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“Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkness is one of the better games that I have recently played. The story line does not go on forever, it makes sense, and the artwork is fantastic. The objects are semi easy to find, but I like the card game too. The mini games are solvable without using the "skip" button.” – Forrest

Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkness: The prince has been turned to stone and his baby has been kidnapped by a wizard!

Queen’s Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past: Conduct an investigation as a shapeshifter, and uncover a conspiracy that threatens to shake the foundations of the kingdom!

Queen’s Quest 5: Symphony of Death: The kingdom is shaken as children are being kidnapped… so the court alchemist and best detective takes matters into her own hands.

Welcome to the fairytale land of Netherfall. While this land of fantasy and magic may seem idyllic on the surface, there are sinister plots at work behind the scenes… demonic sorcerers, murders, and kidnapping plague the kingdom. It’s up to you to tackle these threats one at a time! Can you save your loved ones, track down the enchanted criminals, and protect the royal family from harm?


“I like that this is a trilogy. It helps that the interaction in the game is consistent. Also, the theme and the story grows as you meet new characters on new situations. There is a lot of jumping around rather than being linear. This is mitigated by using the Hint button or the Map Locations so it isn’t a big deal. I recommend this trilogy and have enjoyed playing the games.” – Ronald D.

Lost Lands: Dark Overlord: When Susan’s son is pulled through a shimmering portal, she must find a way to save him. Now, before her lies a world that no one else has ever seen before… a world where magic is real and anything is possible!

Lost Lands: The Four Horsemen: From different corners of the Lost Lands are whispers of the four Black Horsemen, wreaking havoc and terror as they seek the key to the Portal of the Universe. But there is also talk of a brave girl from another world…

Lost Lands: The Golden Curse: Susan is called upon once more to aid the people of the Lost Lands! Stop the demon troublemakers and save the world from a danger that threatens to annihilate every living thing!

Embark on an exciting adventure with the first three games from the Lost Lands series!


  • An amazing storyline told in a 3-part trilogy. Can you follow the plot of this dark mystery?
  • Stunning cutscenes, cinematics, and graphics
  • 60+ challenging mini-games, puzzles, and hidden object scenes
  • Explore 100+ stunning locations along your journey
  • Complicated and engaging stories that will keep you at the edge of your seat
  • Dozens of hours of gameplay


“The games are awesome – it is something my husband and I do together for fun – and the challenge. We still have some to play – and looking forward to getting others!” – Diane D.

Dark Mysteries: The Soul Keeper: Stop a murderous evil spirit before he becomes immortal!

Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light CE: Following a shipwreck, Jane must locate her husband… before it’s too late!

Mysteries of Neverville: The Runestone of Light: With a protective runestone missing, a dangerous fog may destroy a beloved town!

Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness: Perplexing: how did a team of climbers die at the bottom of a mountain?

Tibetan Quest CE: Larisa went missing in the Tibetan mountains – think you can locate her?

Entwined: The Perfect Murder: Adam Turner was murdered and nearly everyone he knew is a suspect!

Entwined: Strings of Deception: Who killed Christopher Edwards? Detective Karla Robbins is on the case!

Paranormal State: Poison Spring: A cable TV crew investigates paranormal activity at a Civil War museum!

The Book of Desires: Ashley discovers the real world is just as terrifying as her nightmares.

Mystery of Unicorn Castle: The Beastmaster CE: Save a kidnapped child from the Beastmaster inside a booby-trapped castle!

Ghosts, ghouls, heroes, paranormal powers, and fantastic incidents; this MEGA-PACK has it all! A collection of our 10 best hidden object adventure games! Thousands of colorful hidden object scenes and hundreds of puzzling mini-games!


“A nice mix of fun “mysteries” – with an equally nice mix of hidden objects and puzzles – none of which are SUPER hard but are entertaining. A five-pack is a great deal and I’m sure it won’t be my last purchase of a bargain from Legacy” — Pamela K.

Grim Legends: Enter an enchanting world of legends and magic, where destiny is written in blood.

Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light CE: Following a shipwreck, Jane must locate her husband before it’s too late!

Witch Island: Unravel the mystery of a powerful witch and a cursed forest!

The Dreamtorium of Dr. Magnus: Step into the shoes of detective Sarah Green to solve the mystery of a missing town doctor!


Play as unique characters and unravel frightfully captivating stories!


"I love hidden objects games & this one didn’t disappoint me. Great games!" — Vanessa M.

Dreamwalker: Never Fall Asleep: Step into the shoes of the paranormal psychiatrist and immerse yourself in the mystery of Drowsy Valley, where people suffer from severe sleep disorders and vivid nightmares.

Crime Secrets: Crimson Lily: A grim murder interrupts a private detective’s vacation. All she has to go on is a single clue: a mysterious paper lily attached to the victim’s frozen body. Could it be the killer’s calling card?

The Myth Seekers: The Legacy of Vulcan: You are called in when a member of the top-secret Myth Seekers agency goes missing. Recover the Hammer of Vulcan before havoc is unleashed by the ancient gods!

Outlaws: Corwin’s Treasure: Step into the shoes of a historian-turned-adventurer on a quest to uncover a famed bandit’s lost treasure.

Ominous Tales: The Forsaken Isle: There’s an island 30 miles off the coast of England that the locals call ‘The Forsaken Isle’, said to be home to ghosts, necromancers and dangerous man-eating creatures… can you escape with your life?

Witch’s Pranks: An evil witch has decided to marry a prince… and the fate of everyone who rejects her? To become a frog! Help bewitched princes reverse their amphibian curses.

Spirit of the Ancient Forest: Learn how a simple girl managed to frustrate the plans of the Dark Lord and to save the Great Tree, soul of the Ancient Forest!

Contract with the Devil: Right before your eyes, your daughter disappeared inside a large mirror without a trace… Welcome to a world where mysticism and reality, past and present, good and evil are united in a single whole!

Queen’s Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past: Conduct a murder investigation as a shapeshifting alchemist, and uncover a conspiracy that threatens to shake the foundations of the kingdom!

Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the Missing Princess: Travelling across the Victorian countryside with her wereferret, Vida hunts for evil spirits. Her primary mission is to save the world from the creatures of Shadow, but now she must find a missing princess…

Learn to shapeshift, traverse dreamland, investigate mysterious disappearances, and more… Can you master it all? This mega-pack of hidden object games will put your skills to the test!

Gear up for 10 highly rated hidden object adventures that encompass genres from fantasy and sci-fi, and journey from dreamland to the wild west! With nearly 100 hidden object scenes and gorgeous graphics, these hand-picked games will keep you at the edge of your seat for dozens of hours.

3 Pack | Hidden Object


“I like all of the variety if puzzles in each location, and that I can play relaxed mode with no time limit so that it is a nice break in a hectic day.” — Micki H.

Road Trip: USA: From the Golden Gate Bridge to Mount Rushmore… Take a road trip across the United States of America in this relaxing classic hidden object game.

Road Trip USA II: West – Collector’s Edition: This time, explore beautiful locations spanning the Western states. Don’t miss this trip of a lifetime!

Road Trip: Europe: Take a road trip across the varied and beautiful landscapes of Europe.

Tour the United States from coast to coast, then cross the pond to historic Europe! This 3-pack of hidden object games will show you the world as you’ve never seen it before, with hi-definition graphics and countless objects to spot on your journey. Don’t forget your camera—these are road trips you won’t want to miss!


“Love this Game Pack, I enjoy the Time Management Games. These are easy and fun to play.” — Kelly B.

12 Labours of Hercules VII: Fleecing the Fleece: Hercules joins Jason in his quest to steal the fabled Golden Fleece!

12 Labours of Hercules VIII: How I Met Megara: How did Hercules earn Megara’s love and become a hero?

12 Labours of Hercules IX: A Hero’s Moonwalk: Get on board the spaceship with Hercules to save the galaxy from the dangerous monster!

12 Labours of Hercules X: Greed for Speed: Hercules and his crew will take you on the first supersonic quest through Ancient Greece!

12 Labours of Hercules XI: Painted Adventure: Help Emma—the young artist from the 21st century—settle her troubles with Greek gods, prepare Hercules for the contest and save Megara!

Viking Brothers: By the horns of your helmet, this is a Viking adventure you’ll never forget!

Viking Brothers 2: Beat the destructive forces of darkness and restore their land to its former glory!

Viking Brothers 3: Ready your weapons and answer the call of the gods to save the universe from evil!

Viking Brothers 4: Become an honorary Viking for life!

Viking Brothers 5: Leave your world behind and step into the realm of Midgard to experience a magical adventure of incredible imagination!

Who will win in a contest of strength and speed? Mighty Vikings or Herculean Heroes?! Put them both to the test in this time management ten pack!


“Very good choice of games on this 10 pack. My favorites are here, too… Thanks for their staff recommending it.” — Gaye G.

Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep: Join mermaids in dropping and grouping like-colored pearls to save Atlantis!

League of Mermaids: A group of beautiful mermaids needs your help in matching colorful pearls!

ClearIt: An innovative and unique matching game for those looking for a new challenge!

ClearIt 2: Take on new ClearIt challenges in this colorful arcade-style puzzle shooter!

Silver Tale: A dying king needs you to fetch medicine from the bottom of a cave!

Runefall: Rebuild a village’s decimated economy by collecting valuable artifacts!

Treasures of the Serengeti: Complete an array of puzzles to bring instruments back to Asha’s village!

Cubis Kingdoms: Stack 3D blocks to save a cute cartoon kingdom!

Cubis Creatures: A magic trick leaves some cute animals in a trance – help wake them all up!

Cubis Gold: A highly charged arcade game played in all three dimensions.

A premium pack of perplexing puzzles, enchanting tales, and thrilling characters! An enchanting pack of 10 Match-3 games with adventure stories
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