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If love is the adventure of a lifetime, then you’ll love these amazing hidden object games! Introducing the Adventures of Amour – 5 Pack: experience love in its most peculiar ways, whether it’s solving crime, saving the forest, or thwarting a tyrant!

Find love deep in the enchanted forest, where you’ll meet the star-crossed lovers: Eveline and Aurelio. When Aurelio is kidnapped, you’ll need your wits to outsmart your enemies, solve minigames and puzzles, save Aurelio, and fight for love!

Or, meet four other couples—this time, all brought together to save the forest! The king has plans to destroy the forest, and all the magical inhabitants inside will perish! Play through four captivating chapters with four different characters, beating hidden object scenes, solving tricky puzzles, and perhaps finding love in Royal Romances: Battle of the Woods CE.

Then, something strange is happening in a quiet town… Someone is willing to do whatever it takes to be reunited with their late love. Sibling detectives Eleanor and Randall are on the case! Can you uncover the mystery and find out if there’s a happy ending? Find out in Twin Minds: Power of Love CE!

It doesn’t end there, though. There’s another mysterious disappearance wrecking hearts in Letters From Nowhere. Help Audrey decipher perplexing letters from her missing husband. Will you be able to crack the code and find him?

Lastly, return to a classic fairy tale we all love… now with a twist! Snow White needs your magical help to break the spell on her true love! Defeat the evil witch by solving puzzles and prove that love conquers all!

Love connects everything—even the strings to these amazing mysteries!
This trio of top-rated hidden object games from longtime, beloved developer, Alawar, are full of mystery, plot twists, and amazing stories!

Private investigator Alex Hunter thought the case of the missing professor would be an easy paycheck… but his investigation has proven to be anything but simple. Embark on a race to save a city from a madman and his mind controlling machine in Alex Hunter: Lord of the Mind!

Welcome to a town where something that should not exist runs free; where a desperate wife will risk her beating heart to find her husband; and where a terrible secret lies buried behind an orphanage… discover shocking truths in Stray Souls: A Dollhouse Story CE! Beware of the evil clown!

Deep in the heart of an enchanted forest, a forbidden love blooms. Uncover the story of Forest Legends: The Call of Love CE! Humans and werecats can’t fall in love… not according to the two differing races. Guide Eveline as she sets out to rescue her beloved from the clutches of a tyrant, learns the truth about magic and discovers her extraordinary destiny!

Play all three beloved hidden object games in this pack… don’t miss out on these classics!
Prepare to get possessed! 15 great hidden object adventures and their supernatural mysteries are waiting for you. Do you have the courage to enter haunted mansions, decrepit ships, and worlds unseen? Conquer your fears to uncover secrets someone– or something, wants left buried…

Enter not one, not two, but three haunted manors! Then, evade the Mad Wolf King, suppress the madness plaguing your own mind, encounter several spirits that need your help, and more, solving puzzles, hidden object scenes, and minigames along the way!

How many haunts can you handle?
Do your best to survive in the land of nightmares! Keep your eyes sharp, because monsters are lurking at every turn… Step into the abyss in fifteen hidden object games from amazing developers: Domini Games, Dragonseye Studio, Alawar, Crisp App, Shaman Games, Awem, Graphium Studios, and Microids! Explore the mysterious and almost familiar worlds of Alice in Wonderland and works from Edgar Allan Poe. Then, venture into new dreamlands like you’ve never seen before! Journey into a little girl’s nightmares to help wake her from a coma. Unlock the secrets of your missing child, the key to which lies in your husband’s dreams. Unravel the mystery behind the chaos wreaking havoc across the world… and more! Prepare yourself for fifteen astonishing journeys, where dreams and reality blend together…
Can you stomach the dark sides of this universe… and more?

You’ve been summoned to Twilight Town. Now, it’s up to you to investigate the mysterious death or your predecessor. As you look into the entanglement of clues, you soon learn there’s more to this town than meets the eye… Now, the fate of the Twilight Town is uncertain, unless you can stop the villains before they unleash powerful forces and destroy the mystical city! With exciting hidden objects scenes, time management quests, and some fun match 3 minigames and more, you’ll be put right into the hustle and bustle of this peculiar town.

Embark on a mind-bending journey to other worlds in Maze of Realities: Symphony of Invention CE! Your friend, Dr. Michaelson, recently received an invitation to the world of Innovatrix to exchange knowledge and meet the most advanced AI in the universe – Omnira. But the more you get to know Conrad, Omnira’s creator, the more you suspect that a catastrophe of galactic proportions is imminent…

Next, guide Ethan Black as he attempts to rescue his bride-to-be from a terrifying menace known as the Faceless Ones in Dark Strokes: Sins of the Fathers CE! Join Ethan as he explores a decimated city, searches for clues, and peels back the layers of a chilling supernatural mystery.

But these three tales only scratch the surface… what other shadowy secrets will you uncover in Dark Chronicles Vol. 2? Dive in to find out!


Ever want to own your own wacky farm? This bundle of time management games takes farming to a whole new level! Alawar brings you the well-loved series of Farm Frenzy games. It’s up to you to use your strategic mind to create the best farms possible as you help Scarlett manage any number of zany places!Grow crops, feed animals, collect produce and manufacture goods—as fast as you can!

Start at the basics with Farm Frenzy 2 and 3. Buy chickens, pigs, cows and more! Save your animals from bears and other strong beasts that would like to cause havoc! Earn gold and silver trophies when you beat high scores! With hundreds of levels to master, your farm will be top-notch in no time!

Then, branch out to new farms around the world! Go to the arctic in Farm Frenzy: Ice Age to round up penguins, walruses, and other tundra animals! Afterwards, head somewhere warmer like Madagascar to manage your ostriches, elephants, peafowl, and more! Be sure to be on the lookout for pesky lions who want to destroy your hard work!

Finally, how about a fish farm? Collect all kinds of fishes in Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing! From salmon to sharks, your pond is going to be the most impressive underwater farm ever!

Water you waiting for? Hop in and play—This awesome 5 pack of farm time management games and all its animals are waiting for you!
Keep farming until the cows come home! In this next installment of the Farm Frenzy series, each awesome time management game gets a modern twist! Want to have a farm dedicated to pizza? Want expanded features, more achievements, and updated graphics that are hog-squealing cute? Enjoy the familiar farm faces of your chickens, cows, and pigs but beware of the new threats coming to ruin your farms, keeping your gameplay unique and over 100 levels fun and fresh!

In Farm Frenzy 4, your grandparents need you to help save their farm! Rebuild their farm from humble beginnings. Or, restart your own farm in Farm Frenzy: Hurricane Season after a horrible hurricane leaves it in shambles.

Care to go back a few eras? Find out what farming was like for mighty warriors with green thumbs in Farm Frenzy: Vikings! Grow your own farm and take care of magnificent beasts, from the toughest of rams to mythical unicorns!

Otherwise, stick to the classics in Farm Frenzy: Refreshed Collector’s Edition, with all new graphics and more! Come back daily to earn rewards, upgrade your farm, and play tons of levels!

Grab your overalls, roll up your sleeves and get ready for an egg-crackin’, cow-milking, sheep-shearin’ good time!
If it’s your dream to connect small towns across the country, then this great series of time management games from Alawar is right for you!

The journey begins in Golden Rails: Tales Of The Wild West! Brave rockslides, droughts and other dangers as you set off on your quest to build a railroad from coast to coast across America.

Then, the Old West meets the New Frontier in Golden Rails: Small Town Story CE! Can you put a trigger-happy bandit behind bars after saving a local mayor from certain doom? Begin a new railroad and match wits with the outlaws!

Open up a world of riches in Golden Rails 3: Road To Klondike CE! It’s up to you to clear the way as the gold rush begins. Breathe new life into barren lands so prospectors can stake their claims!

Finally, Golden Rails 4: World’s Fair CE takes you on an action-packed adventure full of new sights as the World’s Fair comes upon us! Can you build the most grandiose exhibition in the world? You’ll need to repair, build, and fight bandits if you think you can!

Then, journey underwater to save the underwater city of Atlantis in Legends of Atlantis: Exodus. Atlantis is sinking. Become the champion of the last Queen of Atlantis and save the kingdom!

Complete quests, earn rewards, and wind your way through dusty canyons, snowy mountains, dazzling meadows, and more!

Make history as the king of the tracks!
Greatest Hits is back and better than ever! This collection of the best hidden object games will have you ready to solve supernatural mysteries, explore the secrets of unfathomable fantasy lands, and travel to gorgeous locations to find hidden items! Complete hundreds of puzzles and embark on the greatest adventures yet from great developers like Artifex Mundi, Domini, and more!

Dive into the Mystery Case Files series as the Master Detective in Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil. A remote hamlet of Dreadmond is hit by a mysterious calamity – the citizens are aging at a rapid rate and it is up to Master Detective to discover the cause and stop it in its tracks!

Or, solve a nautical Mystery in Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren’s Call CE! When Sarah Black, curator at the Caribbean Naval Museum, receives a package from a mysterious messenger, she is unwittingly drawn into an ancient conflict…

Then, open portals to a strange worlds in stunning sci-fi and fantasy adventures in Inbetween Land and House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets!

Those are just a few of the fantastic adventures you’ll find within this pack of the best hidden object games around. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to seeking and finding!
Grab a new pair of socks—because they’re about to be blown off! In this new installment of our beloved Greatest Hits hidden object game series, we’ve got ten amazing games in store for you.

Start off strong with Camelot 2: The Holy Grail CE. A terrible disease has struck Queen Guinevere! The only thing that can save her is the Holy Grail. Can you find the lost artifact and save the queen?

Then, play well-loved classics from Five-BN and Alawar, like New York Mysteries: Power of Art CE, Darkness and Flame: Enemy in Reflection CE, and House Of 1000 Doors 2: The Palm Of Zoroaster! Immerse yourself in worlds of mystery, fantasy, magic, and more.

Finish off your adventures with Road Trip USA 3: Central! This new installment to Max The Cat Studios’ beloved Road Trip series will take you to brand new locations across the continent. Add to your fun with all-new minigames and puzzles!

Don’t wait up… these hidden object games are waiting for you!
Somewhere deep in the graveyard, something stirs… it’s your job to figure out what!

Embark on 15 grand hidden object adventures where monsters do as they please, ready to get rid of anyone who stands in their way! But don’t forget… you can outsmart them!

Take on werewolf curses in a small provincial town, vampires kidnapping your loved ones, a madman terrorizing a city with his mind-controlling device, and more. Step into danger and solve these mysteries. What terrible, dark secrets will you uncover?
From medieval fantasy lands to dark modern cities… What exciting and haunted escapades will you find?

Venture through the night as you chase the truth, but be sure to avoid death as it knocks on your door! This collection of hidden object games will take you through stories that are both hair-raising and gripping, with enough excitement to keep you on the edge of your seat. The night is fraught with supernatural dangers, and only you can overcome its treachery!

Among these adventures, you’ll encounter a magical circus, with a true disappearing act! You’ll uncover an artifact from another world, with dangerous consequences! Uncover family pasts with a paranormal twist, fulfill your job as Merlin’s apprentice when the Lady of the Lake goes missing, and step aboard a fantastic airship that may not be safe after all…

And that’s just the start of your many deadly adventures. So step forward… the gloom beckons!
From the streets of San Francisco to the House of Lancasters, tackle mysteries that will test your bravery and wit! A masked man calling himself the Plague Doctor threatens the peace of one city…. while ancient serpentine beings rupture the foundations of the world itself. What dark forces will you stand against first?
Hopping portals, thwarting villains, and exploring into the unknown—these adventures have it all! This thrilling collection of hidden object games from renowned developers like Domini, Alawar, and more is ready to take you to sights unseen. Jump into five incredible sci-fi, fantasy adventures filled with clever puzzles, bonus content from three Collector’s Edition games, and great characters to help you along your journeys.

Ready to face the Iron Lord, catch the Mad Scientist, or portal hop in order to find your missing expeditioners? How about labyrinthian mansions full of hundreds of doors? The unknown lurks behind every corner…

How far will you venture?
Join your favorite heroes in five more tall tales of legendary proportions!

Use your sharp eyes and sharper mind in five amazing hidden object games from your favorite developers: Domini Games (Do Games), Artifex Mundi, Alawar and Shaman Games!

Learn why you’re the only one who can help Santa save the winter holidays when an elf goes rouge… but that’s not the only tale in which the world hangs in the balance! Can you best worldwide calamity with the help of magical creatures? Or, defeat giant continent-crushing snakes by time-traveling through mystical doorways? Can you save more than one world at a time or save your sister from the disastrous plot of a sinister circus? Test yourself and prove your wits!

It’s all up to you in these five legendary hidden object games!
With 4 hidden object games, 2 time management games, 2 Match 3 games, and 2 solitaire games, this variety pack is jam-packed with love, sweets, and romance!

A crew of beloved developers rounds out this pack as an excellent way to challenge your brain, sharpen your wits, or relax—whichever suits your fancy! From teams like Alawar, Microids, Domini, Boomzap, Game House, Revills Games, and more, this pack has a game every player will love.

Challenge fate written in the stars to unite star crossed lovers, estranged couples, and warring factions! Forbidden love won’t stay forbidden for long in great hidden object games like Forest Legends: The Call of Love CE, Red Riding Hood: Star Crossed Lovers, and Royal Romances: Endless Winter CE.

Then… embark on an adventure of true love and wondrous weddings with your favorite chef and restaurant entrepreneur, Emily! Play two games from the fast-paced, fun-filled Delicious series: Delicious: Emily’s True Love and Delicious: Emily’s Wonder Wedding. Help Emily through various trials and tribulations as her big day approaches! No time management games can win against the romance here.

Continue to treat your sweet tooth with Elly’s Cake Cafe and Sweet Treat Solitaire. Collect juicy fruits, candy, cookies and jam by matching up all the right ones… or play your candy cards just right as you’re greeted by the Jellie race!

But the sweets and romance don’t stop there. What will you fall for next?
Get the complete collections! This pack of 15 games brings you fan favorite series: House of 1000 Doors, Lost Lands, and Nightmares from the Deep.

Save your world, your family, and everything you know as you embark on exciting adventures that will have you traversing otherworldly portals, handling magic, and facing pirates!

Dare to entire a thrilling pirate world! This pack includes the full Nightmares from the Deep trilogy: The Cursed Heart CE, The Siren’s Call CE, and Davy Jones CE.

Then, travel to the Lost Lands, where magic awaits! Eight amazing games from this ongoing series are included: Dark Overlord, The Four Horsemen, The Golden Curse, The Wanderer CE, Ice Spell CE, Mistakes of the Past CE, Redemption CE, and Sand Captivity CE.

Finally, play the entire House of 1000 Doors saga! Behind each doorway lays ancient creatures, curses, and peril! All four games are included: Family Secrets, The Palm of Zoroaster, Serpent Flame CE, and Evil Inside.
Discover the magic of each game—literally!—in this unique mix of five awesome hidden object adventure games. Embark on new journeys from your favorite developers: Gogii, Microids, Alawar, and Brave Giant.

Bundle up and buckle in for chilling adventures in the Dark Strokes series as you traverse frozen lands to save your lady love. Then, put your cunning mind to the test to stop familiar evil villains! The Pied Piper is ruining the kingdom’s peace Queen’s Quest 5 and the Mad Wolf King is causing havoc on his island of cultists in The Beast of Lycan Isle. And finally, fall down the rabbit hole to wonders unknown in a new, immersive Alice in Wonderland adventure.

This pack includes some of the best fairytales inspired by The Brothers Grimm and Lewis Carroll alongside new fables from the modern era. Seek and find the magic everywhere you turn…

So, mystical adventurer, are you up for a challenge? Let’s see your mastery of magic!
Mysterious meteorites, mars missions, and little green men! Travel beyond the world you know in this pack of five sci-fi hidden object games. Our best-loved developers—Domini Games, Alawar, and Big Fish Games—will take you on new adventures like no others!

Discover the secrets of a strange new world after you crash land, marooning your spaceship in Mystery of a Lost Planet. Can you save your crew and survive?

Then, face forces of evil that work in the circus tent in Gloomy Tales: Horrific Show CE! Real monsters will act on stage. Can you save your sister from their talons?

Dive into the wackiest space adventure yet in Looking for Aliens! Not one to be fooled by their shoddy human disguises, you’ll trawl 20 intricately drawn scenes for extraterrestrials, flying saucers, and more.

The clock is ticking when it comes to the past… present… and future! In Mystery Case Files: Rewind, uncover the truth behind a meddlesome time traveler…

Finally, tackle the origin of the long lost city of Atlantis in Eternal Journey: New Atlantis! The answer may not be at the bottom of the sea… but on the distant planet of Mars!

The space-time continuum is in your hands!
With a pack full of timeless characters, dashing stories of heroism and addictive gameplay, Time Champs is a can’t-miss! From beloved developers, Alawar and Jetdogs, this fun 5 pack of time management games bring loads of great adventures for hours on end.

Play as Robin Hood, saving the villages from the greedy Sheriff of Nottingham. Explore time and space with Alicia Quartermain on her quest to bring back Da Vinci’s lost loved one. Or, take to the sky to serve happy tavern patrons and then become the Grecian hero that defeats Chronos!

Whatever adventures you choose, you’ll use your brilliant mind to conquer tricky puzzles and challenges. Time is ticking; let’s play!
Time to get your hands dirty… it’s up to the hero to save the day!

In these five time management games, you’ll conquer hundreds of challenging levels from the planes of Midgard to the streets of the Fairy Kingdom!

In Viking Sisters, guide druid and warrior sisters Helga and Brunhilda on their quest to save the village’s men from a wicked sorceress’ spells! But how about the boys? In Viking Brothers 6 CE, help Everand and Boromere save the Tree of Life from a sinister poison… and then join forces with all four amazing vikings to save Midgard from a flurry of devastating storms… all the champions are here in Viking Heroes CE!

Put on your detective hat and grab your magnifying glass… something’s rotten in Fairy Land! As princess and top sleuth of the kingdom, Rose Riddle, it’s up to you to tackle this case. Battle winged monkey gangsters, encounter suspects, and find the truth! Rose Riddle 2: Werewolf Shadow awaits!

Finally, step into a small, trouble town in the Wild West. A band of thieves stands in the way! Keep outlaws at bay, recruit help, and overcome challenges in Golden Rails: Small Town Story CE.

Play five challenging time management PC games, with three special Collector’s Edition games and bonus levels included.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to save the day!
From the supernatural to the just plain cruel, killers and criminals are on the loose! Jump into the best mysteries from Artifex Mundi, Domini, Alawar, and even more great developers to bring you a pack full of fun hidden object games to solve in True Crime Vol.3!

Dastardly crimes can quickly get complicated under thorough investigation. Dive into the mysteries surrounding strange circumstances and outsmart the killer’s plans in Lord of the Mind, The Lantern of Souls, and Moths to a Flame. If you’re looking for a little bit of magic to spice up the cases, Ghost Hunter and The Dark City have got you covered.

Assess clues, investigate the crime scene, and solve hidden object scenes, puzzles and minigames. Uncover even more with the bonuses in three of the Collector’s Edition games included. These cases are calling you, Detective!

Are you in the mood for murder?
Step into ten different worlds of ghosts, ghouls, wraiths, and the supernatural!

This pack of 10 hidden object adventure games will challenge your supernatural detective skills like no other. With fantastic games from Domini Games, Gogii, Awem, Inertia, Fenomen, and Alawar, you’re sure to find adventure around every corner! Plus, this pack includes 5 Collector’s Edition Games, with bonus chapters, collectibles, and more.

From enchanted forests to modern American cities, and every realm beyond, you’ll test your mettle against ghostly foes and human evildoers alike!

Is it possible to overcome dark magic through your faith in love? Find out in Royal Romances: Forbidden Magic CE! Lead your valiant heroes through the thorny path to their most cherished desires!

Are you strong enough to face the challenge of a horrible serial murder running amok in San Francisco? Track down the Plague Doctor, a masked arsonist, and overcome his horrors at any cost!

But that’s just the beginning. Eight more amazing adventures await! Can you solve all these supernatural cases?
Who will win in a contest of strength and speed? Mighty Vikings or Herculean Heroes?! Put them both to the test in this time management ten pack!
Embark on your holiday journey!

With four hidden object games, two puzzle games, two match 3 games, one solitaire game, and one time management game, this holiday 10-pack will provide you with your new favorites to play with friends and family on a snowy Christmas morning.

In Christmas Adventure: Candy Storm, Lisa’s grandfather, Santa Claus, has asked her to help deliver Christmas presents to a remote town. But in the middle of an old forest, her car suddenly turns into candy! Investigate what happened… it’s surely full of magic and a sign of more to come!

Then, dive into Christmas Fables: Holiday Guardians CE! When the bah-humbugging elf, Ambrus, schemes to ruin Christmas, Santa calls on you for help! Get ready to adventure across the North Pole, defeat ice golems, ride the sleigh through a blizzard, and find lots of hidden objects to save Christmas!

Play two icy wonderland match 3 adventures with Dragon Scales 5: The Frozen Tomb and Jewel Quest 6: The Sapphire Dragon CE. Discover the secret behind the elusive Sapphire Dragon and release the power of the Frozen Tomb!

Cap off your wintery adventures with Puzzle Vacations: Christmas 2023! This captivating jigsaw puzzle game is designed to spread festive cheer, featuring 125 beautifully crafted images across five enchanting categories: Christmas Town, Nature, Animals, Decors, and Treats!

Ready to get in the holiday spirit? Get your game pack and play the best snowy games this season!

Alawar is an independent video game developer and publisher founded in 1999. Specializing in midcore and casual games, the company extends its creative influence across PCs, video game consoles, and mobile devices. Alawar's key titles include the Beholder series, Do Not Feed the Monkeys, Necrosmith, Song of Farca, Wall World, and an array of other releases. The company's games have sold over 200 million copies in more than 100 countries.

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