About Legacy Games

20+ Years of Sharing our Love of Games​

Since 1998, Legacy Games has been a leader in developing, publishing, and distributing award-winning casual games on PC and mobile.

Our Customers

The secret to longevity? A laser focus on the customer. We publish casual games for women, ages 40+, who love intriguing mysteries and interesting puzzles. Our customers are looking for relaxation, value and convenience. An experience that will enrich their minds and elevate their spirits. We carefully select all the games we publish with an eye towards what our audience wants. The fact that our CEO and Founder, Ariella Lehrer, fits squarely in our demographic doesn’t hurt!

Retail is our Strength

While other companies turned away from retail sales, Legacy doubled down and captured market share. Legacy Games became the #1 casual game publisher at retail while simultaneously expanding its digital distribution. You can always find our games at Walmart stores and on Amazon, both long-term trusted partners of Legacy.

Amazing Games™

Today, Legacy Games partners with 100+ third-party developers to publish and distribute their games in physical and digital stores. We work with awesome companies like Artifex Mundi (Enigmatis and Grim Legends series) and Five-BN (New York Mysteries) among many others, to create compelling, best-selling Amazing Games™ bundles. The most popular themes include True Crime, Supernatural Stories, Murder Mystery, Fantastic Fables, and more.

Indie Games

In 2021, Legacy Games launched a new program, aimed at helping “Indie” (independent) game developers find additional distribution channels and customers for their games. Legacy has carefully selected the “best of the best” of Indie games to bring to its customers who are looking for unique and innovative game playing experiences. We welcome partners such as Curve Digital, JoyBits, Raw Fury, Graffiti Games, and others as we expand our product selection and customer base.

Ariella Lehrer

Ariella Lehrer is the CEO of Legacy Games, which she founded in 1998. Responsible for overall strategy and sales, Ariella spearheaded the Company’s foray into TV licensed puzzle games, including her personal favorite, Murder, She Wrote. These days she enjoys meeting talented game developers and helping their dreams come true.

Ariella has a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Claremont Graduate University. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband of 40 years, four children and nine grandchildren.

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