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Best Sellers

From critically acclaimed titles to hidden gems, our best-selling PC game lineup caters to every kind of gamer!

Get the complete collections! This pack of 15 games brings you fan favorite series: House of 1000 Doors, Lost Lands, and Nightmares from the Deep.

Save your world, your family, and everything you know as you embark on exciting adventures that will have you traversing otherworldly portals, handling magic, and facing pirates!

Dare to entire a thrilling pirate world! This pack includes the full Nightmares from the Deep trilogy: The Cursed Heart CE, The Siren’s Call CE, and Davy Jones CE.

Then, travel to the Lost Lands, where magic awaits! Eight amazing games from this ongoing series are included: Dark Overlord, The Four Horsemen, The Golden Curse, The Wanderer CE, Ice Spell CE, Mistakes of the Past CE, Redemption CE, and Sand Captivity CE.

Finally, play the entire House of 1000 Doors saga! Behind each doorway lays ancient creatures, curses, and peril! All four games are included: Family Secrets, The Palm of Zoroaster, Serpent Flame CE, and Evil Inside.
The mysteries and adventures have seen in your sleep have suddenly come to life…!

Experience 10 new games of supernatural stories in this 10 game pack, with amazing hidden object games from your favorite developers like Five-BN, Domini, Artifex Mundi, and Brave Giant!

Join Laura on a new mission in New York Mysteries: Power of Art! A monstrous plan lies beneath a display of fantasy paintings… and she can’t handle such a difficult mission alone!

Something sinister is afoot when you arrive at the Misty Hill Treatment Center after receiving a cryptic message from an old friend. Can you help a novelist, and survive in City Legends: Ghost of Misty Hill?

A final battle is coming… a prophecy tells of one who commands dragons. But who is the real chosen one? Why has a witch been kidnapping people? Uncover all this and more in the magical world of Royal Romances: The Power of Chosen One!

After receiving a distress call from the residents of a small seaside town, you arrive to find it covered in a thick blanket of fog… a foreboding myth lies at the center of this village! Rid the town of a long-forgotten evil in Mystical Riddles: Ship From Beyond!

And that’s just the beginning. Battle demons, fend off a mysterious plague, discover the dark happening of a coastal castle, and more!

Can you survive the things that go bump in the night?
From medieval fantasy lands to dark modern cities… What exciting and haunted escapades will you find?

Venture through the night as you chase the truth, but be sure to avoid death as it knocks on your door! This collection of hidden object games will take you through stories that are both hair-raising and gripping, with enough excitement to keep you on the edge of your seat. The night is fraught with supernatural dangers, and only you can overcome its treachery!

Among these adventures, you’ll encounter a magical circus, with a true disappearing act! You’ll uncover an artifact from another world, with dangerous consequences! Uncover family pasts with a paranormal twist, fulfill your job as Merlin’s apprentice when the Lady of the Lake goes missing, and step aboard a fantastic airship that may not be safe after all…

And that’s just the start of your many deadly adventures. So step forward… the gloom beckons!
Murder, crime, and conspiracy are all sweeping the streets. Begin your investigation on five excellent mystery hidden object games from renowned developers, Domini, Boomzap, and more!

Work alongside the greatest detective of all time in Detective Sherlock Holmes: Hidden Objects! A new investigation will put all of your observation powers to the test as you search for clues. What will be the key to the mystery?

Then, in Detective Agency: Gray Tie 2 CE, join skilled detective Amanda and her assistant, and head to France! The investigation begins with a strange, enigmatic artist, but there’s more here than meets the eye…

Next, travel to Scotland to solve your next case. , Mia’s adventures continue in Faircroft’s Antiques: The Heir of Glen Kinnoch CE! Search dozens of bright, beautiful locations, restore priceless antiques, and uncover the mystery of Castle MacDougal along the way.

Afterwards, step into lands of magic! In Magic City Detective: Rage Under Moon CE, a series of disappearances have been occurring, and nobody knows the cause… so the investigation falls to you! Encounter werewolves, mysteries, and secrets along your journey.

In your last case, you’ll find that sometimes, accidents… are not accidents at all. In the thrilling sequel to the Criminal Archives series, Criminal Archives 2: Alphabetic Murders CE, help a local constable on a case… where the clues link all three victims. Can you unmask the murderer?

Tell apart truth from lies and solve five exciting hidden object game cases in True Crime Vol. 4!
Step into ten different worlds of ghosts, ghouls, wraiths, and the supernatural!

This pack of 10 hidden object adventure games will challenge your supernatural detective skills like no other. With fantastic games from Domini Games, Gogii, Awem, Inertia, Fenomen, and Alawar, you’re sure to find adventure around every corner! Plus, this pack includes 5 Collector’s Edition Games, with bonus chapters, collectibles, and more.

From enchanted forests to modern American cities, and every realm beyond, you’ll test your mettle against ghostly foes and human evildoers alike!

Is it possible to overcome dark magic through your faith in love? Find out in Royal Romances: Forbidden Magic CE! Lead your valiant heroes through the thorny path to their most cherished desires!

Are you strong enough to face the challenge of a horrible serial murder running amok in San Francisco? Track down the Plague Doctor, a masked arsonist, and overcome his horrors at any cost!

But that’s just the beginning. Eight more amazing adventures await! Can you solve all these supernatural cases?
Set off into fairytale lands, where not everything is as peaceful as it seems! 10 great hidden object adventures and their magical mysteries are waiting for you. Do you have what it takes to help princesses, face enchanted objects, explore new worlds, and master magic? Overcome wizards and witches to uncover what lays beneath!

Journey into classic fairy tales… with a twist! Uncover new depths in Sleeping Beauty. Discover Fairly Twisted Tales: The Price of a Rose, wherein Bella vowed to stay with the beast to save her father’s life, but is he truly as evil as the townspeople say?

Then, brave the giants in Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Beanstalk CE, and help Amy heal the Tree of Life! The Darkness is coming and you and Amy have to save the world in 7 Roses: A Darkness Rises!

But those are just the start…

How many magical tales can you tackle?
Do your best to survive in the land of nightmares! Keep your eyes sharp, because monsters are lurking at every turn… Step into the abyss in fifteen hidden object games from amazing developers: Domini Games, Dragonseye Studio, Alawar, Crisp App, Shaman Games, Awem, Graphium Studios, and Microids! Explore the mysterious and almost familiar worlds of Alice in Wonderland and works from Edgar Allan Poe. Then, venture into new dreamlands like you’ve never seen before! Journey into a little girl’s nightmares to help wake her from a coma. Unlock the secrets of your missing child, the key to which lies in your husband’s dreams. Unravel the mystery behind the chaos wreaking havoc across the world… and more! Prepare yourself for fifteen astonishing journeys, where dreams and reality blend together…
Prepare to get possessed! 15 great hidden object adventures and their supernatural mysteries are waiting for you. Do you have the courage to enter haunted mansions, decrepit ships, and worlds unseen? Conquer your fears to uncover secrets someone– or something, wants left buried…

Enter not one, not two, but three haunted manors! Then, evade the Mad Wolf King, suppress the madness plaguing your own mind, encounter several spirits that need your help, and more, solving puzzles, hidden object scenes, and minigames along the way!

How many haunts can you handle?
Somewhere deep in the graveyard, something stirs… it’s your job to figure out what!

Embark on 15 grand hidden object adventures where monsters do as they please, ready to get rid of anyone who stands in their way! But don’t forget… you can outsmart them!

Take on werewolf curses in a small provincial town, vampires kidnapping your loved ones, a madman terrorizing a city with his mind-controlling device, and more. Step into danger and solve these mysteries. What terrible, dark secrets will you uncover?
The forces of darkness never sleep… but neither do the heroes! Step into cities haunted by supernatural killers, and embark on journeys through sprawling lands where ghosts and demons run rampant. A grisly lakeside murder; a shady mafia conspiracy in New York; a powerful curse at sea… In these dangerous places and more, it’s up to you to save the day, solve the crime, and show the supervillains there’s a new hero in town.

Our Best Sellers collection features the finest selection of best-selling games for PC of 2022, ensuring hours of immersive gameplay. Stay ahead of the curve with the top-selling PC games that have captured the hearts of millions. Dive into our game bestseller list and find your next unforgettable gaming experience today!

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