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Best Sellers

From critically acclaimed titles to hidden gems, our best-selling PC game lineup caters to every kind of gamer!

Prepare to get possessed! 15 great hidden object adventures and their supernatural mysteries are waiting for you. Do you have the courage to enter haunted mansions, decrepit ships, and worlds unseen? Conquer your fears to uncover secrets someone– or something, wants left buried…

Enter not one, not two, but three haunted manors! Then, evade the Mad Wolf King, suppress the madness plaguing your own mind, encounter several spirits that need your help, and more, solving puzzles, hidden object scenes, and minigames along the way!

How many haunts can you handle?
Somewhere deep in the graveyard, something stirs… it’s your job to figure out what!

Embark on 15 grand hidden object adventures where monsters do as they please, ready to get rid of anyone who stands in their way! But don’t forget… you can outsmart them!

Take on werewolf curses in a small provincial town, vampires kidnapping your loved ones, a madman terrorizing a city with his mind-controlling device, and more. Step into danger and solve these mysteries. What terrible, dark secrets will you uncover?
Immerse yourself in the creepy late-night atmosphere with 10 of the best games from our beloved hidden object game series, Moonlight Mysteries!

Track down vampires, face fearsome monsters, and discover what kind of creatures roam the night. Can you take them on head-first, with bravery and wit? Or, better yet… will you make it out alive?
Five-BN Games stuns with top-shelf production quality and a thrilling, continuing storyline in Darkness and Flame – an essential series for all HOPA fans!

In one of the most acclaimed Hidden Object Adventure series ever created, you’ll step into the fray alongside Alice, coming face to face with a dangerous adventure full of wonders beyond imagination.

This pack collects all four Darkness and Flame hidden object games in order. Play the entire story from beginning to end! Each game is a Collector’s Edition, with tons of bonus content to enjoy.

Then jump into an amazing new HOG release from Domini Games – Spirits Chronicles: Born in Flame. As a tamer of magical creatures, with a mysterious forest to keep order… it’s up to you to save the entire kingdom from a snowy grave!
The forces of darkness never sleep… but neither do the heroes! Step into cities haunted by supernatural killers, and embark on journeys through sprawling lands where ghosts and demons run rampant. A grisly lakeside murder; a shady mafia conspiracy in New York; a powerful curse at sea… In these dangerous places and more, it’s up to you to save the day, solve the crime, and show the supervillains there’s a new hero in town.
Race against time and darkness in these classic hidden object puzzle adventure games from the Mystery Case Files saga!

As the Master Detective, it’s up to you to find the truth behind these five cases. Your skills are needed to investigate strange murals at an asylum, the rumours of a resurrection, the instant-aging curse that’s hit a small town, and more. It’s up to you – can you get to the bottom of these cases before they get the better of you?
From the streets of San Francisco to the House of Lancasters, tackle mysteries that will test your bravery and wit! A masked man calling himself the Plague Doctor threatens the peace of one city…. while ancient serpentine beings rupture the foundations of the world itself. What dark forces will you stand against first?
Search for clues and investigate real declassified UFO cases. Find the truth!

It’s 1952, and the U.S. Air Force is operating a top-secret investigation: Project Blue Book. As a newly recruited agent, it’s your job to uncover what lies behind the REAL declassified UFO sightings. Dive into cases based on REAL declassified reported cases!

It’s your chance to investigate flying saucers in the world’s first Unidentified Flying (Hidden) Object Game!

Our Best Sellers collection features the finest selection of best-selling games for PC of 2022, ensuring hours of immersive gameplay. Stay ahead of the curve with the top-selling PC games that have captured the hearts of millions. Dive into our game bestseller list and find your next unforgettable gaming experience today!

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