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Magical Matches Vol. 2 - 10 Pack

Tackle even more perplexing puzzles in this the perfect pack of premium games! This magical pack of 10 Match-3 games with all new adventure stories has hours and hours of gem-packed fun for the whole family!

Features 10 AMAZING match-3 games:

Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire: Emperor Omadan must relocate his empire to a place his people can live in peace!

Imperial Island 2: The Search for New Land: Avoid horrifying monsters while searching for the missing Prince Caleb!

Imperial Island 3: Expansion: Can Emperor Omadan guide his war-torn empire to peaceful land yet again?!

Imperial Island 4: Join Emperor Omadan in the quest to rebuild his empire!

Magical Travel Agency: Las Vegas: Manage a travel agency in the bustling, colorful city of Las Vegas!

Alchemist’s Apprentice 2: Can you find and activate the teleporter in time to save your uncle’s life?!

Jewel Match: Align colorful, dazzling jewels and break them out of their sturdy gold boxes!

Jewel Match 3: Restore the destroyed land of Nevernear by matching colorful jewels!

Jewel Match IV: Luna must find a wizard amidst magical islands of jewel puzzles!

Hiddenverse Witch’s Tales 2: Find Rapunzel to lift the curse of the frog prince, all while learning witchcraft!

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