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See what games our customers and staff can't stop raving about. Find out what we love! Read recommendations for the best hidden object, card and tile, adventure games, and more.

Travel across Europe in these three hidden object puzzle adventures from AviGames! See it all, from ancient cities and historic castles to modern museums, sky-high trams, and national parks. Find hundreds of hidden objects as you go, and don’t miss out on finding the hidden raccoon in every level!

Begin your giant European journey, visiting 10 countries and 24 cities in the first game, Trip to Europe CE! Meet the cast of fun characters as you soak in the culture! You will visit the streets of Piedmont, see the Trevi Fountain, and the Castel Nuovo castle in Italy. Then over to Greece, you’ll see the Meteora monasteries, the National Museum of Athens, and the Acropolis. Spain, Germany, and France are next on your travel list- don’t miss it!

Then, the family vacation begins again in Trip to Europe 2 CE! This time, you’ll jet off to Paris, Portugal, Bruges, and Lisbon! Oh my! Vineyards, lighthouses, and luxury await your brand new adventures. Earn bonuses by picking up litter as you go to keep these beautiful and historic sites amazing for everyone who comes after you!

Lastly, 9 more European countries are on your passport! Visit over 15 locations to search for over 500 objects and the raccoon! Play over 15 new minigames and don’t forget about the awesome bonus material from the Collector’s Editions in each game! Get beautiful wallpapers and virtual stamps from all the places you see! Spain, France, Monaco, and more are waiting for you!

This trio of hidden object games will let you experience the world like you never have before. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to board your flight to Europe!
Greatest Hits is back and better than ever! This collection of the best hidden object games will have you ready to solve supernatural mysteries, explore the secrets of unfathomable fantasy lands, and travel to gorgeous locations to find hidden items! Complete hundreds of puzzles and embark on the greatest adventures yet from great developers like Artifex Mundi, Domini, and more!

Dive into the Mystery Case Files series as the Master Detective in Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil. A remote hamlet of Dreadmond is hit by a mysterious calamity – the citizens are aging at a rapid rate and it is up to Master Detective to discover the cause and stop it in its tracks!

Or, solve a nautical Mystery in Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren’s Call CE! When Sarah Black, curator at the Caribbean Naval Museum, receives a package from a mysterious messenger, she is unwittingly drawn into an ancient conflict…

Then, open portals to a strange worlds in stunning sci-fi and fantasy adventures in Inbetween Land and House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets!

Those are just a few of the fantastic adventures you’ll find within this pack of the best hidden object games around. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to seeking and finding!
Prepare for whimsical card and tile adventures… with some murder thrown in for good measure! Rainbow Games brings you three awesome solitaire and two great mahjong games.

Experience solitaire like you never have before! Dive in to this one of a kind murder case and complete solitaire puzzles to progress, finding clues and trailing the killer. Follow your hunch and stack the deck!

Play through the magical world of Emerland by solving solitaire puzzles, building a community of allies from different magical races like elves, dwarves, and mages, and helping restore peace. A new companion mechanic introduces new solitaire gameplay as your allies help destroy obstacles and take on bosses like the dreadful forest golem!

Then, journey across the multiple Mahjong Magic Floating Islands, from fantasy lands to islands inspired from fascinating locations around the world! Complete levels to craft magical items to earn powerups for harder levels!

With several game modes, hundreds of levels, and new mechanics to switch up typical solitaire and mahjong gameplay, you’re sure to have a blast! Relax or challenge yourself but most of all, have a great time making matches and solving puzzles!
With a pack full of timeless characters, dashing stories of heroism and addictive gameplay, Time Champs is a can’t-miss! From beloved developers, Alawar and Jetdogs, this fun 5 pack of time management games bring loads of great adventures for hours on end.

Play as Robin Hood, saving the villages from the greedy Sheriff of Nottingham. Explore time and space with Alicia Quartermain on her quest to bring back Da Vinci’s lost loved one. Or, take to the sky to serve happy tavern patrons and then become the Grecian hero that defeats Chronos!

Whatever adventures you choose, you’ll use your brilliant mind to conquer tricky puzzles and challenges. Time is ticking; let’s play!
This trilogy of shocking sci-fi hidden object adventures from Urchin Games brings alarming truths to light! What’s lurking in the shadow?

A scientist’s miracle cure-all drug was lost to what authorities suspect to be sabotage. Search through the remains of Pontoon Laboratories after the arson assault, collecting clues, solving puzzles, and finding helpful items from hidden object scenes!

Then, follow the trail to finding your sister who was abducted years ago. That strange recurring dream about masked figures might be more real than ever… Beat brain-teasing puzzles, stop the cult’s forbidden experiments, and get your sister back!

Finally, return to Pontoon Laboratories to thwart the thief’s unfinished business. Be careful though… this time, they’re willing to kill to get what they want!

Across the three games, dastardly villains, cultist kidnappers, and a horrendous monster will all try to stop you. Can you get your answers and make it out in one piece?
Our fifth installment of the Magical Matches pack is finally here! Revisit your favorite match 3 games with great sequels from beloved series like Dig the Ground, Dragonscales, ClearIt and more! With new mechanics like gravity boards, moving targets, snowflakes freezing the board, a variety of power ups, and more, you’ll have a blast.

Then, try something new with the Adventure Match games and Quadrium 3 for more relaxing, matching fun. Magical explosions abound!

Will you clear every color on the board? Dig up never-before-seen gems, to bloom gorgeous flowers? Or tame the dragons that roam the skies?

Dive into any adventure your heart desires!
Tag along with antiquities expert, Mia Faircroft, on her travels through five different beautiful towns in this collection of excellent, tranquil hidden object games from Boomzap.

Enjoy stunning seek and find scenes as you travel across the globe to great locales like Italy, France, Austria, and many more! Small details and delightful graphics really breathe life into these places. Then, work your brain over plenty of great minigames, exploring the charms of antiques and aged art.

Discover picturesque mountainside, seaside, and countryside towns. Get to know the residents of Treffenburg, Glen Kinnoch, Mikamaw Point, Porto Nacosti, and Mont Cache and even say hello again to some recurring characters! So join Mia for a refreshing, relaxing, perfect vacation in the sun and snow. All aboard!
Join the beloved Agatha Christie detective, Hercule Poirot, in solving two spectacular murder cases from Microids! Embody the famous detective in 2 fantastic point-n-click puzzle adventure games.

Experience a true classic in a whole new way as The ABC Murders come to life! A mysterious serial killer known only as ABC is on the loose and the British police will need Poirot’s help to stop this madman. Discover clues, interrogate suspects, solve puzzles, and travel all around old England trying to catch the killer. Time is running out!

Then, play as Poirot in his early years as a detective, when he still had everything to prove. In this all new case, a cold-blooded murder has taken place in a snowed-in manor. Notice all suspicious behavior as you uncover the dark secrets and rivalries of the dinner guests and unveil what hides behind the deceiving appearances of the Van den Bosch family.

Both games in this 2-pack collection include great 3D graphics, gripping investigation gameplay, and full voice acting to immerse you in the cases.

Find the killers and prove that your mind is your best asset!
Welcome to the fairytale land of Netherfall. While this land of fantasy and magic may seem idyllic on the surface, there are sinister plots at work behind the scenes… demonic sorcerers, murders, and kidnapping plague the kingdom. It’s up to you to tackle these threats one at a time! Can you save your loved ones, track down the enchanted criminals, and protect the royal family from harm?
In this bundle valued at $21, begin the Lost Lands saga as Susan’s son Jimmy is lured away to a new world and Susan has no choice but to rescue him in the Lost Lands! A newfound dwarf ally warns her though that a dark, mysterious evil has tainted the land and it’s up to her to save not just her son but the Lost Lands too in Dark Overlord!

But more portals are in store for Susan… A fog engulfs her and she’s back to fulfill a prophecy: liberate the Lost Lands from the oppression of the Four Horsemen: Heat, Coldness, Death and Darkness. Use your wits to outsmart them, solving puzzles and hidden object scenes along the way.

Then, in The Golden Curse, Susan is once again whisked away to save the Lost Lands from a new threat: a magical curse that has released four different kinds of monsters into the world! Complete over 40 minigames and stop the chaotic troublemakers!

Get this value pack bundle and play the first three of the Lost Lands games in order. This beloved series is sure to delight any fantasy adventure fans. So what are you waiting for? The Lost Lands need you!
Would you dare to enter a thrilling pirate world where danger lurks in every corner?

Step into the shoes of Caribbean Naval Museum curator, Sarah Black. When an undead pirate kidnaps your daughter, you quickly realize that the villain is entangled in a tragic, centuries-old love story, and wants to resurrect his mistress with your daughter’s life force.

Thus begins a long journey of twists and turns! Venture to the grim Skull Island island aboard a ghost ship haunting the seas of the Caribbean. Traverse a ruined fortress ridden by cannonballs and catacombs stretching below. Face a forgotten fishing town, the denizens of which are suffering from a ghoulish, oceanic curse, cast by the old sea-devil himself, Davy Jones.

Are you strong enough to save your daughter? Will you dare to lift the curse with you and your daughter’s souls intact?
Tour the United States from coast to coast, then cross the pond to historic Europe! This 3-pack of hidden object games will show you the world as you’ve never seen it before, with hi-definition graphics and countless objects to spot on your journey. Don’t forget your camera—these are road trips you won’t want to miss!
Learn to shapeshift, traverse dreamland, investigate disappearances, and more… Can you master it all? This mega-pack of hidden object games will put your skills to the test!
Who will win in a contest of strength and speed? Mighty Vikings or Herculean Heroes?! Put them both to the test in this time management ten pack!
A premium pack of perplexing puzzles, enchanting tales, and thrilling characters! Discover ancient kingdoms, mystical lands, and marvelous characters as you match pearls, gems, marbles, and more. Join us for hours and hours of clever puzzles and enticing adventure!
Play as unique characters and unravel frightfully captivating stories! In worlds a little stranger and more fantastic than our own, you will be tasked with facing parallel worlds, extraterrestrial entities, and more… can you survive the night? Play these five hidden object puzzle adventures to find out!
Our very first MEGA-PACK of hidden object games! Compiling ten of our best-selling games from over the years, this pack is perfect for anybody looking for the place to start with hidden object puzzle adventures, or those looking to revisit the classics. From wonderful developers like Artifex Mundi, Brave Giant, and Urchin Games, Greatest Hits Vol. 1 has it all!

Begin your adventures by diving into some H.P. Lovecraft stories with Dark Mysteries: The Soul Keeper and Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness. Stop the restless spirit of Pawtuxet from draining the souls of the townspeople. Then, find more madness dwelling up a frigid mountain. Travel to Antarctica and resolve the mystery of a doomed expedition.

But if you’re looking for another harrowing trek up a mountain with a little less horror and an all-new mystery, look no further than Tibetan Quest: Beyond the World’s End CE! Scour the temple of Shangri-La in search of your missing niece, but be warned… a mysterious being may be expecting you instead! Plus, play a bonus chapter after completing the main game as well as getting wallpapers, soundtracks, and more in this Collector’s Edition.

Then slip on your detective shoes and solve a couple of murders! Enjoy the Entwined series: The Perfect Murder and Strings of Deception– solving minigames, hidden object scenes, and finding the murderer in these classic whodunit mysteries! Enter the mansions, collect clues, and investigate to your heart’s content!

Ready to start your adventures? Play the first issue of the best mystery hidden object games we have to offer! The Greatest Hits Vol. 1 – 10 Pack is waiting for you!
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