his beloved wife and reveal the kidnapper’s identity. Can you figure out who’s behind it?

Queen’s Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past: Conduct an investigation as a shapeshifter, and uncover a conspiracy that threatens to shake the foundations of the kingdom!

Ghost Files: Memory of a Crime: The life of a private detective is tough and no one knows it better than ex-cop Arthur Christie. And this time, the investigation puts not the truth at stake, but also his life…

Venture from cyber-punk futures to kingdoms of fantasy realms in these three beloved Brave Giant games! Chase time traveling kidnappers. Shapeshift with the help of alchemy. Dive into the depths of your own mind. Can you uncover the truth behind these mysteries?
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